Niji Oni is an infamously difficult Korean fan-game. It is difficult to find a full playthrough or walkthrough because of the length and complexity of the puzzles, and the proficiency the player must have with the Korean language - understanding the storyline and hints is very helpful. Niji Oni is the first game in the trilogy, and features Kim Min-Tae (sometimes referred to as "Hero"). On a hiking excursion, Min-Tae stumbles across a hut in the snowy wilderness. He quickly finds himself locked inside and adventures through the mansion, sewer, and underground, encountering a number of horrifying monsters and challenging puzzles. In Niji Oni, the player is chased a number of different monsters present in the original Ao Oni.

Niji Oni was made in RPG XP, and requires the computer's locale to be set to Korean.


WARNING: This page contains spoilers and solutions to puzzles! If you don't want the game to be spoiled for you, don't read past this point!

In the opening scene, Min-Tae tells us his story. He is a high school student and the year is 2005. With his friend Lee Sang-Min, he went on a mountain-climbing trip to the snowy wilderness. While climbing a rope ladder, the winds picked up and an avalanche started. The ladder tore and the two barely survived, but were trapped on a jutting cliff. Min-Tae notices a big hut they could spend the night in, but Sang-Min, distraught from helplessness, commits suicide. The next morning, very shocked by the night's events, Min-Tae heads towards the hut and enters. He quickly finds himself locked inside.

The First FloorEdit


A red oni head appears in the bathroom as Min-Tae washes his hands.

Min-Tae quickly encounters odd signs; paintings that look too real, a bed covered in blood, and cracks in the floors. It's not long before Min-Tae runs into the blue oni and must escape the chase. Min-Tae finds a red diary (First Floor Diary) which seems to have been left by the previous inhabitants of the house. In the excerpt from the diary Min-Tae reads, they seem to be trapped and aware of the oni's presence. He heads to the bathroom and is frightened by the way the doors open and close automatically. He sees the reflection of a bigger, red oni in the mirror, but none appears. A well-known scene occurs, in which the large oni (Squatto) emerges from a toilet as Min-Tae inspects it for a key. After finding a hammer, Min-Tae smashes bottles of alcohol in the winery to find the key to the second floor.

The Second FloorEdit


The piano room.

Squatto chases Min-Tae again as he is exploring the second floor. The chase leads Min-Tae into an oni room, where several monsters move around a cage with dead bodies. Min-Tae finds a chilling, stone room off-set from the rest of the floor that features flaming pillars and a broken piano. The piano is missing a few keys, but Min-Tae located and fixes the piano. After unlocking one door at the end of the hallway, Min-Tae here finds a blue diary (Second Floor Diary) in which the previous inhabitants of the hut stress they have to "be more careful" and "get out of this hut."


Min-Tae entering the sewer on the second floor.


The hidden room, which is loaded with booby trapped books.

Min-Tae enters what appears to be an underground sewer. He is shocked, and remarks on the dangers of messing around in sewers. He jumps across bridges, solving a lever puzzle and obtaining a key. If Min-Tae enters the wrong room, a big, red oni appears and kills him. After more exploring, Min-Tae locates the Hidden Room back on the second floor, and behind a bookshelf obtains the key for the third floor.


Satellite oni chasing Min-Tae in the basement.

Min-Tae obtains the key to the basement, and heads back downstairs. The basement looks much like a cave, with crystals sticking out of the walls and dim lighting. At the end of the winding path, Min-Tae opens a chest and the satellite oni appears. The monster at first moves slowly, but can suddenly speed up and shoot towards the player, even flying around corners much faster than the player can run. The satellite oni can also take large leaps around the room, and this chase can be quite tricky for some players.


Min-Tae entering the switch room.

In one room on the second floor, a swarm of Blob onis will appear and kill Min. This room appears to be a trap - locking the player in and forcing him to enter a cage where Blob onis appear. However, Min-Tae can escape through a secret crack in the wall that leads him back to the piano room. Min-Tae is surprised, but continues on to the switch room. In here, Min-Tae solves a puzzle that involves lighting up four crystals in the correct order.

The Third FloorEdit

On the third floor, the player's ability to scout is removed, and the lighting darkens until the player can only see in a small ring around Min. Min-Tae enters a large room lined with tables with dolls and teddy bears on them. Inspecting the wrong table will prompt two large, red onis to enter and kill Min-Tae immediately. The correct table will yield a key.

The next room is arguably the hardest part of the entire game, which features a winding maze and a very difficult chase sequence. With very limited lighting, Min-Tae navigates a stone labyrinth, avoiding fake booby-trapped chests to find the Second Passageway key. To help players struggling with this part, more information about this room, including a walkthrough and map, is included below. After being chased from the room by the two red onis, Min-Tae encounters a strange man in a farmer's outfit who quickly flees the scene.


