Kuuru Na Bokujou Oni is a short Ao Oni fangame made for April Fool's Day as well as for obscure Youtube personality "Strihiryu" who was known for playing a lot of Ao Oni fangames in the past. Aside from references to Strihiryu's channel it also throws in all sorts of random humor such as the titular oni room becoming a dance club of sorts, let alone the design of the onis. The game also ironically contains a few different endings (in the game folder is a guide through the game and how to get said endings). The game's name was purposely derived from a terrible translator, but "Kuuru Na Bokujou" was originally derived from "Cool Ranch". Needless to say, translating it back to English will probably not give you that result.

The game contains rather simple or somewhat troll-ish puzzles that often don't make any sense such as fixing a modem to make doors appear or a maze where dead ends makes a meme zoom in on the screen before giving you a game over.

Story Edit

The story is incredibly simple. Strihiryu, as well as the original Ao Oni cast (Hiroshi,Mika, Takeshi, and Takuro), decide to break into a mansion for literally no reason. Hiroshi is the only one against the idea, prompting Strihiryu to change his name to Hiroshit for the rest of the game before they all enter the mansion. After wandering around and securing a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, a monster similar to Ao Oni (but donning a pair of pixelated shades and another bag of Cool Ranch Doritos), emerges from the toilet and chases Strihiryu. The only goal after this is too escape alone or with others

Characters Edit

Strihiryu Edit

Strihiryu is a feline-humanoid with a disturbingly relaxed and hyped-up personality. It's possible he's not even the real Strihiryu.

Hiroshit Edit

The only serious person in the group. He tends to act incredibly jerk-ish to anyone he considers "below him". His name was Hiroshi until Strihiryu changed his name forever.

Takeshi Edit

The coward of the group. Not much else to say besides his strange ability to go from one place to the next in an instant... Or his uncontrollably bowels...

Takuro Edit

The cool guy o the group. He seems to be the only one that understands the monsters at a personal level, but he never hold it against his friends. All in all, he's a great guy.

Mika Edit

The most mysterious one. Aside from her strong feelings for Takuro, not much is known about her. She refuses to be anywhere dangerous without him...

The Oni Edit

This mysterious blue monster always has a pair of pixelated shades and a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos on him wherever he goes. He seems to be after only Strihiryu, and no one knows what happens when he catches you...

DJ Kami Edit

This monster DJ comes from a city far away from the mansion to play music at the clubroom. Not much is known about him either as it turns out.

The Statue Edit

This statue loves giving people riddles to solve! Sadly, he doesn't actually know the difference between a riddle and a math equation.

The Door Edit

This sentient door is the way out! However if it's negative it won't let you through and instead insult you, the world, and then say something pessimistic. Thankfully if you solve The Statue's "riddle" the door will gladly let you through before warning that it's a one way door.

The Skull Edit

As far as you're concerned it's another sentient object that wants you to waste your time for it's amusement. Also he lives in Hell for... Some reason.

Endings (Spoiler Warning) Edit

Neutral Endings Edit

In all the Neutral Endings either Strihiryu escapes or alone or brings one or two of the Ao Oni crew with him. Strihiryu breaks the fourth wall and speaks sarcastically of a possibly better ending if he brought everyone with him.

Good Ending Edit

In the Good Ending Strihiryu escapes with all members of the Ao Oni crew, but the Oni is seen just before the escape route. The monster rants about how lame humans are and how Strihiryu stole his bage of Cool Ranch Doritos. Most of the crew chastises the oni, but Strihiryu feels a shred of regret. However before Strihriyu admits he ate the doritos, Takuro steps in and gives the oni a new bag saying Strihiryu never ate them. The Oni falls for the ruse rather easily and happily leaves the crew alone. After that crew makes their leave with the promise to enjoy all the doritos they please. Despite the happy ending Strihiryu teases the player that there is an even better ending to get.

Secret Ending Edit

In the Secret Ending Strihiryu brings everyone except for Mika. Instead of the oni waiting at the escape route, Mika is waiting instead. It is revealed that Mika plans to take over the world, and it turns out she is a powerful oni called... Kuuru Na Bokujou Oni. She invites Takuro to join her, but Takuro quickly shoots down her offer. Mika then transforms into a large oni and attacks the crew, knocking them all into depths. After miraculously surviving the fall, the crew find themselves in Hell. In Hell the crew meets a strange talking skull that wants the crew to solve some puzzles for his amusement, claiming it's actually important for defeating Mika. After the crew solves all the puzzles they await the arrival of Mika in hopes of putting a stop to her. Once she shows up she boasts about how "Kuuru Na Bokujou Oni" will destroy the world. Suddenly someone in the distance claims she is not "Kuuru Na Bokujou Oni", and in walks the oni with the shades and the bag of chips aka the REAL Kuuru Na Bokujou Oni. The oni reveals Mika's true form before deciding to form an alliance with Strihiryu and the Ao Oni Crew. After a supposed "battle" with Mika, Strihiryu suddenly wakes up, and it turns out all the events that transpired was all a dream. Moments later Kuuru Na Bokujou Oni storms into the room after Strihiryu. What happens afterwards is unknown.

