Oni of the Opera is an English Ao Oni fangame that is heavily inspired by the original. However it pays a lot of homages to the fangame Hakkyo Oni. In fact, the game's enemy is Hakkyo Oni itself. The game is planned to be very difficult, and the developer is unsure if it will stay that way through development.

Originally, Oni of the Opera was called "Egao Oni" and had an original cast and enemy. Now the classic Ao Oni four: Hiroshi, Mika, Takeshi, Takuro, and Hakkyo Oni have replaced them, but that's not all. The likes of Anna and Shun, from the novel, are also characters in the game. Due to their less-simplistic design, the rest of the cast (Minus Mika) received redesigns. Hiroshi wears a uniform akin to Hiroshi in Version 1 of Ao Oni, except with a more red-ish color scheme. Takeshi wears a lighter vest over a black T-shirt with green slacks. Mika simply had her hair fixed to match her faceset. Lastly, Takuro wears an orange polo with white paint on it, and he's also taller than before. Each character besides Anna and another character were also given their own last names.

The game was originally planned to released in a series of gradually updated demos, but it was decided that the next release will be the full game, the title will be changed to Hakkyo Oni: The Custom, and it was to be sort of a collaborative effort, but however, one of the developers has since gone missing so the project is currently being solo-handled VERY slowly and may not release until early 2019.

Version History Edit

Demo Version 1 Edit

This version of the game was the original "Egao Oni" containing the old cast and a different Oni. The game takes place in a typical mansion instead and only the first area was playable. This version had one cheat, the RAGTIME code, which replaced the chase music with ragtime piano music.

Demo Version 2 Edit

2.0 - All of Egao Oni's assets were replaced, changing the game into "Oni of the Opera". The whole second area and a bit of the third area was playable. Puzzles were updated, and chases were much harder than before. The RAGTIME cheat was replaced with a STRIDE cheat with a similar outcome. Demo Version 2.0 also adds the ability to hide in closets to escape. This version was heavily unstable.

2.1 - The older Demo Version 2 was heavily polished. The introduction was edited, character sprites animate, animations prompt character emotions and locked doors, possibly all of the bugs were fixed, cutscenes changed slightly, and even unique death scenes were added in certain areas of the game. Another addition would be the HIROSI cheat. The early parts of the Waterworks area was fused with the basement as well.

Hakkyo Oni: The Custom (Unreleased) Edit

While the developer has moved on to a different project, Oni of the Opera is being continued mostly in the hands of a different developer with the original dev having only some involvement with the game's assets and some ideas.


Oni of the Opera takes place in an AU (Alternate Universe), as most fangames starring the original four do.

Miles out of Hiroshi's town exists an abandoned opera house. No one knows why it's there or what it's history is. Takeshi, one of Hiroshi's friends, contacts Takuro and gives him an idea. Later, Hiroshi receives a call from Anna saying that Shun's gone missing. The two investigate, and soon figure out that Takuro and Takeshi had taken Shun somewhere. The two catch up with Takuro, Takeshi, as well as Mika far out of town. After settling a huge misunderstanding it's revealed that Takuro was challenging both Takeshi and Shun to enter the opera house. Before long, Hiroshi makes a deal with Takuro, and everybody enters the opera house instead.

Characters Edit

Hiroshi Uzumaki Edit

Hiroshi is a posh, and fairly expressiveless, young man with the most superior intellect in the group. While he's definitely not known for his looks, he is the most mature of the group.

Takeshi Yukanna Edit

Takeshi, as always, is a coward. A youth who talks big in public, but stutters and cowers when in fear. Oddly, the trip to the Opera House was his idea.

Mika Gankona Edit

Mika is the stubborn and rude "soulmate" of Takuro. She tends to be sassy around everyone, but around Takuro she's more sweet and considerate. She seems to be the least intelligent of the group

Takuro Namiwaka Edit

Takuro was once leader of a group of bullies at the school Hiroshi went to. After an incident, Takuro vowed to change his ways. He actually picks on people "for their own good". This includes Shun, who he drags with the group, with Anna and Hiroshi making chase.

Anna Horakiawa Edit

Anna is the class representative of the school, a kind and positive girl. She is always seen around Shun, curious about his work. There's even gossip that she had a crush on him, but it is uncertain.

Shun Tekina Edit

Shun is the youngest, and introverted member of the group. For the most part he never speaks, even when he's with Anna. He seems to be tech-nut as he always carries his laptop with him.

Silhouettes Edit

In the Waterworks, Hiroshi encounters two mysterious figures. The black one asks Hiroshi to find seven dolls or else he will pay. The white one beckons Hiroshi to take an item and run from the oni for unknown reasons.

There are also clones of the silhouettes seen in the end of the demo at the bottom of the room. The white one comments about the name and the black one advises the player not to hack into the game to view the files or give away spoilers that the files may contain.

Lexi Edit

Lexi is a strange animal girl of sorts seen in the bonus room at the end of the demo. She doesn't serve any importance to the game overall, but she serves as Selle's (The Developer of this fangame) avatar in some cases. Though she exclaims disappointment that Selle replaced the splash screen depicting her with plain text.

Debug Crow Edit

Like lexi, the Debug Crow is a more humorous character seen at the end of the demo who serves no importance to the overall story. The crow states that Selle uses him to test things out, as well as to help change the players name in case they put in one of the passwords (Which changes the character's name to the default "Hiroshi" just like in Ao Oni 6).

Cheats Edit

Handful of Keys Edit

Entering STRIDE on the naming screen will replace the original chase music with a cover of Fat Waller's Handful of Keys by Stephanie Tricks.

Better Art? Edit

Entering HIROSI on the naming screen replaces the creators art with modified art from RPG Maker XP (Artist Unknown)

References Edit

  • The title "Oni of the Opera" was derived from Youtube personalities Kyokoon64 and Strihiryu, who both joked about how the oni could be seen outside the walls when a chase is not occurring in the original Hakkyo Oni
  • In front of the opera house, Takuro mentions a "gender crisis kid". He was talking about Ryan from the fangame "Nira Oni". This game has no connection to Nira Oni, however.
  • Akin to the original Hakkyo Oni, the enemy plays various tricks on the player, as well as stands outside the walls while a chase is not occurring.
  • The slightly modified piano puzzle is an obvious homage to Ao Oni's piano puzzle.
  • The HIROSI cheat is a throwback to the same cheat found in Ao Oni 6.2