Kyo Oni is an English fangame where the player controls a character named Brian, while he explores a mansion centering around YouTube Let's Player KyoKoon64 and refrencing many of her videos. The game is centered mostly around exploration and finding new rooms, items and endings. The game is made in RPG Maker VX Ace, making it one of the few games to be (made in it). The game incorporates such features as RPG elements with gear being found and equipped, almost every object on various maps being interactable with, and multiple party members.



Brian encounters the Oni in the library.

A high school student named Brian hears about a mansion on the outskirts of town that people go to and never come back. Thinking it's just a rumor he goes and finds it to be worse than he could have ever imagined After looking around the mansion a bit, Brian eventually finds the key to the library. Within the library he sees the demon wandering around, and finds its large, leather pants which prompts a chase. After escaping the demon and going to the second floor, Brian finds a scared boy in a closet, who will not come out due partly to fear, and partly to thirst.


WARNING: This section contains spoilers.

Unhappy ending: Brian finds himself in another dimension filled with Onis. Attempting to run away from the king of the Onis, Brian finds himself at a dead end where the king charges at him bearing his teeth. He then awakens to find it was all a dream then the Oni charges into his room and kills him.

Silly ending: Brian, Hiroshi, Takuro, Mika and Takeshi all find themselves in another dimension filled with Onis. They stumble across a crystal and upon touching it, find themselves surrounded by Onis who close in on them and start dancing. Everyone soon joins in except for Brian who just stands there pondering the situation before quickly joining in on the fun.

Twist ending: Brian finds himself in a room that doesn't fit in with the rest of them and upon reading some papers finds out that the Oni is actually a human and when it barges in, is revealed to be Kyo. She tells Brian she was scaring people from the mansion to increase her YouTube channel's popularity. Brian is relieved by the fact that there aren't any real monsters in the mansion. Then Steve from Heta Oni comes into the room.

Emotional ending: Brian finds a secret room that feels different from the others. When he plays the piano music he found elsewhere, the Oni comes in weeping at how beautiful the song he played was. Brian gives the Oni back his pants and in turn he lets Brian out. Brian returns to home and attempts to tell everyone his story, but no one believes him. He returns to the mansion and instead finds it missing, along with a note from the Oni.

? ending: Brian finds the key to the front door and escapes. He stands outside wondering what the monster was. Then the Oni comes outside after him and he runs off. A voice can be heard saying "I'm finally free."

Cliffhanger ending: Brian, Hiroshi, Takuro, Mika and Takeshi find out there is a secret passage underneath the noose. They manage to get inside and find Yao waiting for them but before she can attempt to kill them Kyo shows up. Yao attempts to kill Kyo while sending Squatto after the others. They kill it and Yao sends more after them forcing Kyo to get them out of there.


  • Yao didn't show up at all in the game until version 3.17.
  • In version 2.5 Kyo was only in the twist ending.
  • In version 2.5 the twist ending was called the ? ending.
  • In version 3.17 Kyo made a cameo in the ? and silly endings.
  • The sequel Yao Oni continues from the cliffhanger ending.
  • In version 3.17, in the Emotional Ending, there is a message after the credits saying "Please avoid any "Better love story than Twilight" references. Thank you."