Siro Oni (stylized as "SIROONI" in-game) is a Korean fan-made spinoff of the original game. It is in no way related; Siro Oni features new characters, locations, and a new monster. The gameplay is more story-based, horror-based, and players will experience less chases and puzzles than in Ao Oni . The game was released in Korean in December 2009, but in May 2012, a fanmade English translation was released.

Many players remark on the difficulty in setting the game up, and on some computers the game will crash near the end of the game upon trying to load an image. Because of the graphical nature of the game, it is very dark during nighttime. On some computer monitors and displays, this makes the game unplayable. Be sure to adjust brightness and contrast controls. In addition, you will need to change the locale as detailed in the Missing Text Glitch .

The original download link has been removed from Dropbox, but an archived version is available here.



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Hukasi explores the island at night.

NOTE: The rest of this page may contain spoilers.

The IslandEdit

In the opening text, Hukasi reflects on his life. He mentions how his life began to change several years ago when he began to feel uneasy and apprehensive. His home seemed alien and he began to hallucinate at times. Eager to escape his anxiety, he went on a trip with his sister and some friends. During the trip however, they fell victim to a tidal wave and were washed out to sea.

Hukasi wakes up alone on an unfamiliar island. It is night and he quickly sets off in search of his friends. He encounters a strange demon in a cave, and before he can investigate further, he runs into his sister, Kiku. The demon is gone when he looks again, and Kiku joins the party. After more exploration, they enter a cave and are ambushed by an unseen entity.

The MansionEdit


Hakusi in the castle mansion.

Hukasi wakes up in a strange, darkened hallway. Kiku has disappeared. He explores the castle, and is confused by the way doors and rooms seem to rearrange themselves when he isn't looking. He encounters a cat, which darts quickly from room to room and leads him around the castle. After obtaining a key from one dining hall, a large, two-faced demon emerges from the wall and chases him through the halls. The demon stalks other hallways and prevents Hukasi from entering certain areas. Along the way, he finds excerpts from the book "Creation of a God," that details the story behind the Oni and the island.

Hakusi explores a biological laboratory.

Hukasi finds his way into an underground laboratory, where strange, alien creatures sleep in test tubes. The walls are lined with inactive computers, and from a balcony overlooking a hall, he is shocked by a variety of blob-like creatures roaming the room. He is reunited with Kiku, who says she witnessed the ambush earlier and was chased by the monster as well.

The Third FloorEdit

Third floor

The third floor of the castle.

The pair find their way onto the third floor and enter a deserted shop. They sleep behind the counter, letting the night pass. When they wake up, it is morning for the first time and the hallways are lit up. They meet a hooded man, who says nothing and quickly disappears. In one room, a dead king's body is slumped on his throne, bloody sacrifices strewn around him. It isn't long before they run into the two-faced demon, and he chases them around the third floor. After collecting clues that allow Hukasi to open a safe, they make their way up to the fourth floor. A large terrace and elevated walkway lead them up into the mountains.

The MountainsEdit


Hakusi and Kiku in the icy mountains behind the castle.

The mountains are cold and icy. A large crystal stairway leads them up to a glowing door, which pushes them away by emitting a bright aura. Hukasi decides to explore a nearby cave with Kiku, finding a number of strange pedastals with crystal-like orbs engraved on them. The daylight fades and a voice instructs them to leave immediately if they want to live. Hukasi has a panic attack, and confesses to Kiku that he feels trapped and that they won't escape. He suddenly takes off, leaving her alone. Continuing deeper into the cave, she enters a dark, volcanic room. A massive, hideous spider-like monster guards a number of eggs against the far wall. Manuevering around him, she travels deeper and catches a glimpse of the two-faced oni. A second later, she is attacked.

Several spider onis appear during the final chase sequence.

Hukasi returns to the cave some time later, having recovered from his momentary panic. He hears Kiku's scream in the distance and heads off deeper into the mountains. He encounters the spider oni and flees past it. He comes across Kiku's lifeless, dismembered body, slumped against the wall. Further on, Hukasi finds a large crystal which identifies itself as the heart of the island. It remarks that his struggle to survive is amusing, but futile. It challenges him to escape the island alive. The hooded man from before appears, and Hukasi orders him to speak. The man laughs and explains the story behind the monster. The two-faced Oni was merely an uncontrollable lab experiment, created in the alien laboratory that Hukasi had discovered in the castle. The man disappears, and the Oni enters. Hukasi quickly flees, escaping back through the mountains the way he had come. Several spider onis emerge and begins to chase him as well. Exiting through a cave, Hukasi finds himself back on the island where he had woken up. He sprints back to the beach where he had landed, only to find a rescue boat waiting for him. He quickly escapes the island.

