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What is Project Plus?

Project Plus is an upcoming game called Ao Oni: Collector's Edition (It was used to called Ao Oni Plus). This game adds more content such as Takuro, Mika, Takeshi and other modes.

IT'S RELEASED!!! Feel free to upload a video on youtube or help by contributing the Ao On: Collector's Edition editing.

This is no longer Ao Oni Plus. It has been named Ao Oni: Collector's Edition.

UPDATED: V.0.6.0 is released! Please download it again! It has been fixed! 

DISCONTINUED. I'm going to pursue on continuing More SCPs Mod. Bye!


Kid's Bedroom:

Hiroshi - IF "Come With Me" OR "Stay Here" ---> Mika remains in the room

Mika - IF "Come With Me" ---> Hiroshi joins / IF "Stay Here" ---> Hiroshi remains in the room

Takuro - IF "Come With Me" OR "Stay Here" ---> Mika still joins :P

Takeshi - IF "Come With Me" ---> Mika remains in the room ---> Survives / IF "Stay Here" ---> Mika remains in the room ---> Dies

Jail Cell:

Hiroshi, Mika, Takuro and Takeshi - Ao Oni ignores you ---> Caterpillar Oni appears plus you can get killed.


Hiroshi - Meets Takuro

Mika - Meets Takuro with minor changes of dialogues

Takuro - Meets Hiroshi with most changes of dialogues

Takeshi - Same as Hiroshi but with few changes of dialogues

Picking up Basement Jail Cell Key:

Hiroshi - Mika Character Oni

Mika - Oni appear

Takuro - Meet Hiroshi with more dialogues ---> Oni Chase scene

Takeshi - IF "Come With Me" ---> Mika joins you / IF "Stay Here" ---> Mika turns one of them

Takeshi Suicide:

Hiroshi - Takeshi dies

Mika - IF Hiroshi not with her ---> Suicide / IF Hiroshi with her ---> Alive ---> In the Annex Basement

Takuro - Takeshi verge on committing suicide ---> Takeshi survives

Takeshi - None

Angry Oni eats ladder:

Hiroshi - Takuro Trips ---> Takuro killed

Mika - IF Takuro, Takeshi and Hiroshi on the party and saw Oni ---> Run away alive ---> Still in the party / IF None ---> No Oni chase scene

Takuro - Takuro, Takeshi, Mika, Hiroshi saw Oni ---> Run away alive ---> Left the party ---> You can still save them in the old building.

Takeshi - IF "Come With Me" ---> Takuro tells them to run away / IF "Stay Here" ---> Takuro begs for help

Study Room:

Hiroshi - None

Mika - None

Takuro - Let Mika join ---> Recruit Mika / Chose Mika stay here ---> Blockman appears ---> Mika small dialogue ---> Mika killed.

Takeshi - None

Oni Room:

Hiroshi - Takuro ---> Oni

Mika - Takuro ---> Oni / Takuro in the party ---> No Takuro Oni :)

Takuro - Hiroshi ---> Recruit ---> Hunchback Oni chase ---> Hiroshi in the end ---> Recruit / Mika dead ---> No Hiroshi

Takeshi - If "Come With Me" ---> Takuro doesn't turn one ---> Hunchback Oni Chase ---> Hiroshi in the end / IF "Stay Here" ---> Takuro turns one ---> No Hiroshi


The following codes are for Hiroshi's gameplay:

Infinity-2 - All pre-existing codes for Hiroshi except for South Park and Godmode are activated. Essentially; the easter egg appears, the timer is visible, the older portraits are displayed, and Blockman Oni will chase you around all at the same time in this mode.

Infinity-2 ALT - All pre-existing codes for Hiroshi except for South Park and Godmode are activated. Essentially; the easter egg appears, the timer is visible, the older portraits from 6.03 are displayed, and Blockman Oni will chase you around all at the same time in this mode.

Meow Mix - A Joke / Easter Egg mode. You play as a Cat but with faster speed.

HIROSI ALT - Use 6.03 portrait

The following codes are for Mika's gameplay:

Mika - Play as Mika in different story

MIKA - Activates the old-portrait effect of HIROSI mode while playing as Mika.

Mika JMU - Activates the effect of JMU mode's easter egg while playing as Mika.

M-BLOCKMAN - Activates the effect of BLOCKMAN mode while playing as Mika.

Mika 01 - Gives Mika an alt-costume/alt-appearance from the Vampire Mika fan-game series.

