Ao Oni uses a large number of free and stock RPG sound effects and music. The frightening music and ambient breathing heard during the game have become staples of the genre and are signature themes.


Horor-b.mid (horor-b.wav in Version 6.23) is an instrumental track that plays during the chase scenes with the Oni.

In efficient game design, the midi engine should be started as the game boots up, but in previous versions of the game it is launched as soon as the music should be playing. On some older computers, this takes a few seconds, resulting in a few seconds of lag and game-freezing every time the oni is set to appear during random encounters.

The midi file features two instruments, each named "horor-b." A staccato violin plays G5 and G#5 together, while a low vibrato sine wave rises from F1 to C2. The track plays at 89 BPM, and runs for 8 bars, with a one bar rest in the beginning.


A5_16491.wav is a haunting instrumental track that usually plays before the first encounter with the Oni. In all versions of the game, this ambient music plays after the Oni walks past for the first time.

A5 16491
The audio file is 19 seconds long, and features an eerie bell-like pad that outlines an A flat augmented chord.

A5_16491.wav is actually taken from the visual novel, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

The Oni's SoundsEdit


The Oni is often associated with a heavy breathing sound that plays during certain scenes or locations. During chase scenes where the player hides in the closet, the breathing sound is played when the Oni enters the room. In later versions, the breathing sound is looped continuously when the player enters the annex basement . The breathing sound origin comes from one of the default RPG Maker XP RTP files titled 017-Creatue01.ogg.



In Version 3.0, a low whispering sound is made during a scene before the final chase where the Oni slowly approaches the player before actually giving chase. The whispering sound, titled A5_12362.WAV, consists of 19 seconds of incoherent mumbling in what could be a child's voice. Although this sound is unused in later versions, it can still be found in the sound effect folder.

A5 12362


In Version 1.0 a loud, startling sound called bikkuri.wav (bikkuri びっくり means "surprised") is played when the player discovers the corpse of Ryota in the bathtub.

 The audio file is 2 seconds long, and consists of a large drum being struck and a shrill violin draw. Although this sound is unused in later versions, it can still be found in the sound effect folder.

Bikkuri.wav is actually taken from the visual novel, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

Unused FilesEdit

In all versions of Ao Oni, there are unused audio files. These may simply be carried over files from previous versions, but in version 1.0, two audio files exist that are not present in any version.


Saiv.mid sounds like a piano being played speedily with a high pitched instrument accompanying it.



BGM008.ogg is what sounds like high notes on a piano with short periods of silence containing sharp notes.


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