Nira Oni is an English fan game. The full article is available at Nira Oni . This page is the walkthrough and endings guide.


(unfinished) This is the more detailed walkthrough for the perfect ending. Normal and bad ending will be written separately. 

First of all, when you read through the character's dialog you will be asked for whether to turn off depictions of blood to shield Ryan's eyes. Select "Keep blood on". Takeshi will then collapse and you (Hiroshi) will be asked to get some water for him. Takuro will accompany you. When you gained control, go down a bit and head to left to the dining hall. There is "Kitchen Key" on the nearby counter, pick it up. Go down and head left. There is two doors here, ignore the door with "EXIT" plate, go to the door with a yellow "!" sign. You don't need to access inventory to open the locked doors. Go up a bit and check the refrigerator beside the sink for "Glass of Water". Go back to the dining hall.  

Screenshot 1-0

Push the box that Hiroshi facing at, then go down a step, turn left and push that box.

The screen will flicks and the light will goes out. Go back to Takuro. You will find that he is gone, including the characters at the entrance. Go to the bottom of the area and get the "Flashlight [OFF]", then go up and turn right. Enter the first staircase you saw, go to the center of the room and push two boxes to get the "Bathroom Key". Go back up to the staircase. Go to the door opposite of the second staircase, you will find Takeshi hiding inside. After Takeshi ran off, grab the "Battery" on the ground. Open inventory and select "Battery", it will be combined with the flashlight and become "Flashlight [ON]". Leave the room and go down to the second staircase. It is RECOMMENDED to save your game first since this is the area where you first encounter with an Oni. Keep going down to the bottom of this area and you will be chased by an Oni that appear from the left. Quickly grab the "1F Card Key" on the shelf and leave the area while avoiding the Oni. Go back to the area where Takuro is supposed be and go upstairs.

Screenshot 2

On floor 1 hallway, interact with the glass door and Hiroshi will open with the "1F Card Key". There is 2 doors on your left and 2 doors to the right. All of them are locked so go to the bottom of this area. There is 2 closet on both side, the left is for your usage and the right one cannot be open. Go left, the screen will flick again but go into the room. Check the safe on the upper-left of this room, but it can't be open. Go back to the hallway and went to the hallway with doors. Go inside the opened 2nd door. Grab the "Small Key" and read the note for a number "37", leave the room and go to the 1st door. Examine the monitor on the upper-left of the room and remember the hertz (Hz) value. Go back to the room where you got the "Small Key" and check the monitor. Select "Recalibrate the monitor to 55hz". Go back to the hallway, go down and head to the right. Grab the "Clean Key" near the stairs and go back to the hallway with rooms. This time, go to the 3rd door. Take the "Half Key" and IGNORE the item on the top. Examine the blue box, and select the letters by this order: S M T W T F S. Hiroshi will read out what number it is, REMEMBER IT. Leave the room. There is a new blood stain at the hallway and the "Bottom Half Key" on the floor, take it and combine it with the "Half Key" (select either one of them works too). SAVE GAME first, then go right and enter the 4th door. Mika is hiding in here, go through the dialog and select any one of the choices given since you and her will leave the room regardless. Examine the wall for the number "74". In the hallway, follow Mika and the Oni will spawn from the top. Mika will rush to and hide in the closet on the right and you must go hide in the left closet as fast as you can! Unlike random chases, in this situation, even the Oni saw you open the closet and hide inside, it won't come for you but Mika instead.

Screenshot 2-1

Oh no, Mika... And Hiroshi! Why are you acting like you don't actually care?!

Come out from the closet after a few seconds. The closet Mika hiding it is pushed over and there is a lot of blood. Go to the room where you have to enter numbers on a safe, and enter the numbers in this sequence: [blue box number : storage wall number : note number]. For example, if the blue box number is 15, press up or down arrow key to change the number. Please remember this, the blue box number is always random everytime you started a new game, but the storage wall and note number is fixed (74 and 37). So you must solve the blue box puzzle everytime for the number. If the numbers is correct, you will obtain "2F Card Key". Now leave the room and go up the stairs at where you found the "Clean Key".

NOTE : on this floor you will encounter the Oni at random chances so save you game often. It will come out from one the rooms or even spawn at the center of the hallway!

Screenshot 2-2

Location of "Takeshi Voodoo Doll".