M-GODMODE - Enable Godmode with Mika

MIKA TIMER - Enable Timer with Takuro

MIKA ALT - Use 6.03 portrait

MIKA 01 - Use Old portrait with vampire Mika

MIKA 01 ALT - Use 6.03 portrait with Vampire Mika

The following codes are for Takuro's gameplay:

Takuro - Play as Takuro and with major different story

TAKUROU - Use Old Portrait

Takuro JMU - With JMU event

T-BLOCKMAN - With Blockman Chase

Taku-GODMODE - Enable Godmode with Takuro

TAKURO TIMER - Enable Timer with Takuro

TAKUROU ALT - Use 6.03 portrait

TAKURO SP - South Park mode and playable Takuro

The following codes are for Takeshi's gameplay:

Takeshi - Play as Takeshi with little plot twist

TAKESI - Use Old Portrait

Takeshi JMU - With JMU event

Take-BLOCKMAN - With Blockman Chase

Take-GODMODE - Enable Godmode with Takeshi

TAKESHI TIMER - Enable Timer with Takeshi

TAKESI ALT - Use 6.03 portrait

Upcoming Planned Features

Version 1.1 - Play the prototype version

Version 3.0 - Play the first version

Version 5.2 - Play the second version

Prototype Mode - Changes hiroshi, takuro, takeshi and mika clothes to the prototype one. Names are also changed. Gameplay not affected.

Secret Ending - Only can be obtained in Version 3.0 mode

Mixed Mansion Mode - Mixed rooms from older version

New Onis/Threats - New Oni that never attack the player will receive their own appearance

Takeshi - Play as Takeshi

Good ending for hiroshi:

Hiroshi will be able to ignore the noise, (MORE DESCRIPTION COMING SOON)



Originally, I planned Hiroshi giving one of the blue piece to Takuro, but scrapped it because that locked blue piece room would serve no purpose to it.


I planned Hiroshi to be the only survivor along with Mika the whole game. However, in this case, Hiroshi will forcefully join you. You can't stop it. Since this is scrapped, Hiroshi will not appear in the entire game if you are not willing to ask him to join her.


(Coming Soon)


Mika Mode - 100% done

Takuro Mode - 100% done

Takeshi Mode - 100% done

Prototype Mode - 0% done

Version 1.1 - 18% done

Good Ending For Hiroshi:

10% done

South Park:

Takuro South Park - 100% done

Mika South Park - 100% done

Takeshi South Park - 0% done


Extra Pictures

Ao Oni Plus Takuro 1
Ao Oni Plus Takuro 2

Takuro Mode

Ao Oni Plus Takuro 3
Ao Oni Plus Takuro 4

Mika Mode

Ao Oni Plus Leechum Room
Aooni plus

Takeshi Mode

Prototype Mode

Version 1.1

Ao Oni Collector's Edition Version 1.1 Sneak Peak 2
Ao Oni Collector's Edition Version 1.1 Sneak Peak 3


V.0.3.0 (Shinryu):

- Added Mika mode

- Bunch of New Codes including Hiroshi

- Two new onis added, one from pre-existing game and one from scrapped game. They only appear in mika's mode currently.

V.0.4.0 (Shinryu):

- Extended Mika's demo to the Old Building Section.

- Changed Mika's alt-attire to the one used in Vampire Mika.

- Added a new, secret area to the game.

- Secret code added.

- Fixed Squatto turns into a oni upon entering the basement during his chase scene.

- Meka Domo-Kun no longer spawns in Mika mode (he is still in the game though, somewhere...)

V.0.5.0 (100%):

- Finished Mika's mode

- Added Takuro mode and finished it.

- Added rest of Mika and Takuro other modes (except South Park)

- Added South Park model swaps

- Added Alternate Pictures of Takuro and Mika from 6.03

V.0.5.2 (100%):

- Added one event on Takuro Mode and Mika Mode (Hunchback Oni Chase)

- Mika will scream now

- Added Takuro South Park Mode

V.0.5.3 (100%):

- Hunchback Oni should no longer be stuck if you enter the oni room and exit out of it.

- Switch Regular Oni to Tall Oni when you're at Shoji. (There might be a glitch where Tall Oni turned to Regular oni for a spit second)

- Fixed Takuro Closet Sprite if ao oni chase scene

V.0.5.4 (100%):

- Added Mika South Park Mode

- Fixed some graphics error and attempted to fix one frame tall oni turned to regular oni

- Caterpillar Oni appears after you had exit out from the jail cell room, making the jail cell a useless defense. If you try touching it, you die.

V.0.6.0 (100%):

- Play as Takeshi

- Added all other modes as takeshi

- Attempted to fix one frame glitch

- Added another hidden room in the Secret Museum Room

V.0.7.0 (28%):

- The if you put code is updated

- "Prototype" characters mode added

- Fixed graphics error

- Version 1.1 is in the game!


- It is possible to save all of them in version 1.1 depending on the player's choices

- Added Takeshi SouthPark Mode

- As of version 1.1 story mode, your party will have follow you for real unlike disappearing.


- Hiroshi Good Ending added

- Secret Room is available in Version 1.1

- The west room of the secret room is added


V.0.6.0 Fixed

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