Meka Oni is a fan-made game based on Ao Oni by noprops, and is the precursor to Ao Oni Plus. It was never fully completed, and Ao Oni Plus was created in it's wake, however a tech-demo containing what was completed of the game prior to it's cancel has been released. The game itself takes place in an entirely different setting with a different plot, though with a few particular aspects of it tying in with the original game.


Warning: This section contains spoilers. Read at your own risk!

The game begins with Maria S. Kenyetta, the main character, giving a narration of the various events that have been occurring prior to the start of the game. A series of murders has been plaguing her small town, which has gripped the residents in a state of paranoia. After a few days, Maria receives a tip from an anonymous sender, claiming that they know where the killer is and provide directions for her. Maria is hesitant at first to do so, but soon heads out to investigate this claim.

The directions lead her to an abandoned subway station. Through here, Maria must attempt to travel through the tunnels in order to find a way past a stationary train that's blocking her path. After some searching, she comes across a control-room and a key used to unlock the panel covering the console that directs the train routes. After using the console the train is moved, allowing Maria to continue investigating further into the area.

She soon comes across an old storage area of sorts with a few different rooms. She finds a computer that still seems to be working among the broken or dismantled ones, as well as a locked door that requires a key-card in order to gain access through it. After searching the area and finding two pieces of a memo as well as a code card, Maria can decypher the username and password needed to access the computer. Upon doing so, she comes across a recent document in which a user explains troubles in moving various equipment away from the facility. It also mentions that the user left his old ID Card in the desk, which Maria takes with her, allowing her to gain access to the aforementioned locked door.

Upon entering this door, Maria is surprised to find that the next area is a form of highly futuristic lab. While looking
Meka Oni 05

Meka Blockman observes Maria through the glass.

about in awe, a mechanical version of Blockman appears behind a glass wall near where Maria is, stares at her for a few moments, and then slowly walks off. Maria looks around the area until coming across a locked door, which she opens by utilizing a nearby computer terminal. Upon doing so, a sudden noise emerges from within the area followed by the faint sound of mechanical foot-steps, which begin to grow louder and louder with each passing moment. Soon afterwards, Meka Blockman emerges from the newly opened doors, prompting a small chase scene. Maria must find a way around Meka Blockman in order to enter the new doorway, as the previous one has now been locked.

After entering the room, Maria quickly heads over another nearby terminal and locks the door behind her. She tries to catch her breath and think on what she just witnessed, as well as coming to the potential conclusion that Meka Blockman is responsible for the murders. With no way to go back at this point, Maria decides to proceed with her investigation. The tech-demo ends after entering the next area.

Additional InformationEdit

Meka Oni went through several stages of development with many working titles. Some of which included the titles; 'Omega Oni,' 'Robo Oni,' and 'Bio Oni.' The name 'Machina Oni' was at one point decided to be the final name of the project, but was recently scrapped and replaced with another working title, 'Meka Oni.'

The game took longer than expected to make however, and many technical issues came up while making it as well. This slowed the game's continuation until the work-process on it was halted. After a few months, the project was looked back into via going through the processes on the original Ao Oni game. This eventually led to Ao Oni Plus' creation, and some aspects from Meka Oni (such as Meka Blockman) being ported over into the new project.

Secret Ending SceneEdit

Warning: This section contains spoilers and methods to obtaining an in-game secret.

Upon it's tech-demo release, the game was patched up to make it more presentable, along with many new aspects being added. One of which was the ability to obtain a hidden scene at the end of the game.

In order to view this hidden scene, the player must backtrack to the subway area after obtaining the Keycard item. When heading down the stairs and on to the subway tracks, the player must head to the right, towards the dead end of the tunnel. The player will notice that a new item has appeared here - indicated by a small shine present on the ground. Inspecting the shine will give them the 'Necklace' item.

Completing the game with the Necklace item in your inventory will trigger an additional scene on completing the demo. A conformation sound (the same one used as Meka Blockman's start-up sound) will be heard, before the screen transitions to a completely different section of the lab. A voice-over can be heard as the view pans up to show the area, soon focusing in on a throne-room of sorts. A figure coated entirely in darkness with flame-like hair can be seen sitting here, and is soon revealed be the source of this voice. This figure is revealed to actually be Dr. V, the one who created the lab as well as mechanized versions of the Oni's. He comments on how he is preparing for an 'impending war.' Soon after the speech finishes, he opens his eyes briefly to reveal one red and one blue eye. The screen goes dark, and the credits roll shortly afterwards.


Maria S. Kenyetta's full name is never stated during the actual game, however the author has stated this to be her full name in other ways such as small comment postings. What the 'S.' stands for in her middle name has yet to be revealed, however.

Meka Blockman has several different nicknames, the most popular of which being 'Robo-Domo-Kun.' This is a reference to nicknames given to the original Blockman Oni, considering his high resemblance to said Japanese Mascot.

Additionally, Meka Blockman has a series of peculiar sound effects whenever his presence is nearby. Gundam fans will likely recognize his 'start-up' and stepping sound effects to actually come from the Zaku mechs from that series.

A reference is given to the original Ao Oni if the player checks a certain portion of a bulletin board in the Complex area. Among the many papers and documents tacked on to the board, one is described as 'documenting a Mansion in a region far away from here.'

When viewing the hidden ending, the player might notice several cameos and references during it. Among them being the following:

  • Blockman/Meka Blockman can be seen on a hologram screen as the camera pans up.
  • Ellen/Viola from Witch's House can be seen on another hologram screen to the right of Blockman's
  • A portrait of Mary from Ib can be seen hanging on the wall behind where Dr. V is sitting.

These aspects may suggest that Dr. V's interests may not just be limited to the Oni's, but are extended to other phenomenon's as well.

Dr. V's speech is from the OVA series 'Hellsing Ultimate.' Specifically, it is taken from the end of Episode 1, where the Major (the primary antagonist) is shown briefly and gives a small speech.

Dr. V himself bears a striking resemblance to the Auditor from the Madness Combat series. However his full appearance has not been truly revealed yet, so it is unknown as to whether or not he is actually a shadow-like being of sorts.