Screenshot 3

You will found Ryan wandering here after you've checked the room with opened cabinet under a sink.

You will saw Cassey and Takuro went away. There is a key on the top of the shelf, but first open the glass door with the card key. There is 2 boxes nearby, push the lower one to the right, and push the upper one to the shelf to get the "Ceramic Key". Go down a little bit and face the right wall (look at the screenshot on the right), go in and get "Takeshi Voodoo Doll" then go back. Go to the area with a flickering monitor display, and check the picture on the left wall. Go right to another hallway with a closet, keep going right and go into the opened door. There are 3 devices that have button on them. Press the left device 2 times, press the center device 2 times too, and press the device on the right 3 times. A "Crowbar" will drop out from the glass like image, pick it up. Go back to the hallway and keep going down to the hallway then go left to unlock the door with "Ceramic Key", go inside. There is a safe on your right but ignore it for the moment, go to the room on the left. There is a cabinet opened under the sink, examine it and go back to the hallway. Go up and you will find Ryan, talk to her and choice any one of the choices, then she will join you. Go back to the room with the opened cabinet. Have Ryan get the "Blue Key" from the cabinet. Go back to the hallway and go back downstairs (the area where you and Mika hide from the Oni). Go to the room with the bloodstains/blue box and get the "Control Key". REMEMBER! DON'T PICK UP THAT ITEM AT THE TOP OF THE ROOM!

Go back up and go to the room that opposite the room that you get the "Blue Key", unlock the door and go inside. After the conversation you and Ryan will be separated so leave her alone and go to the right. After a short dialogue go right a little bit again and a roach Oni plus the "sound" it make will appear. Remember this sound. Again, after the short dialogue go up to get the "Latex Glove" and go to the right a bit to get "Lever". Save your game and leave the room.

Screenshot 4-0

Examine the desk to get "Stethoscope" since you have the "Latex Glove".

Watch out for the Oni that usually appears and roach Oni whenever you enter the Floor 2 hallway. Keep going up until the glass door where you unlocked with card key. Get the "Stethoscope" from the desk with green liquid. Go back to the room with the safe that you skipped earlier. Examine the safe first, choose any one of the options, and open your inventory select "Stethoscope". First, press right arrow to spin the dial clockwise. When two of the pins are up, start spinning counter-clockwise slowly by pressing left arrow. When all the pins are up, press space bar to unlock it and get another "Lever". Go out of the room and go to the "bone structure" picture. If you checked it earlier it should have fall to the ground and reveal a socket. Use "Lever" and pull it. Next go to the room just on your left. There are 3 book shelf aligned at the wall. Check the left book shelf to reveal another socket. Use the remaining 1 "Lever" on it and pull it. Ignore the left side of the room and go back to the hallway and keep going down to the bottom left of the area. The door have two lights on the top, which is initially red but now should be green after you pulled the levers. Go inside, approach the sink, you should hear a sound. Go out and head to the room where it is blocked by the boxes earlier. The box that you pushed before now moved a step to left so you can go into the room. Inside there is a lot of boxes scattered around so try make your way to the top to get "Mika Voodoo Doll" and "3F Card Key" at the upper right of this room. Leave the room when you got the 2 items.

Screenshot 4-1

Examine the plate on the wall for some strange writings.

Screenshot 4-2

You will find Cassey in this room if you follow the instruction.

Go to the bottom of the hallway and go right to go up the stairs. First, check the plate on the wall for some strange writings. Then go upper right and unlock the glass door with the card key. Go right and enter the first room you see. Get the "Young Key" at the upper left of the room and leave. Go to the next room and use "Crowbar" at the door. The Oni will pop up so RUN! Keep running until you go back downstairs, the chase should end as soon as you enter the lower floor. Go back upstairs and go to the room where the Oni appears earlier. Read the note on the table and leave the room. DO NOT GO TO THE RIGHT UNTIL YOU GET A SPECIFIED ITEM, WHICH WILL BE BRIEFED LATER. Go back to the area where you check the plate. Now stand in front of the plate, examine it again if you like, and keep going right until you reach the wall. Go right 1 more step and you will enter the area where Cassey is hiding. After going through the dialogue with selections (won't affect gameplay), Hiroshi will go to the room on the top. Inside, you can see there is a Scooter Oni behind the bars. Leave when you have seen enough, and go through another dialogue with choices again. Regardless of which choices you choose, Cassey will join you. Grab the "Old Key" on the bottom and leave through the left hand-side.

