I'm older, I'm wiser and I just wanted to say something.

    I was 16 years old by that time I posted it. For some reason, I'm surprised that I wrote something that long and that meaningful that got attention by another users. Anyways, I want to clarify some things. I'm here for 4 and some years, but I was pretty much inactive in the past. I saw that this wikia changed a lot. Now I can't see some familiar faces here as in the past. It feels like I head on the trip somewhere far away and came back to a destroyed city, where no one I knew was alive. I was pretty much pissed on CassiasGrandiel for a basic reason. He acted as a genius. That type of a genius that knows everything. But now I realize, he's basically keeping this Wikia alive. He had some really hilarious statements that made some of us pissed, but who didn't make any bad/embarassing statement in the past? I made a second account on this Wikia because I was embarassed of my games I created. Now I'm just laughing at the videos that StriHiryu kindly recorded, because it contains sentences in my broken english, no interesting plot & short duration. Funny thing is that I complained about it in the post, but I forgot to take a look on myself. All I can do is now shrug and move on. Nobody will be a professional game maker once he downloads a game software. The person seems to be happy that he can release his/her first, yet trashy game. Let's turn the page: The community here is slowly getting into my veins like a virus. I am not saying you are bad or something, you sometimes act pretty much immature. This Wikia used to be a perfect place for Oni fans and game makers. It gave a wings to a now retired creator InvisibleMaple or how Levels' game made it on the shelf of ManlyBadassHero. It also raised the Wikia up to heaven and people started to come here more frequently because they were interested in this type of games. But looking at the comments in various threads...I just want to vomit. There is this LIVE chat where you can talk to people or if you can get a Skype group or an Introduction thread, who you are, what are you doing, what have you created, the Wikia would become a better place. I am not saying that I am saint. Yes I posted some bullshit in the past, yes I did various things that I used to regret but I don't now - but this is just my opinion, a RE:Opinion on a opinion made in the past. Let's see if somebody will read it...

    Have a good day / night.

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