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Luba & Friends: Luba vs the Oni Queen, also known as Ao Oni Rising. is a oni game that revolves around Yao discovering a material she needs for a superweapon she aims to build for world domination (to turn everyone into onis). It does not revolve around horror but instead revolves more on adventuring what's beyond the mansion.


Yao, the Queen of the Onis, has crossed between worldly gates to search for a power of energy she can harness to regenerate her onis and skyrocket her population. To do this, Yao decides to build a superweapon to start turning worlds to onis. One of her materials she needs is an raw crystal essence that hasn't been used by onis. To find one, her target destination is the Ao Oni Mansion that Hiroshi's gang went.

Goddess Zydona discovers this, and calls her four pupils: Luba, Jack, Niki, and Steve to solve the quest. Gods and goddesses do not have the power to banish otherworldly evils, so the four must go to the mansion and investigate while Zydona's shrine maidens Callie and Aubrey were busy on other missions. The four go in the mansion, but it all turns into two long days...



19 year old girl that was the one who saved the world from Ben Magala who just rebeled on Zydona, and formed the group the Holy Four, which were known as Zydona's pupils. She has long violet hair, a purple shirt, black skirt, and brown boots. Her favorite hobby is the worship of Zydona and spreading her teachings.


A man who was Luba's first-time friend. He was the second main person to start the Holy Four and the quest to stop Ben Magala. He has black hair, a blue shirt, black pants, and black shoes. His favorite hobby is exploring out the world around him.


Beautiful girl who sighted Ben Magala's returning. She was the first person to join the quest to stop Ben Magala. She has pink hair, a pink dress, and pink boots. Her favorite hobby is painting out nature, models, historical events, etc. That's why she carries a art purse around on her shoulder wherever she goes.


Scientist and entrepreneur. His goal is to master out all researches. He used a gadget called the SpyBot which is known to spy on the most evil tasks. He has teal hair, a brown tuxedo, black pants, and black dress shoes. His favorite hobby is science and technology.

Goddess ZydonaEdit

Goddess who created the world. After creating the world and seeing it was good, Ben rebeled against her to take the balance against her. To assist on the battle, she selected several humans to go on a expedition to stop his evil plans.She has long blue hair, white angelic dress, and white pump shoes.

"Rest well, friends..."


The first shrine maiden trained by Zydona. Shrine maidens were to transfer messages from her to people. She loves nature and the moon. She has two black pigtails, wears a purple dress and purple shoes. She is also known as Zydona's treehugger because she tends nature for her land.


The second shrine maiden trained by Zydona. When Callie has gone missing from the search for Ben. Zydona decided to send Aubrey. She loves reading tales from the Taerin, the book of Zydona. She has long black hair, wears a orange dress and orange shoes. She is also known as Zydona's researcher because she studies the notes of Taerin very well.

Ben MagalaEdit

A man known to be the Dark Lord. He is the other royalty along with Zydona. He rebelled against her to take all of the power, and planned to shroud the world with darkness. However, she called in a gang of six to take him down and redeem him back to normal. He has black hair, wears a black jacket, black pants, and black shoes.



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