Screenshot 4-3

Refer this picture to move the boxes to block all spaces.

Screenshot 4-4

Wait, how did you know what key is this?

Save the game if you want, because the place you going now will be a little dangerous. Go to the upper-left and unlock the door. There is some boxes in the room, a note at the top and a key on the ground. DON'T PICK UP THE KEY YET! First, refer to the picture on the right by moving all the boxes to block any spaces until there is no more room to go through. The yellow line is the furthest location that the boxes can be pushed to. Also, remember to push the upper-left box to block the space at the bottom of the room. Once completed and make sure there is no space to go in or out, you can pick up the "Stairs Key". Cassey will separate from you temporarily and tell you to do something. Wait a few second and the Oni will come in but leave afterwards since it blocked by the boxes. Talk to Cassey, she will ask if the Oni has left. Pick either of the choices and then Ryan will came in and leaves since she didn't saw Hiroshi and Cassey and both of them didn't saw her either. After a couple of dialogue, leave the room and unlock the next door with the key you picked up. Go in and go up the stairs. Quickly grab the "Drawer Key" from the nearby shelf and flee downstairs because the Oni suddenly appears and chase you. After the chase ended, go to the drawer behind the computer. Unlock it to get the "Hallway Key". When you go up, the Scooter will appear and lights went out! Go to the tables and the bottom and wait for it to approach you then avoid it and go back upstairs where you took the "Drawer Key" earlier. Unlock the door with the "Hallway Key".

Screenshot 5-1

Change the digits into correct ones.

Screenshot 5-2

Stand in this position and face the stairs.

Screenshot 5-3

Get "Poison (4)" from the book shelf.

Go right and pick up the "Puzzling Key', ignore the door on the right, go to left and go through the broken door with blood stained ground. You will saw Takeshi go to the right hand-side of this room but he is nowhere to be found. Do not examine the plate next to the locked door because it will trigger a chase. Go up and to left and enter the door after unlock it with the key you got. There is 3 lever on the ground. Interact with the top most lever only. Leave the room and go back to where the plate and locked door is. It is unlocked so go inside. A dialogue between Hiroshi, Cassey, Takuro and Takeshi will occur. After gone through the dialogue including selecting choices, you will automatically go back outside again. It is advised to save the game first. Now go to the center area where the fax machine is, and go right until the sound of roach Oni is played and the screen flickered. Go back to the room where you first came in and pick up the "Oblong Key". Go to the locked door but don't unlock it yet. Instead, look at the green digits at the right. Adjust both digits to 06 and 02 (fixed), and unlock the door with the key you got just now and go in. There is something shining in the center of the room but ignore it. Go up and the Oni will suddenly come out from the closet and chase you as soon as you approach the stairs. Make sure you face the stairs like what is shown in the picture on the right by standing the specific position. then go up straight to upstairs. Keep running around while avoiding the Oni until it stop chasing you. Go examine the book shelf as shown in the picture on the right to obtain "Poison (4)". Leave and go back to the room with adjustable digits. Now the door is locked permanently so you can't go back.

Screenshot 5-5

Stand at this position and open inventory to spray the poison on the ground.

You have something important to do now so keep going down and go to the hallway where I told you not to go right until you get a specified item. That's it, the specified item is "Poison (4)" item. There is a roach Oni that wandering at the corridor permanently, so it's impossible to pass through it without being discovered. The poison item can kill it so stand at the position as shown in the picture on the right and open the inventory to use the poison. The poison is sprayed below your feet (pink color) and now you can lure the roach Oni. First, make sure Hiroshi is facing the corridor, and then move 1 step forward. The roach Oni will saw you and rush at you so quickly move down 2 steps (walk past the poison). If you do it correctly, the roach Oni will crawl across the poison and died. Now you can go through the corridor into an office-like room. The "Hiroshi Voodoo Doll" is on the table, take it and leave.

Now go to the basement where you first encounter with the Oni. Remember where it appeared last time when you trying to get the card key? Actually there is a room just beside the computer. Open it with the "Control Key" but Hiroshi is a bit worried. Ignore what he said and go inside. It's a dark room, "Cassey Voodoo Doll" is on the ground at the left side of this room. As soon as you reached the center of this room, the Scotter Oni appears again! Pick up the doll and stand at either top or bottom side of the room. When the Oni is at the same side as you, circle around it and leave the room. Go to the kitchen where you get "Glass of Water" at the beginning of the game. Go around the counter and get "Takuro Voodoo Doll". Once you get both doll, go back to the area where Takuro and Cassey is hiding (still can't go back to the room though).

