The Vampire Mika series is a short trilogy of Korean fangames made in late 2009 and early 2010. Each game is a reworking and improvement of the predecessor, not a new sequel. In each game, you play as Hiroshi who must take refuge in a mansion inhabited by a vampire.

Vampire MikaEdit

In the opening cutscene, Hiroshi explains that he is a twenty-five year old researcher who, in an accident, killed his entire research team. Now a fugitive from the police officers , he must take refuge in a nearby mansion where it is rumored that a vampire lives.

FYI: The vampire was Mika from the Ao Oni series, the oni powers must of turned her into a vampire instead of the oni version of herself.

Walkthrough of Vampire Mika 3.2Edit

1:come into the house

2:go to the left side

3:check the clock(obtained small knife)

4:go right to the foyer

5:go up

6:check the wall on the right side until you found the door

7:go in

8:check all the dead body until you found the key

9:go into the jail room then take the hint code

10:go out

11:check the left lid then enter the code:7188 then you obtained the 2nd floor key(sure to save first)

12:then the vampire Mika come out and chase

13:during the chase:

1:go up to the 2nd floor 2:go into the door in front of you 3:lock the door 14:check under the table(obtained secondary Password)

15:check all two flower pots(obtained 2 Potion of Restoration)

16:go out

17:go down to the foyer

18:go up to the room that had code

19:enter the open door

20:check the mirror 2 times(obtained Screwdriver and Cosmetics)

21:go out to the foyer

22:go up to 2nd floor

23:enter the door in front of you

24:check the purple "box?"

25:you found the purple door

26:enter the code 2441

27:follow the way

28:there is the room had 1 picture

29:seperate the set of Cosmetics

30:check the picture

31:first put the Skin then the Lotion then the Paint(obtained the key to the left room at 2nd floor)

32:go up

33:then go down to the foyer

34:go up to the room had the first code again

35:go to the right room

36:go to the right room in that room

37:check the "closet?" in front of you(obtained White Sugar)

38:equip it in the Shield

39:go out to the room had first code again

40:check the other lid

41:pour Sugar in it(obtained candle)

42:check the stove(light the candle)

43:light under the "things" in the left side

44:check it(obtained Crate)

45:light the Crate(obtained basement kay)

46:vampire Mika come out

47:during the chase:

1:go down the stair right behind youEdit
2:go up to enter the doorEdit

3:go straight up

4:lock the doorEdit

48:go straight up then activite the power

49:go to the up left room

50:check all flower pot(obtained 4 Potion of Restoration)

51:go out

52:go to the down left door

53:check the "yellow thing" in the left chopping board and cleaver

52:go out

53: go to the down right room

52:Stick the cleaver in the holes(you found the door)

53:go in

54:check the bookshelf

55:go out of that room

56:go to the up right room

57:enter the code 1520

58:go straight then enter the code 2785(obtained basement warehouse key)

59:go out

60:go to the left side

61:enter the room

62:check the "red thing"

63:then vampire Mika come

64:go out

65:go to the room you enter the last code

66:go straight to the "black thing"

67 follow the way

68:in the crossroads go left then just follow the way

69:when you get out just go down until the cutscene