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Hiroshi and Ryan hiding from the roach oni

Nira Oni is an English fan game. The full article is available at Nira Oni . This page is the walkthrough and endings guide.



1: take the flashlight on the table (off)

2:go to the room to the left side

3:take key(kitchen key)

4:go to the room upwards(kitchen)

5:interact with fridge(obtain water)

6:go back

7:(lights go out) go outside the room where it turned dark

8:go to the farthest right room

9:go to the first set of stairs

10:solve box puzzle(obtain bathroom key)

11:go to the room upwards

12:take batteries(to put in flash light go in menu and interact with batteries)

13:go to the 2nd set of stairs

14:go farthest down(make sure to save)

15:run away from oni

16:go upstair

17:slide the Card to the door

18:go to the bottom of that floor

19:go left

20:enter the door

21:go to the box that had password

22:Enter wrong password

23:go away from that room

24:go up on that floor

25 go left

26:enter the open door

27:go straight up then press space

28:read the note

29:take the key at the left side of that room

30:go out that room

31:go left

32:enter the door

33:push the box until you see the note

34:go to the momitor

35:go out that room

36:go right

37:enter the open door agin

38:go to the momitor

39:change it to 55hz

40:read the note at the bottom of that room

41:go out

42:go to the bottom on that floor again

43:go right

44:take the key

45:go up on that floor

46:go right

47:enter the 1st room

48:take the half key

49:go out

50:go to the blood on that floor

51:take the half bottom key

52:combine them then you got the Storage key

53:go right

54:enter the 2nd room then you found Mika

55:after the cutscene follow Mika

56:then the oni chase hide in the left closet

57:wait a second then go out Mika now has died

58:go back to the storage room

59:there is a number behind the sink it's 74,so the password now must be __;74;37

60:go to the clean room

61:enter the pass is SMTWTFS then you got the number 14;__;__,so now the password must be 14;74;37

62:go to the password room then enter that password

63:you got the 2nd floor slide card

64:go up the stair(leave the key)

65:slide card to the door

66:push the box to the bookshelf then take the key

67:go down almost at the bottom

68:go left and enter the room

69:read the note on the table

70:check the pass box

71:enter the door at the left side of that room

72:check the cabinet under the sink(when Hiroshi ask check the cabinet under the sink choose yes)

73:go out to the 2nd floor

74:go up a little bit to the room had sofa and bookshelf and table

75:go right

76:enter the open door

77:solve the puzzle(obtained Crowbar)

78:go out to the room had sofa and table and bookshelf again

79:talk to Ryan then he will join your party

80:go to the room had cabinet under the sink

81:check the cabinet then you will have the key


Voodoo dolls

-Mika voodoo doll(at official walkthrough)

-Hiroshi Voodoo doll: 1:After you eenter the room with the Oblong key turn the number in the right is 06 02

                    2:Go near the closet the Oni will chase you

                    3:go upstair then try to run around until the time chase up

                    4:check the book then you will obtained Poison(4)

                    5:go down to 3F then go to the room that has the roach oni

                    6:you can let the poison anywhere you want but the roach oni must go across the poison then it will die

                    7:after that go to the door in front of your face then take Hiroshi voodoo doll on the table

-Takeshi voodoo doll:

                      1: Go to the 2nd floor

                            2: Go south untill you find the small stairs and then go to the right

                            3: You will see there is a arrow to a door enter it and you find the Takeshi voodoo doll

-Takuro voodoo doll:

                      1: After finding takuro go to the kitchen and go behind the counter and you will find the Takuro voodoo doll

-Cassey voodoo doll:

                      1: Go to the room where you first accounted the oni.

                            2: Then go to the room it came from and you will find the Cassey voodoo doll

you can't have ryan with you to enter though

-Ryan voodoo doll:

1: Remember the 2 doors that you pass after you escape the spider oni, go to the one closest to you and go to the right door, it may seem impossable but go straight and run into the table, go right in to the wall and walk through it and go up and the doll is in the room. the closet is useless.

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