Screenshot 5-6

Block the mutant Blob Oni by pushing the table from left to right.

Screenshot 5-8

The location of the hidden path.

Save before you goes on. Keep going up, pass the room with 3 levers and to the right, there is a door here. If you check this door earlier, Hiroshi said the door is not locked but can't be open, like there is something blocking the door at the other side. The door is unblocked now so go in. As you move up for a bit, a mutant Blob Oni will appear behind you! Keep going to the left and then down. You will come to an area where there is shelf, tables and boxes. Quickly push the table on the left to block the Oni. Now as the path is blocked, you can't go back to the place where you came from anymore, so push one of the box away and go to the first door you see. In front of you is a stairs going up, but first go to the right. There is a path that lead to the door on the upper-right, it is not shown but actually can be go through. Unlock the door with "Young Key" and go left to get the "Ryan Voodoo Doll". Now, you should have all 6 voodoo dolls if you follow this walkthrough correctly. Leave the room and go upstairs.

Screenshot 5-9

Place "Book D" at this book shelf.

There is a locked door at the center-up of this room. To open it, you have a little puzzle need to solve. First, pick up all the books scattered around in this room. These are books labelled with A until E. Next, find the book shelf that placed at different location of this room. Check which book shelf can be interact with and read the book title Hiroshi read out. Open your inventory and check the books' title and place them on the correct book shelf. When you have done placing the books (A, B, C, E) correctly on all the book shelf, go back to the area where you blocked the mutant Blob Oni. Examine the book shelf closest to the door and place the last book (it will always "Book D"). Go back upstairs, if you place all the books on the correct book shelf, you will find the door is unlocked. Go in and you will heard the sound of multiple roach Oni, but don't worry as they are in the other room. Also note that once you enter this room, you cannot go back again, so go past the door and you will find Ryan wandering near the staircase. Talk to her and she will join you again. Save the game if you want, then go down the stairs.

Screenshot 6-1

Place the dolls on the pedastal and a staircase will show up.

You will come to an area with 4 set of stairs, keep going down to the bottom of the last stairs. Enter the door on the left. There is 6 pedastals in this room, examine each of them and Hiroshi will place a voodoo doll on each pedastal. This process is automatic so you don't need to open your inventory. When you're done, a staircase will open. Read the dialogue and go down. Push away the boxes that block the path and go to the next room. When you go to the right, Ryan will leave your party and go to the closet nearby. Leave her be and go to the door on the lower right corner.

You will come into a room with a dead roach Oni and the mutant Blob Oni. There is a closet near the dead Oni, you might need to use it later so go to the right. There is 6 locked doors and 1 not locked door in this corridor. Go to the not locked door with blood stains on the ground. There is some dead roach Oni in here as well. In this room, take "Takuro's Watch", "Bolt Cutters" and 3 "Warped Key". Read the yellow note and check the monitors if you want. Leave the room when you've took all the items.

Save your game before start moving because from now on the Oni will chase you randomly while you are busy saving the other characters. First, go to the 1st door on the right hand side and unlock with "Warped Key". You will enter an area that is twisted. Go through it and you will come into the bathroom where you pulled 2 levers to unlock this area earlier. Mika is in here. Talk to her and she will join you. Go back to the corridor.

Next, go to the 3rd on the left hand side and unlock with "Warped Key". Go through the twisted area and you will come into a room with many boxes. Go to the right side of this room a little bit. You will saw Takeshi pop out and peek behind a box on the left. Talk to him and he will join you as well. Go back to the corridor.

Screenshot 6-2

Cassey will only say this dialogue if you have Takeshi in you party.

Go to the 2nd door on the left and unlock it with your last "Warped Key". Again, go through the twisted area and you will return to the area where Takuro and Cassey hiding in. Talk to Cassey and she and Takuro will join you. Leave this room and go back to the area where Ryan is hiding at.

Screenshot 6-3

Take the "Reunion Key" from the table once you have everyone with you.

