Nira Oni is an English fan game made during Summer 2012. The game features the original four from Ao Oni, along with two new characters. Like the original, Nira Oni features random chases, puzzles, exploration through the floors of an abandoned hospital, a branching storyline and multiple endings.

Nira Oni is a difficult game, and expected to take two to three hours of gameplay to reach at least one of the endings.


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Hiroshi and his five friends meet up at midnight for a night of urban exploration in an abandoned hospital on the outskirts of West Nira Point. The group consists of Hiroshi, Takeshi, Takuro and his girlfriend Mika, and Cassey and her little sister Ryan. Takeshi passes out from being too scared and while Hiroshi searches the kitchen for water, a big monster appears and scatters the group.

The main characters of Nira Oni.

Hiroshi spends the night searching the hospital, reuniting his friends and learning about the monster and the history of the dilapidated medical center and the oni

The survivors of the night depends on the character's actions. Early into the game, Mika is seemingly killed by the monster, sparking tension between Hiroshi and Takuro, who believes Hiroshi abandoned her and is only trying to save himself. Hiroshi explores the hospital alone until he finds Ryan. Keeping her close, he takes her through the second floor, until the roach oni ambushes and scatters them. Afterwards, Hiroshi meets up with Cassey, who seems terrified and still in disbelief. The two come across Takuro and Takeshi barricaiding themselves in a room on the fourth floor, scouting every now and then for their surviving friends. After learning of Mika's apparent death Takeshi begins to sob loudly and flees the room. Hiroshi quickly hurries after him alone to quiet and bring him back.

Bad EndEdit

Instead of Takeshi, Hiroshi comes across Ryan. Deciding that her safety is more important in the moment, Hiroshi leads her down to the ground floor, and quickly out of the building. Hiroshi and Ryan are the only survivors in this ending. There's a short epilogue cutscene that shows Hiroshi visiting Ryan in her house.

Normal EndEdit

Hiroshi comes across Takeshi, but is surprised to find Takuro locking him in a room to be mauled by the monster. Takuro reveals that he left Takeshi to die because after killing half of the group, the monster will let the rest go. With Mika and Takeshi dead, the monster only wants one more sacrifice before he will let the survivors go. As they are talking, the monster bursts through the door, murdering Takuro, Hiroshi runs to the left where the boxes strangly moved, Hiroshi runs into this room full of boxes where you have to run and push boxes and at the end, you head out a door where the oni opened it earlier. Cassey and Ryan somehow get out later.

Perfect EndEdit

Hiroshi finds Ryan on the way out, while on the ground floor with Ryan, Hiroshi finds a secret passageway by placing voodoo dolls of his friends and himself on six pedestals. After going down, he orders Ryan to hide, Hiroshi then discovers a security room and realizes the entire hospital is being watched by cameras. He also obtains keys that allow him to alter space and learns the monster has the same ability. Upon using these keys, Hiroshi comes across Mika, bloodied but alive, and is able to gather up the rest of the group to escape the hospital.

The MonstersEdit


Hiroshi fleeing from an oni.

West Nira Hospital features a past as an experimental medical facility. The monsters are understood to be undead medical experiments and mutants. A few monsters are encountered. The main oni and a Nira version of the roach oni can chase the player regularly. You once get chased by a Nira version of spider oni in a forever chase but you simpaly escape it by pushing the table in the second room you enter with the large wooden wall and the narrow space. You also see it spider oni dead in one of the rooms relating to the perfect ending.

Hiroshi and Ryan hiding from the roach oni.

In addition, there are scripted chases with two other mutants. In one room, many monsters can be seen behind a cell wall. Towards the end of the game, Takuro reveals that the monster claims sacrifices, locking intruders inside the hospital until half are dead.



Nira Oni is similar to the original Ao Oni in its style of exploration, problem-solving, and random oni chases. Flickering lamps and ambient lighting obscure the oni's hiding places. Some rooms are much darker than others, making it essential to save often and predict the oni's behavior. The player can hide in closets to lose the monster.



Hiroshi solving a box-pushing puzzle with Cassey.

Nira Oni features a host of puzzles on every floor for the player to solve. Many involve collecting items, pushing sliding boxes around, and solving combination puzzles.


The hospital is laid out in six floors and a basement floor. The game features a bad ending, normal ending, and perfect ending, depending on how many characters the player is able to save.

Voodoo DollsEdit

A side quest throughout the game is to find and collect the six voodoo dolls, one in the likeness of each of the main characters. One is found during the path of the main storyline, and the rest are hidden. If the player saves Ryan, an open room at the end of the map has six pedastals that the player can place the voodoo dolls on, to unlock the perfect ending.


Hiroshi in the Nira basement.

The perfect ending takes the player through the basement of the hospital. Hiroshi finds the hospital's camera security room, and from there works to save all of his friends. After reuniting all six people, Hiroshi leads them to the front and they escape. There are two short prologue sequences following the perfect end, one where the player controls Ryan for a short time, and a scene between Takuro and Takeshi that doesn't always happen - it's dependent on actions taken during the game.


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  • This is the first English Oni game to be made in Game Maker, not a form of RPG Maker.
  • If you look behind the dead Mutant Oni at the perfect ending, you can see 2 more voodoo doll pedestals.
  • When you're found in a closet, the Oni only opens it by the right side looking at you with it's only eye.
  • There is an additional cutscene after the game that will trigger if you don't collect "Takuro's Watch" from the computer room..
  • If you see closely, the spider oni Body is a grey Blob Oni.
  • In the beginning of the game, you can enable a "no blood mode" through a dialogue option. This will also enable a timer that counts down how long the chases will last.
  • If you go to 3rd floor's guest room and go to the left, you will find a secret room. Into this room you will see a controller, that controller is to activate or deactivate the "no blood mode."