The White OniEdit

NOTE: The rest of this page may contain spoilers.

The name Siro Oni (白鬼) is Japanese, although the game itself is Korean. 白鬼 (shiro oni) translates to White Demon.

The MonstersEdit

The main antagonist of the game is an enigmatic, two-faced oni. The oni's heads are disproportionate and sticking off at odd angles. Sometimes, a white oni with only one head is seen. This oni is explained in Theories below. In addition, a third monster can be found in the volcanic room in the mountains. A large, salamander-like monster with a similar two-colored head. All monsters will chase Hukasi at different times. It is possible to get both the one-headed and two-headed oni chasing Hukasi at the same time, although it is not clear if this is intentional or an error. If Hukasi gazes into any of the mirrors in the mansion, the two-headed oni will appear and kill him instantly. If Hukasi opens a red chest near where he wakes up, the one-headed oni will appear and kill him instantly.

Creation of a GodEdit

Throughout the game, Hukasi comes across scattered chapters from a book titled "Creation of a God." The book is assumed to be written by a being named Morgan. Nothing about Morgan or her story are referenced directly, but it is implied from the caves that Hukasi discovers that Morgan is a witch or a sorceress who has been on the island a very long time. It is not clear whether Morgan and the hooded being are the same.

The book narrates the story of the island. Long ago, the people were unhappy and restless. They began to create a god to believe in. Believing in and serving the god would help them smile and bring purpose to their lives. Over time, the god became greedier and violent. He began demanding sacrifices and murdering his followers.

Castle IslandEdit

A second book entitled "Castle Island" explains the story of the people. It is very brief, and only mentions a king named Louitel, the lord of the castle and the mansion. Louitel was murdered in his own mansion, and his headless corpse was discovered nine years later. It is not clear if the bloody body Hukasi found on the throne is related to this story or not.

A third story is told to Hukasi by the hooded man they encounter. The man worked in the biological laboratory beneath the castle, trying to create a being. He failed many times, resulting in the deformed creatures Hukasi witnessed in the test tubes and scurrying around the balcony room. No direct relation from this story to "Creation of a God" is made, but if a connection is assumed, it follows that the hooded man (possibly Morgan) worked in the lab many years ago, trying to create a god for his people. By stitching together deformed body parts, (possibly the decapitated head of Lord Louitel, whose murder he may have been involved with) he created an ugly, two-faced demon. The demon god was violent and murdered his followers, becoming the new lord of the castle and the island.

The Hukasi TheoryEdit

A commonly accepted conclusion that many players come to realize is that Hukasi himself is the one-headed oni. There is evidence to support this from the game:

  • When Hukasi disappears, Kiku reports being chased by the oni
  • Hukasi has red eyes and white hair
  • In the intro Hukasi says he's been feeling very strangely and hallucinating for the past couple of years
  • Up in the mountains, Hukasi suddenly says he needs to go and then disappears. Not long afterwards, Kiku is killed by the one-headed oni
  • When Hukasi looks in a mirror, the oni appears
  • The man in the robe laughs as Hukasi asks what the monster is, and says it is fun to watch Hukasi struggle.

This idea is accepted and expanded upon in the sequel, Siro Oni 2: The Custom . One drawback to this theory is that the very first chase opens with the one-headed oni chasing Hukasi. In addition, the player can just faintly make out the shape of the one-headed oni sitting in the locked pod in the laboratory.

Since the robed man admits that the oni was a lab experiment, it's a feasible theory that there are multiple onis, and that by knocking Hukasi out periodically like he does, he is actually working on transforming Hukasi into an oni .


Siro Oni is similar to the original Ao Oni only by the premise of a demon that chases the player. All chases are scripted, and the oni does not appear from doors randomly and start a chase sequence. The game revolves around exploring, rather than solving puzzles. Only four puzzles exist.

  • A simple math problem that does not change from each playthrough of the game, and can be solved in your head
  • A four-digit password that is collected piece by piece through the rooms
  • A one-digit password that must simply be guessed
  • A room features five pedastals with "Orbs of Easter" atop them. As Kiku, you must light up the orbs in the proper order to open a door

Hard ModeEdit

After the game ends, a message asks you if you wish to play the game in Hard Mode. If you accept, the messages continues and says that your story continues "where a white skull is found" and where "the sea breeze blows." The game then starts over from the beginning.

Some versions, instead have a jumpscare with the two headed Siro head, and takes you back to the menu.

Siro Oni 2: The CustomEdit

Siro Oni 2 is the sequel to Siro Oni. In the beginning, there's a person running from Siro Oni, then footsteps noises start and become faster, then Siro Oni presumably kills the person. This takes place in the year 2015, and you play as a criminal named Shaiu Lu. The game is unfinished, and will be likely to remain.