The Storekeeper (店主 Tenshu?) was a storekeeper of the place Hiroshi lived in.

Story Edit

The Storekeeper is seen at the start of Version 3 and the end of Version 6, in both versions he is seen running to the front door trying to escape. When he hears the oni, in fear he tries to kick the door down. The oni then appears and eats him while he screams.

The Oni can be only seen eating him in Version 6.

Appearance Edit

The Storekeeper seems to be an old and slightly obese man wearing a blue vest with matching hat and brown pants. The Storekeeper also has a Brown mustache.

In Ao Oni (the iOS and Android version), he’s a lot thinner.

Trivia Edit

  • The Storekeeper uses the "148-Storekeeper02" sprite from RPG Maker XP.
  • Back then he was said to be an unnamed character, along with Naoki.
  • A decrypt of the game discovered that his name is approximately Semaru.

Gallery Edit