The oni prison room.

Min-Tae walks through a second oni room. This room (later referred to as the "prison") has three cages, full of blue onis that run around quickly as Min-Tae approaches. They screech with loud cries periodically. Min-Tae can push around a large, metal ball at the opposite end of the room.

Min-Tae finds a white diary (Third Floor diary) and, like before, reads an excerpt. This time, the previous inhabitants leave a hint. They tell the reader to "find a hammer," "look for something out of order," and finally, to "go, because there is nothing left. Nothing." By solving a quick puzzle involving examining things in the correct order, Min-Tae does indeed find a hammer. In the next room, Min-Tae encounters the strange man from before.


The password hints that Min-Tae obtains.

The man introduces himself as Gomu-Ingank, after a cryptic conversation with the man, Min-Tae obtains a number of valuable hints. The man explains a puzzle involving the onis from the prison room, and what Min-Tae has to do to solve it. Min-Tae seems confused, but before he can question him further, Gomu flees the room. A chest on the table requests a password. Min-Tae can find more hints to this password on a slip of paper tucked in a table. Additionally in this room, there is a small tribute to the original Ao Oni game. As Min-Tae inspects the piano, he motions to wipe it but is surprised to see that someone has already cleaned it, "much cleaner than [he] could have," a reference to Hiroshi wiping the piano clean during the piano puzzle.

The Fourth FloorEdit

The fourth floor is small, and only features a large, locked gate, and a staircase to the fifth floor. Min-Tae finds a black diary (Fourth Floor diary) and reads an excerpt ("The end is approaching, let's hope we have the courage to clear it.") Right as Min-Tae picks up the diary, the large, red oni appears and chases him.


Min-Tae having a flashback as he enters the icehouse. Sing-min can be seen hanging from the rope ladder.

Finding his way into the ice room, from the cold, Min-Tae is reminded of the previous night, and has a flashback. We see Sang-min dangling from the rope ladder, with Min-Tae urging him to climb just a little further. Sang-min comments on the hopelessness of it all, and drops. The camera pans to see Sang-min's dead body.

The Fifth FloorEdit

Min-Tae can encounter (and swiftly be killed by) a large, yellow oni. In one room, Min-Tae encounters another strange man, dressed in armor. Min-Tae offers his name and asks for the man's in return, but the man teleports away, leaving Min-Tae confused.

Easy EndingEdit

Min-Tae locates a ladder and finds himself outside the house. After commenting on his luck for finding the secret exit and not being caught, he quickly flees. Moments later, a large, green oni chases after him, and the game ends.


The chapel.

Hard EndingEdit

Min-Tae finds a hidden key and enters a very spacious, chapel-like room. He touches a statue, which speaks to him. The room begins to shake and Min-Tae scrambles to locate the off button. After turning off the self-destruction, a large, green oni appears and chases him out into the hallway and out of the house.



The oni room in Niji Oni. Squatto can be seen chasing the player.

The name Niji oni (虹鬼 in Japanese) means "rainbow demon." This is a reference to the various colors and types of monsters that will chase the player.
  • Multiple large red onis chase the player at various times
  • A large yellow oni can kill the player on the fifth floor
  • A large green oni can be seen at the end
  • The smaller blue onis can be seen clustered in the prison room and in the oni room
  • Blue onis from the original Ao Oni that can chase the player in Niji oni include Squatto, the satellite oni, blob oni, and encephalo oni.


Every chase scene in Niji Oni is a scripted chase, meaning that the oni does not randomly appear to chase the player. There are a few optional chases, including a point where the player can inspect the oni room and prompt Squatto to emerge. The oni chases the player with the default RPGXP moving algorithm, meaning it is unintelligent and can easily be trapped behind a table, for instance. To combat this common trick, the game will kill the player if it detects that the oni is somehow trapped and cannot move.

One element that makes the chases in Niji Oni so difficult is that the oni moves just as fast as the player. In the original Ao Oni, it moves slightly slower, making it possible to outrun the oni.

The Labyrinth RoomEdit


A map of the labyrinth, with the correct exit path labeled in blue.

One of the most difficult puzzles in the game is the labyrinth you find on the fourth floor. With limited visibility, the player must navigate a maze, find a key, and escape the maze while two large onis chase him. You must take different paths going into the maze and leaving it, as the onis start at both ends to chase you.

Several fake chests exist at dead ends around the room. Inspecting these will instantly kill the player.