Hiroshi will tell Cassey to find Ryan by herself. After the dialogue, Ryan will return to your party. At this time, you should have gather all the other 5 characters. Go to the left and take the "Reunion Key" on the table. Go back to the corridor where you saved the others and go to the last door at the right hand-side. Unlock it with "Reunion Key" and enter. Go through the twisted area for the last time and you will return to the hospital entrance. Check the door at the left and Hiroshi will cut the chains with "Bolt Cutters". You need to press left arrow key once to escape the building. Congratulations! You have succeeded rescue all your friends and leave the hospital!

A couple of dialogue will shown, go through them and the perfect ending screen will display. After that, you will saw Ryan alone in her room of her house. You have the control of Ryan so leave the room and keep going left-down-left. There is a door that is locked so go left. You will see Hiroshi in the living room. Talk to him and go down, get the "Unused Bedroom Key" beside the closet. Go back to the corridor where the room is locked. Unlock it with the key you got and go inside. There is some boxes (again?) on the left and a closet. Check the closet and Cassey will pop up and escape. Follow her to the living room and talk to her. Read through the dialogue and the game is finished!

Voodoo Dolls Location Edit

1) Mika Voodoo Doll (Floor 2, hallway where Oni will come out from anywhere randomly and chases you)

  • After you get the 2 levers and insert them on the sockets on the wall, pull both down and go to the room at the bottom left of the hallway. The 2 green light indicated it is unlocked. Go in and go up until the sink. You will hear a sound so leave the room and go to the area where there is 4 boxes with 2 boxes blocked the path earlier. Now 1 of the box is moved so you can go to the opened door. The room has a lot of boxes blocked the way. Make your way to the top of this room by pushing boxes that blocking the path. The doll is on the ground along with a card key on the right.

2) Hiroshi Voodoo Doll (Floor 3, where you must go through a narrow corridor with a roach Oni)

  • Make sure you didn't take the "Hydrogen Peroxide" from the room that you unlocked with "Clean Key".
  • After met up with Takuro and leave the room, go up and go right, the roach Oni's sound with played and the screen will flickers. Go down to the room with boxes on the left and take the "Oblong Key" on one of the table. Go right, adjust the green digits on the wall into 06 and 02 respectively. Unlock the door and head up. The Oni will come out from the closet and chase you. Keep running around between the 2 rooms until the chase ends. Get the "Poison (4)" at one of the book shelf upstairs. Leave and go to the hallway where you tried to open the door with "Crowbar".
  • There is a narrow corridor on the right. Don't go up yet because the roach Oni will rush at you and you can't escape from it at all. Open inventory and select "Poison (4)" to spray the poison below your feet. Lure the roach Oni and make sure you walk past the poison so that it will crawl across the poison and died. Go up to the office-like room and get the doll from the table.

3) Takeshi Voodoo Doll (Floor 2, the hallway where you get "Mika Voodoo Doll" from one of the room)

  •                       Stand at the staircase with 4 steps, go up 2 steps, and turn right, you will enter a hidden room. The doll is laying on the floor.

4) Takuro Voodoo Doll (Floor G, the kitchen where you get "Glass of Water" for the collapsed Takeshi)

  •                       After you met up with Takuro, go to Floor G. Go to the kitchen and go behind the counter to find the doll.

5) Cassey Voodoo Doll (Floor G, Basement, the area where you encounter the Oni for the 1st time)

  • After you found Ryan at the Floor 2 and she joined you, go to the room with a lot of blood stains on Floor 1. Read through the dialogue and get the "Control Key" from the table. Leave and go back to progress the game until you separated with Ryan.
  • Make sure Ryan are not in your group when you go to the basement where you chased by the Oni for the first time. Unlock the door that it previously came out from and enter. Head to the left of the room and Scooter Oni will appear, take the doll on the ground and avoid the Scooter Oni by standing at either top or bottom of the room and wait for it to move to same side with you. Avoid it by going the opposite side and go out from the room.

6) Ryan Voodoo Doll (Lounge downstairs, with 2 doors at both side of staircase)

  • Make sure you have the "Young Key" obtained from one of the room on Floor 3.
  • After escaped from the mutant Blob Oni, go to the first room you saw. There is a wide staircase at the center and doors at both side. The right hand-side door path is blocked by a table. Go right and walk through the area where the wall supposed be. Unlock the door with "Young Key". There are few small beds in this room, go left and take the doll in front of the closet.