A puzzle that existed in only Version 5.2.

Puzzles are an important part of gameplay in Ao Oni. With each version of the game, the puzzles seem to radically change and can consist of anything from locating several items to doing calculations by hand. It is often mandatory to solve a puzzle before progressing in the game.


NOTE: This paragraph may include spoilers.

There are many elements of the plot which do not constitute as puzzles, because they do not involve critical thinking or skill. Puzzles in Ao Oni involve lateral thinking and item collection to mark phases of the puzzle complete. Solving a puzzle usually results in obtaining a key to the next area or unlocking a event.

For instance, the safe in the basement in Version 6 requires a password to acquire the annex key. The password can be found written on a nearby wall. This is not a puzzle. Another scene early in the mansion involves entering a cage to obtain a key. As the player picks up the key, the oni will enter very quickly and kill the player. It is up to the player to discover that by locking the door behind them, they can prevent that. This is not a puzzle because it extremely minimal and involves no lateral thinking or item collection.

Full List of Puzzles by LocationEdit

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Mansion Basement


(incl. Basement)

The Old Building

(Only in Version 6.23)

Version 1
Version 3

Piano puzzle

Symbol Puzzle

Version 5

Length puzzle

Abacus Puzzle

Piano puzzle

Diary Puzzle

Doll puzzle

Plank puzzle

Peg puzzle

Coloring puzzle

Version 6

Piano puzzle

Doll puzzle

Painting puzzle

Blue jigsaw puzzle

Dice puzzle

Shapes puzzle