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The Piano puzzle is a puzzle that is present in Ao Oni versions Version 3, Version 5, and Version 6. As the name implies, the player has to use the numbers written on the piano keys to solve a open a locked safe behind the bookshelf.        

Hiroshi in the piano room



Version 3.0Edit

The numbers are always 459 and the answer is 6495.

Version 5.2Edit

The numbers below work for 5.2

Version 6.23Edit

The numbers are random.

The SolutionEdit

To find the number combination, you should use the handkerchief and the soap and wipe the red stain (probably blood). After the player discovers the number combination written on the piano, they use the keys on the panel to decipher the code in the safe (behind a bookshelf). The player has to match the numbers on the keys of the piano to the shapes of the keys on the panel.

The panel with the piano keys.

The orientation of the first and last keys are noteworthy because they are the only two keys that are being rotated, so the numbers that correspond to the panels must also be rotated ( e.g. 6 -> 9 ). Once the combination is known, the player can input it to solve the puzzle.

In Version 6.23, there are only 5 possible number combinations. You need to enter in the order of 3rd number rotated, 2nd number, 3rd number and 1st number rotated to solve this puzzle.

Number: 176 - Code: 9761

Number: 239 - Code: 6392

Number: 941 - Code: 1416

Number: 679 - Code: 6799

Number: 915 - Code: 5156

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