Niji Oni 2 is a direct sequel to the Korean fangame Niji Oni. The game takes place four years after Kim Min-Tae's experience in the abandoned hut, and features three of Kim's friends. The four friends, now college students, partake in a "test of courage" to see who can spend the entire night in the haunted hut.

There are various similarities and references to the first game. The player is once again chased by a whole host of different onis from the original Ao oni. The hut has also been rearranged, and although many of the same rooms exist, like the piano room, labyrinth, and doll room, the mansion is said to be the same one Min-Tae explores in the prequel.

Niji Oni 2 was made in RPG XP, and requires the computer's locale to be set to Korean.


Niji2 10

The party following Min-Tae around.

In Niji Oni 2, Kim Min-Tae returns as the main character. This time, he is accompanied by a party, which follows him around on the screen as he explores the mansion.
Niji2 charas

Cast of characters for Niji Oni 2.

Also with Min-Tae are three friends:
  • Kim So-Yeon
    • Bag Jun-Soo
      • Lee Si-Yeon


The three unnamed students in the epilogue of Version 5.2.

The characters are a reference to Ao oni Version 5 . Except for Kim So-Yeon, the three characters in Niji Oni 2 are the same three students who enter the mansion at the end, only to be attacked by the monster.


WARNING: This page contains spoilers and solutions to puzzles! If you don't want the game to be spoiled for you, don't read past this point!

The game starts out with a warning. Min-Tae is assumed to be the narrater, explaning that the year is 2006, one year after Niji Oni. He also warns that the events to follow will be frightening and are not for pregnant women, the elderly, or the easily spooked.

Niji2 1

Min-Tae and So-Yeon in the forest.

Kim Min-Tae and his sister Kim So-Yeon are preparing for a test of courage, where they will spend a night in an abandoned hut in the woods as a dare. While heading towards the abandoned hut in the woods, the lights suddenly go out. Min-Tae finds a gravestone of "Emily" who is listed as dying that very year.

Suddenly, a blue oni appears and chases them into the hut. Min-Tae tries to leave, only to find the door locked. He realizes the similarity to the feeling he felt four years ago.

Ground FloorEdit

Niji2 3

Min-Tae and So-Yeon in the bathroom.

Min-Tae lights a fireplace and begins to search the floor. He finds a red diary that belonged to "Bonnie." Inside are hints as to where Bonnie hid the front-door key. Min-Tae pockets the diary and unlocks the bathroom. The blue monster appears as Min-Tae attempts to remove the second floor key from the toilet, but he escapes through a secret exit.

Second FloorEdit

Niji2 2

Min-Tae in the piano room.

On the second floor, Min-Tae peeks through a pinhole in the first door. For a split second, he sees a dead body and an oni, before the oni bursts through the door and chases him. He comes across a blue diary, but too many letters are missing to read the name or make any sense of it. After Min-Tae obtains piano keys from a bedroom, Squatto chases him. Min-Tae explores several other rooms, including a room full of beds with a secret bookshelf.

Niji2 4

Encephalo oni chasing Min-Tae.

Min-Tae enters a piano room, beset with eight pillars. He places the keys in the piano exactly like he did four years previously. Slowly, fires begin to light on each of the eight pillars in a circle. He hears low whispering and begins to stutter. Suddenly, encephalo oni enters the room and chases the two.
Niji2 5

The roach room.

More exploring leads the pair to a room lined with bookshelves. As he investigates the bookshelves, Min-Tae finds nothing, but hears a chittering. The roach oni enters the room behind them, idly scurrying around. Each time the player searches another bookshelf, an additional roach enters the room. By the time the player finds the switch room key, they must navigate to the exit and avoid four roaches.

In the switch room, a small puzzle involving lighting up crystals must be solved. The door locks behind them, prompting a frantic yell from Min-Tae. He finds the empty room key, but still can't leave the room. A bridge appears that leads to the emergency exit key, but as he moves to grab it, satellite oni enters the room and chases them.

Third FloorEdit


The doll room.

A cat appears in the hallway, hissing and running off as the two approach. Min-Tae enters a room to find Bag Jun-Soo. They share a moment of rejoice, and then Jun-Soo stresses the need to find Si-Yeon. He joins the party and begins to follow Min-Tae around as he walks.

The doll room key leads them to a room of cat statues much like the cat they saw in the hallway. Many of the statues are traps - either the cat will claw them to death or an oni will appear if they touch the wrong one.

Fourth FloorEdit

Niji2 11

The labyrinth chase.

The first room on the fourth floor is a large labyrinth lined with booby-trapped chests. At the end, Min-Tae finds the large room key and is chased by a large, red oni with a spinning head. The party flees and enters the large room.

As Min-Tae inspects the piano, a chest suddenly appears on the bed, with a hint attached. After entering the correct password, the party obtains the fifth floor key.

Fifth FloorEdit

As the party walks onto the fifth floor, Min-Tae has a flashback. He then recounts the scene that led to the friend's decision to spend the night in the hut.

Min-Tae, Se-Yeon, and Jun-Soo are gathered outside their university doors. Jun-Soo mentions to the two about an incident he witnessed four years ago, where he saw a student running from an abandoned hut, followed by a terrifying monster. Min-Tae admits that he was the student, and the two are shocked. Se-Yeon mentions that the monster is named Niji Oni, and Jun-Soo asks Min-Tae if he can remember where the building is. Jun-Soo says that he thinks that they should all return there for a test of courage, enter the building separately, and spend the night.

Niji2 12

The oni room in Niji Oni 2.

The flashback ends and the party locates Se-Yeon. The party of four agrees to end the test and escape as quickly as possible. A secret door leads them into the oni room , where four green blob onis chase them around. Min-Tae finds the front door key, and they quickly retrace their steps to the entrance of the hut. On the way out, Niji Oni appears to chase them.

The MonstersEdit

In the previous game, a name was never given to any of the monsters. During Min Tae's flashback, I Se-Yeon mentions that the large green oni is named Niji Oni. The name Niji oni (虹鬼 in Japanese) means "rainbow demon."

In addition to every enemy from the prequel (minus the yellow oni), Niji Oni 2 adds a large, black oni with red eyes, and the roach oni to the monsters in the house.

The chase mechanics are different as well. Every chase is on a set timer, and after the timer expires, the oni will suddenly disappear, and the chase will end.