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Japanese Name 直樹
Rōmaji Naoki
Sex Male
Class Middle School Student
Appearances Ao Oni Version 3.0
Ao Oni Novel
More info
Description Hiroshi's friend in 3.0.

Naoki (直樹 Naoki?) is a character who only appears in Ao Oni Version 3.

Appearance Edit


Naoki in the Oni costume.

Naoki has black hair and gray eyes. He has been interpreted to wear a white suit, since you can only see his head when he takes off the mask. Naoki's sprites are again used for one of the unnamed students from Version 5 and Brian from Kyo Oni.

Personality Edit

Not much is known of Naoki's personality, except he seems to be Hiroshi's friend.

Roles Edit

Ao Oni (Game) Version 3 Edit

Naoki only appears in a scene in the bedroom where Hiroshi has a dream where the Oni enters this room with him and scares him. The Oni says a few words before it then takes its mask off, revealing that Naoki was pretending to be the Oni all along. Then the other protagonists come out, revealing it was an elaborate joke to celebrate Hiroshi's birthday.

Ao Oni (Novel) Edit

Naoki is a former classmate who was killed in an incident right before Shun changed schools. It is rumored that he died inside the jailhouse of the mansion due to the monster's curse.

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