Well...Many of you maybe read InvisibleMaple's User Blog about this or you saw "Bad Oni Gamers" video by Alex, so I just decided to wirte here my opinion.

Everything started at one beautiful day, where we were enjoying those cool Oni games like Nira Oni, Kagome Oni etc. Then came something like "big bang" and everything just went to worse. It was just like with Minecraft. First it was awesome, now it's sucks because of community and stuff in-game. What I want to tell is, PLEASE, STOP IT somehow. I know that everybody made shitty/first games, and wanted to be famous by this. I remember that I wanted it too for my first games. But now it's different. Now on Wikia every kid wants his game famous because of great community here, but that game, just WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT. Yes, I'm talking about Calthax Oni and other games like this. It doesn't have an Oni there, so why that person named it Calthax ONI??! It's one of the worst Oni games I played, and I played almost every Oni game. And I almost forgot about new wikia that we everybody knows for downloading Ao Oni Games. I just feel bad everytime I read something on that Wikia. That "Tiers"...How can be CALTHAX ONI FIRST FUCKING TIER!? or GUERNETTA ONI!? And KAGOME ONI + NIRA ONI IS 3RD TIER. Just really tell me what the hell is just happening right now...

Another thing is that stupidity in some users...Seriously, why do you spam me on my mail, tumblr or even Skype about Isis Oni: Act 4 when Act 3 isn't even released?! FFS I told it once but I will tell it one more time. THERE WON'T BE ANY FUCKING ACT 4. I'm really sorry about that rude words, but, this is just...please stop this madness...

Thank You


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