Ynam Oni is another English fangame released in three seperate episodes. The actual first game was released in December 2012, the second one was released on January 2013, the third release was on April 2013, then the first episode (but completely remade) was released on May 2013, the fourth installment to the Ynam Oni series was released on January 2014. This series of games is more story-based with not that many chases, much like Siro Oni or Kagame Oni. Some onis in this series are custom made, meaning new color schemes, size, or something added onto them.

The PlotEdit

Episode OneEdit


The abandoned town from episode one.


The game starts off with Alex planning to go on an adventure to a haunted island. He arrives at the island, but his boat crashed and he blacked out. When he woke up, he goes to this abandoned town and enters one of the houses and finds a note. He reads it, then goes to the other house to find Hiroshi. Hiroshi joins the party, then heads off into the house's basement to get out of the forest. They are chased by Siro Oni, but it appears to have no eyes in the sockets. They reach a dungeon-like area, and go outside to meet this very tall tower. The tower is locked, so they decide to go back, but then the doors open and an Oni comes out.

Episode TwoEdit

Alex wakes up in some kind of cell, and sees a person run down the hallway. He enters the room on the right, and finds a note and a key, and is chased by an oni. He goes into the other room and locks the door. He then goes up the stairs and finds a book saying that the onis were created by a witchdoctor. He then tries to find the person that ran past him. He looks under the table, but the person enters from the room on the left. The person introduces herself as Miku, and she joins the party to try and leave the place. The front door is locked, and they go into a room on the left that has blood trailed to it. They find a dead person, and they find a key in a pot. They go upstairs, and enter a area with a long stairwell leading down. They are then chased by a green oni. The stairwell led to the basement, in which there is a place to hide. They look under one of the stools in the basement which leads them to a secret room. They hear some odd chanting, but they find Hiroshi on the floor blacked out. Hiroshi then joins the party, and they are chased by a large blue oni which is apparently faster than other onis. They leave that area and push the stool back onto the hole. They leave the basement and find a door that wasn't there before. They enter the room, and it seems to be a bedroom. Then, they enter the next room and they find a key. They see a person on the other side of the room and decide to check out who it is. The person is Takeshi, but his eyes are mostly blacked out and has blood coming out of them. They are chased by him, and they leave the room and lock it. They enter a new room and is greeted with a voice, introducing itself as Watashi, the oni lord. They enter an Oni room, which features two cells with onis in them. They enter a church like area that has three onis in it. One of them is Gon oni, another is a new oni, called the Dimensional oni, and Watashi the oni lord. The door gets a timed lock on it, and the party gets chased by all three onis. When the timer runs out, the door becomes unlocked, but Watashi is still chasing, and the party leaves the tower from episode one. They camp out away from the tower, and all of them are asleep, except for Alex. Alex is awaken by a strange figure who comes up to him and tells him "Go to Sleep" the figure is then revealed to be Jeff the Killer as he brutally murders Alex.

Episode ThreeEdit

Hiroshi and Miku wake up to find Alex dead. They explore the island a little, and they find a shadow-like being. They follow it, and they find a lot of those shadow beings and an odd-looking oni. The oni starts to chase them, as well as the shadow beings. They run back to the camp, but they see a boat and they get on it. Six new characters are introduced. Hukasi, Syo, Aaron, Sally, Cameron, and Yeojwin are introduced. Syo claims that everyone on the boat has seen the onis, and are planning to stop them. The sun goes down, and everyone rests for the night. When they wake up, Aaron sees an island in the distance. Hukasi tells everyone to gather the things they are going to bring to the island. There are three paths on the island, and everyong agrees that they are going to take the larger path. They find themselves in a forest with a person guarding a town. The guard tells them to leave as the town has been invaded by onis. Suddenly, the Dimensional oni appears behind the guard and kills him. As the party goes into the town, they find it very abandoned. All houses are locked except one. They enter it to find a hallway leading to a lab. They enter the lab to find Tari experimenting on Ao Oni. Hukasi tells Tari not to experiment on it, but Tari says it's just research. Suddenly, an alarm goes off and Tari explains that something abnormal has entered the lab. A new character appears and introduces himself as Jeff, explaining that he just killed someone. Everyone is wondering why his face is completely white with no eyelids and a large smile. An oni comes from a different room, but no one notices except for Jeff. Suddenly, more onis come from different rooms as everyone is surrounded. Two of the onis come up to Ao Oni and start to kill it, as it's legs are gone. Jeff goes up to one of the onis and stabs it with a knife. The oni pushes him back as everyone else leaves and is chased by two onis. They hide in a dark area, and decide to go back to the lab, as they find it with blood and a knife on a table. They take the knife, and go into the only unlocked room. A new oni runs into a different room as the party enters the unlocked room. They follow where the oni went to find it not there. Hiroshi sees a dark entrance, but everyone else doesn't see it at all. Hiroshi just thinks that he is hallucinating. They find a small crystal and decide to break it with the knife. They find a key to an unknown room. As they are going back to the lobby of the lab, an oni starts chasing them. They unlock the correct door, and decide to enter it to find a very long and wide hallway. At the end of the hallway, they find that the door there is locked. They hear the door on the other side open, and a very large and tall oni appears. Hiroshi finds himself in an odd space-like area. He walks down some stairs to find a crystal. Suddenly, Jeff appears in the stairwell and comes down to strike the crystal with his knife. Hukasi appears at the stairwell, and tells Jeff not to do it, as Hukasi turns into Siro oni. He apparently kills Jeff, while he explains to Hiroshi not to tell anyone what just happened.

