Kuro Oni is a Korean fan game that takes place in a gothic-style mansion. The game is made in RPG XP and requires a Korean locale setting . The player controls Lee Sung-Hoon, a young man who stumbles across a mansion with two friends and uncovers an ancient myth.


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Lee-Sung talking to Kim Jin-Soo


Lee Sung exploring the mansion.

The game starts off with Lee's friend Kim Jin-Soo meeting him at his house. After a brief conversation about the mansion, Lee heads to bed. In the middle of the night, Lee is awoken by a knock on his front door. The game includes a pop-up close 

up on the oni's face here for a jump scare, although Lee sees nothing and heads back to bed. The next morning, the three friends Lee, Jin-Soo, and Im Jae-Hyeon meet at the mansion.


The player can electrocute Kuro oni with a switch during one chase

The Mansion and SewerEdit

They enter the mansion, and immediately seperate. Lee must explore and collect a variety of keys and items to navigate the rooms. He encounters a large, black oni and at some times can even be chased by more than one at once. Lee's investigations lead him out of the mansion and into an underground, sewer-like area. It's down here that Lee finds the oni room, full of miniature versions of the oni that chased him around in the mansion. Nearby is a door that Lee can use to escape the mansion. The door leads him across a sunny, grassy walkway in the clouds to a finish line. If the player chooses this path, the oni will appear and you will end up in a game over screen. Instead, the player must continue deeper into a castle-like area.  


The arithmetic puzzle

The Higher CastleEdit

Here Lee encounters an odd arithmetic puzzle. By standing on buttons that look like dice, Lee can make various torches light up. Red torches will harm the player, and if all become lit up, the oni will appear and kill Lee. The object of the puzzle is to light up every white torch and brighten the room. This can be done by adding numbers in the correct order as dictated by the Hangul messages that appear when you stand on each button. After lighting up the room, the player will run into Im Jae-Hyeon, who agrees to search a chapel nearby. The player will enter a final room, where a large version of the oni sits behind a cage. Lee recalls a time in school when he was told about a legend, and realizes that this is the Kuro Oni he had heard about. When he leaves, he finds Im Jae-Hyeon's dead body.


The character room in the mansion

The Final ChaseEdit

Finding himself back in the original mansion, Lee enters an odd character room, where various statues (possibly the oni's victims) stand. The final chase will start, with two large onis chasing the player around the mansion. The player must evade them until the sixty second timer expires. 

The OniEdit


The oni room in Kuro Oni

There a number of oni`s throughout the game, and a distinction as to which one is the Kuro Oni is never made. The Japanese kanji 黒鬼 (Kurooni) means "black demon" or "dark demon." The player can be chased by a number of large, black oni`s with red eyes, but also encounters smaller ones being bred in the oni room underground.