Hello, everybody. I haven't got much to tell you all, but oh well.

I will introuduce myself quite fast. I'm IceCracker, and I translate Korean Games(Since I'm a korean myself..)

First, the "Niji Oni(Niji means green in Japanese)" Series made by DJ Silver Bullet were all in korean. Of course, that's because Silver Bullet was korean himself, and he did not know english very well.

So, I made a translation version of Niji Oni 4 : The final, which all of you guys don't even know much about it. Silver Bullet made 4 games in the series. Niji Oni 1, 2, 3, and the final(which is 4)

So, as I conclude, I'm saying I translated the final game of Niji Oni Series for foreign players who are having heck of a time of playing it in korean.

Go in the site and enjoy yourself.

Oh, and I will keep uploading files of Korean Oni Games translated in gamejolt.

At least click "Follow" to help, please.

Everybody, have fun.(Althrough if anybody would see this..)

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