Ryota (リョウタ Ryōta?) is a minor character in Ao Oni Version 1, he is a member of Takuro's gang along with Megumi and Takeshi.

Story Edit

Ao Oni Version 1 Edit

Ryota and the rest of Takuro's gang force Kazuya and Hiroshi to go to the mansion with them. When Hiroshi goes to investigate a noise, the oni attacks the gang and Kazuya.

Hiroshi later finds Ryota dead in the bathroom's bathtub. Hiroshi notices the library key in his hand, he takes the key then leaves the room.

Ryota is never mentioned again until Takuro tells Hiroshi he found him dead as well.

There are some unused sprites for Ryota in Version 1's graphics folder. They show him how he appears when drowned, but is not in the bathtub and has more injuries then before. Ryota even has his eyes open in one of the sprites. but! no glasses.

Trivia Edit

  • Throughout the rest of the Ao Oni games, Ryota along with Kazuya are removed from the versions, but it should be well noted that Hiroshi takes on the exact appearance of Ryota except he is wearing a school jumper.