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Lachlan discoveres a grizzly scene...

The Toruko Oni series is a fangame consisting of 5 episodes made by DeviantART user Onigamer666 based off the Japanese horror game "Ao Oni", and "The LEGO Movie"


Toruko Oni was created by Onigamer666, based off the horror RPG by noprops "Ao Oni". Episode 1 is mostly modeled off version 3.0 of the Ao Oni series. The game was originally posted in Japanese on Nico Nico Douga in 2010. Shortly later, he started posting and translating the videos of the gameplay into Japanese and Portuguese. Currently there is captioning of these videos in Japanese, Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish, Danish, German, Estonian, Finnish, Spanish, and Dutch. It was not until 2012 that the game was made to be playable in Japanese by Anna Iriyama. retrospectively. Though it may not look exactly like the original, it follows the game very well. Episode 1 was released in June 2015, and the latest remake was in March 2016. The game was later taken down of hacking, and was uploaded back up sometime in 2016 with a new set of strict rules, and booby traps set in-game to stop the hacking.

Note: Episode 1 is currently available for download in English.


Spoilers begin here, so DON`T READ IF YOU ARE NOT FINISHED.

The game begins with a scene featuring a student (possibly the Shopkeeper's son) trying to escape from the front door of the mansion. The lights go out every now and then with eerie music playing, and a few cries coming from the student are heard throughout the scene. It ends with a close up on him, who is presumably killed.

Next, the "main characters" appear outside of their school; Lachlan, Shannon(Jeremy), Dylan and Emily(Madeline). Lachlan's brother Liam then picks him up to celebrate graduation and they talk about rumors of a mansion in the forest, they then head to the mansion and feel an eerie feeling. They enter The Foyer and a crash is heard from the other room. Lachlan volunteers to go investigate and goes to the kitchen where he discovers a broken plate, and takes a shard. He goes back to the foyer and discovers his friends are gone, thinking they left him there. He starts exploring the house and soon finds Emily hiding in a closet, badly bruised. Lachlan proceeds to go around the mansion to find the others, and after finding a corpse in the bathtub. Lachlan will take a key to the library. Once he is there, on a table will be another key. Once you pick it up, the monster will appear.


Main CharactersEdit

Lachlan: The title character of the game series. He is the most popular student in his school and is
Lachlan as an Anime character.
the best artist in his school. His best friends are Monique and Emily, and he has an older brother; Liam. In episode 2 of the game series, it is discovered that Lachlan has been in a nightmare several times. When he first entered the mansion, he and his friends discovered the monster and tried to escape. Everyone but Lachlan dies in the first loop, and he finds a crystal that allows him to travel between dimensions. He uses this crystal to enter the mansion and try to save his friends once more, but fails again and again. In the dimension the game takes place in he went as far as locking his friends in a cell in order to save them. In one dimension, he actually dies trying to save his friends, leading Aaron to reverse time to bring him back.

Shannon: A major character in the game series. She is normally a very tough, determined character.
Shannon A.K.A Jeremy as an Anime character
She is a good friend of Lachlan and Monique, Emily's older sister and Liam's ex-girlfriend. In Toruko Oni, Shannon is portrayed as being quite more cowardly than her normal character, being so scared of the Oni she hides in a closet and is shaken to the point of not speaking. She also covers herself in turquoise paint out of fear. In the nightmare where Lachlan dies, Shannon is extremely hysterical and doesn't believe he is actually dead at first.

Monique as an anime character by onigamer666-d9pq3a8


Monique: A major character of the game series. She is a quiet, modest character and has a good fasion sense. She is good friends with Lachlan and Emily, Dylan and Shannon. Aaron is her love interest and StriHiryu and KyoKoon and Georgia are her envies. In the game, Monique is one of the characters who can actually see bits of Lachlan's nightmares.

Liam as an Anime Character


Liam: A major character in the game series. He is a very funny, kind character with a great sense of humor. He is Lachlan's older brother, and his former caretaker is WyldStyle. In the game he and Aaron enter the mansion last, by climbing in a hole in attempt to save the others, but ends up falling in and being trapped. He seems to share memories with Lachlan when Lachlan can't handle anymore.

Dylan as an anime character by onigamer666-d9ms70s

Dylan: A major character in the class captain at Melbourne High, he always lets power get to his head and abuse his old friends. After an incident, Dylan vowed to resign as captain. He actually threatens people who threaten his friends. This includes Lachlan, who he invites with the group, with Liam making chase.

Madeline: A major character in Emily, like Takeshi, is a coward. A youth who talks big in public, but UNLIKE Takeshi, she doesn't stutter or cower when in fear. But she can succumb to her fears if the atmosphere is too much for her to handle.



Unikitty: The de-facto main character of the game series. She is a very soft spoken, unnoticed character and She is very timid, and her only friend is Lachlan, Emmet and WyldStyle. In the game and anime, Unikitty is hardly ever noticed by the other characters except for Lachlan and Monique. In one scene, the Oni enters the same room as Unikitty and doesn't even notice her even though she's in plain sight. Despite this is noticed more often and solves a few main puzzles. She gets loads of spotlight time in the game, thus her de-facto main character status. Her guard of choice is her teddy bear (though, she isn't seen carrying her teddy bear around.

Yago: The main antagonist of Toruko Oni. Information is to be written.

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