Secret SECRET Ending Edit

In the Secret SECRET Ending Strihiryu brings everyone with him, however he takes them to the library where a door suddenly appears. Through the door is Manaonigma, the game's developer. He simply asks if you've gotten the game's secret ending yet. Upon saying "yes" he thanks the player for playing "this stupid game" before moving out of the way of a door even if you actually didn't get the secret ending. Upon going through the door you will be put on the path to the secret ending once again. However in the final hall there will be a blockade with a chest. Opening the chest grants Strihiryu a "Strange Gun". If Strihiryu has the gun equipped after the battle with Mika, instead of waking up from a dream it turns out Mika was entirely unaffected throughout the whole battle, and that the crew accidentally killed Kuuru Na Bokujou Oni and their friends. Strihiryu is stumped on what to do now, until Manaonigma, who apparently followed the crew there, hints at Strihiryu to use the gun (and by referring to him by his actual name). Strihiryu soon realizes the identity of the gun as the fabled "Kitchen Gun". He suddenly dons a British accent as he shoots Mika repeatedly, laughing and claiming the monster is filthy. Before long Strihiryu pulls off one last move to take Mika down for good. Strihiryu and the Ao Oni crew return to the mansion's entrance only to see that Kuuru Na Bokujou Oni and the other onis are just fine, and they all decide to hold a party bringing the game to a close.

References and Other Info Edit

  • Mika being a villain in the game stemmed from Strihiryu's distaste for the character. Often referring to her as a "stupid bitch."
  • The secret death from the bathroom door is also in this game. However instead of Strihryu entering and blood eventually pattering on the door. An image of the meme "Gutsmans Ass" zooms in (All with the famous sound to boot).
  • Many aspects of the game including: The design of KNBO, Mika's true form, the Game Over screen + the man (Who is Strihiryu himself as it turns out) screaming and yelling "Too spoopy!", and the very presence of Cool Ranch Doritos is all a reference to Strihiryu's "Horror Oni" April Fool's video.
  • The Oni first emerging from the toilet is a reference to the first Niji Oni game where one chase begins with a Squato Oni emerging from a toilet.
  • Hiroshi being called Hiroshit actually spawned from another Ao Oni fangame starring Strihiryu named "Maybe Not So Ao Oni" where Strihiryu calls Hiroshi that under his breath after Hiroshi pressures him to get out of a Strider Hiryu cosplay (A favorite character of his, and also where he got his username).
  • In the Oni's dance club there's a DJ named "DJ Kami". This unique oni turns out to be the main enemy in "Kami Oni". Another oni game Manaonigma is developing.
  • The Famous "Kitchen Gun" found in many Ao Oni fangames mainly came from Crom Oni, being the first to make this joke and started this unusual trend. However the original joke comes from "The Peter Serafinowicz Show" where Peter, under the alias "Derek Bum" shoots a bunch of dirty appliances with a supposed "cleaning firearm." Which DOES clean them, but at the same time destroys them. The voice clips used in the semi-final cutscene where Strihiryu kills Mika is all from this skit.
  • The sounds that play when Strihiryu uses the final attack on Mika is the famous Kamehame from Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball Z.
  • The title screen music starts as an unknown (at least by the developer) song that was used for Siro Oni's title screen, but soon cuts to an orchestra version of "Meet the Flintstones". The developer considered using the rather infamous piano version of "Dear you" which was used in a lot of fangames, but decided against it.
  • The chase music is the famous "Bed Intruder Song" made by Shmoyo about a man named Antione Dodson ranting about a rapist in his hometown on the news in a rather strange manner leading to this remix.
  • The clubroom/credits music is "Beatfever" by Waterflame. (His website:
  • For unknown reasons the final battle with Mika plays a pitched down version of "Aqua Road" from Sonic Forces.
  • The music that plays alongside the semi-final scene is called "Sorairo Days" which was used in the final battle of the anime "Gurren Lagaan". The music is often associated with insanely over the top anime battles.
  • The game may or may not have a "sequel" next April 1st called "Macar Oni"



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