Spooked is an English Ao Oni fangame that is inspired by the original game, along with famous Steven King titles "The Shining", "Carrie" and "Cujo". However it strongly focuses on the characters. In fact, the game's main cast appeared in so many Oni games themselves. The game's events are planned to be set somewhere between 2012 and 2025, but the developer is unsure if it will stay that way.

Originally, Spooked was called "Kiru Oni" and had characters from different Oni games. Now the Toruko Oni six: Lachlan, Liam, Monique, Dylan, Emily, Shannon and the new Oni have replaced them, but that's not all. The cast (Minus Lachlan, Monique and Emily) received redesigns. Dylan's hair was fixed to be smoother. Same with Shannon. Lastly, Liam is taller and thinner than before. Each character was also given their own last names.

The game is planned to be released in a series of gradually updated demos until the game is finished.

Version History Edit

Demo Version 1 Edit

This version of the game was the original "Kiru Oni" containing the Ao Oni cast and the classic Oni. The game took place in a school instead and only the first area was playable. This version had one cheat, the SACHIKO code, which replaced the Oni graphic with Sachiko Shinozaki.

Demo Version 2 Edit

2.0 - All of the assets were replaced, changing the game into "Spooked". The whole second area and a bit of the third area was playable. Puzzles were removed, and chases were much harder than before. The SACHIKO cheat was replaced with two codes to play as multiple characters. Demo Version 2.0 also adds the ability to hide in closets to escape.


Spooked takes place in an Alternate Universe as most fangames starring everyone's original characters do.

Miles out of the city of Perth exists an abandoned insane asylum. No one knows why it's there or who built it. Dylan, one of Lachlan's friends, contacts Monique and gives her an idea. Later, Lachlan and Monique were on their first date (watching Sonic cartoons) when Lachlan overhears Monique's phone chat and Monique tells him Liam's out to someplace he got arrested once. The two investigate, and soon figure out that Dylan and Emily had taken Liam somewhere. The two catch up with Liam, Dylan, as well as Emily and Shannon far out of the city. After settling a huge misunderstanding it's revealed that Liam was challenging the girls to enter the asylum. Before long, Lachlan and Liam have a fight resulting in Monique yelling at them, and everybody enters the asylum instead.

To avoid spoilers, any further plot will not be included.

Characters Edit

Lachlan Cosgrove Edit

Lachlan (Lachie) is the youngest, and "funniest" member of the group. For the most part he never wants to fight, even when someone wrongs him the worst way possible. He seems to be well-known for creating horror games as he always sits at his computer desk at home. He is the most wackiest of the group.

Liam Cosgrove Edit

Liam is the stubborn and rude brother of Lachlan. He tends to be a dick-head around everyone, but around his girlfriend he's more sweet and considerate. He seems to be the most intelligent of the group.

Monique McCurdy Edit

Monique is the class representative of her school, a kind and positive girl. She is always seen around Lachlan, curious about his work. There's even gossip that she had a crush on him, but it is uncertain. She seems to be the "nurse" of the group.

Dylan Kress Edit

Dylan was once leader of a group of graffiti markers in the city. After an incident, Dylan vowed to change his ways. He actually graffiti marks on building "to make them look modern". This includes Liam's apartment, who he tags along with the group, with Monique and Lachlan having doubts.

Emily Nichols Edit

Emily, as always, is a coward. A youth who talks big in her family, but stutters and cowers when in fear. Oddly, the trip to the asylum was her idea.

Shannon Braff Edit

Shannon is a posh, and fairly expressiveless, young woman with the most superior intellect in the group. While he's definitely not known for his looks, he is the most mature of the group, but when Emily is in peril or worse, she does not hold her insanity back... at all!

Anthropomorphic characters Edit

In the asylum's secret volcano caves, Lachlan encounters 3 mysterious figures. They beckon Lachlan to take items and run from his friends for unknown reasons, they also seem friendly and look... familiar...

The characters can also be seen in the end of the demo at the bottom of the room. They comment about the name and advise the player not to hack into the game to view the files or give away spoilers that the files may contain.

Rainbow Dash Edit

Rainbow Dash is a strange pony of sorts seen in the bonus room at the end of the demo. She doesn't serve any importance to the game overall, but she serves as Berthelsen's (The Developer of this game) spirit goddess in some cases. Though she exclaims disappointment that Berthelsen replaced the splash screen depicting her with plain text.

Debug Cat Edit

Like Rainbow Dash, the Debug Cat is a comedy character seen at the end of the demo who serves no importance to the overall story. The crow states that Berthelsen used him to test things out.

Cheats Edit

A brother's tale Edit

Entering Liam on the naming screen will give the player a chance to play as Liam for some of the game, his demo stops somewhere near the volcanic caves. Chances of him being found in a closet or other hiding place will be lower.

Ladies First Edit

Entering Monique on the naming screen does the same as Liam's cheat code except you play as Monique instead, but chances of her being found in a closet or other hiding place will be higher.

References Edit

  • The title "Spooked" was derived from Youtube personality PewDiePie, who joked about a level in a popular horror game "Amnesia" was named "Spooked".
  • In front of the asylum, Liam calls Lachlan the "speech crisis kid". He was referencing about how many people keep mispronouncing Lachlan's name.
  • Akin to the horror game "Luminous", the enemy plays various tricks on the player, as well as stands outside the walls while a chase is not occurring.
  • Dylan's suicide rescue countdown is an obvious homage to Corpse Party's Seiko death scene.
  • The Lava Caves location is a reference to the cut level from "Crash Twinsanity."