Then, Hiroshi wakes up in a house. Most of the characters are gone, except for Hukasi, Syo, Miku, and Yeojwin. Hukasi claims that everyone else died from being carried off by the onis and even watching their horrible deaths. They find the house door locked, so they go down into the basement to get a key. When they walk back upstairs, an oni comes into the house. They evade the oni and unlock the front door, and they run down to a dock. There is a boat, so they get on it and hope to find something better. They arrive at a different island, and enter it to find a town that looks quite familiar. They find one of the houses locked, so they enter the other one to find a note on a desk. The note is signed off by Hiroshi, but he doesn't remember anything about it. They enter the other room to find a person on the other side of it. The lights turn on, and it's Alex. Hiroshi and Miku are very surprised. Alex explains that he wasn't the one who died, but it was a different person that was already dead from the tower. Alex switched armor with the other person to explore a bit, while Jeff came and "killed" the other person. Since Hiroshi and Miku buried the other guy, Alex came to get his regular armor back from the other person. After Alex's explanation, they come out to find the house's front door locked, but Alex explains that the fireplace has a secret entrance to an underground area. They find out that it is a labyrinth, but they grab the key to the door to get out of the labyrinth. When they are going to the door, they start getting chased by the legless Ao Oni and many other onis. When they reach the end, they find themselves in an ice cave. When they go up the stairs in the cave, they find the exit blocked off by an unknown force. They go back down and attempt to enter back into the labyrinth, but instead it is another part of the ice cave. This new room has a crystal in it, the same color of the unknown force blocking the exit. They activate the crystal so they can leave. When they leave the ice cave, they find themselves outside. They see that the path ends into a void. Another very tall and large oni, but is green instead of blue, appears behind them. Hiroshi says that they should jump into it. They did, and they find themselves in a place that looks like heaven. They find a temple inhabited by angels, so they decide to speak to the angel queen. The queen states that only they can stop the onis and that a crystal holds the onis' powers. Suddenly, everyone hears one of the angels die. The queen checks it out, and tells the party to leave immediately and stop the onis. Once they leave, they are chased once again by the legless Ao Oni. They find the right portal which leads them to a forest. They head up to another abandoned town to be chased by three dark-orange encephalo onis. They enter an unlocked house which reveals a maze. They navigate the maze to find the crystal. As they are going to activate it, Jeff enters the room. Jeff finds them around a corner, but Hukasi comes up to him and turns into Siro oni, like in Hiroshi's dream. Hiroshi activates the crystal, and they are all transported back to the very wide and long hallway from the lab. Though, Hukasi seems to not be there anymore. They start walking down the hallway, and lots of larger onis come from doors that weren't originally there before. They reach the end of the hallway and the door is unlocked. But suddenly, it's just a cliff. They all start falling down, but they appear infront of a castle. A person in front of the doors, who claims himself to be Aluxes, says that they just teleported in. The doors open, and Len comes out to reunite with Miku. Then, Alex and Miku are at a campfire with two other unknown people, ending their story of the haunted island.

Episode FourEdit

Infomation is to be written...


Ynam Oni has a variety of new music tracks. Ynam Oni 2 really started using new music tracks, like:

  • First oni's chase theme
  • The music after being chased by dead Takeshi
  • Final chase theme

Ynam Oni 3 also had a lot of new music tracks as well:

  • Title screen music
  • Heaven temple's theme
  • Chase theme for the 3 dark-orange encephalo onis

Ynam Oni 4 also contributed:

  • Final battle themes (yes, there's an "s" on the end of that!)
  • Long chase theme
  • Credits theme


Ynam Oni does have some cameos and references here and there.

  • Hatsune Miku, which is a Vocaloid, is present as one of the main characters.
  • Hukasi turning into Siro oni is a reference to the Siro Oni fanbase.
  • The infamous mirrors from Siro Oni make a cameo in Ynam Oni 2 in the room with the blood trail.
  • Ao Oni being experimented on is another Siro Oni reference, as the hooded man from Siro Oni states that Siro oni is an experiment.
  • Jeff is a reference to Jeff the Killer by describing his appearance (Face totally white, and big smile)
  • Jeff's sprite does not have a smile on it, nor does it wear a white hoodie, the only thing it has is the ringed burnt eyelids.