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Your playing as a young boy named Ayaku who heard of a rumor of a mansion being in the outskirts of town is being inhabited by a monster. He goes through many puzzles meets two friends and escapes or...dies.

Gameplay Edit

The game starts out real simple your character name is Akayu and you wanted to see if the rumors were true so you enter the mansion not afraid or scared. Upon entering someone comes from the library, panting, face full of fear. She yells “Run”. She reveals that her name is Takisa and she entered this mansion with her friend and now she saw his dead body next to the oni. She tells us that we can’t escape and that we need to die. Of course you ignore her... or maybe not and try to find a way to escape. You head to the kitchen to get the library key(because it was somehow locked and if inspect it you will get jumpscared but not by the oni). Upon entering the library you could see the oni’s legs walking left then up. Before you grab the item you need to inspect a book about the oni. It’s name is Kurai oni. It’s somewhat blind but has excellent hearing so don’t make any noise to attract him. His weakness is his bad eyesight. Trap him in a table or chairs and you will conquer the oni,but get trapped by it... you will still have a chance to get away or die. It tells you how to kill the oni but that part got destroyed. After you read the book you can pick up the item and the oni starts chasing you. His moves fast but so do you. When entering the bathroom it will be empty and you could see a shiny at the end of the corner. The oni uses his intellect and confronts you. To get away from this chase you will need to juke him. You will get a ??? key from the bathroom. When you go upstairs you will see Takisa’s friend Hayoto. He will forcefully join the group. When you try to go on the only door on the left you will see that a hole appeared and you can’t open the door. Once you inspect the hole you will have an option to jump in it or not(ending) When the hole appears and a text goes above the screen instead of under the screen two random doors will appear. One with a complicated puzzle, another with the hint to the other puzzle. You will have 3 chances to guess the puzzle and get the hint for the complicated puzzle, and if you don’t get it right you will die. The answer is (spoiler) 175. Once you get it correct you will need to use the hint to unlock the other door. Once you do get the puzzle for the other door right, you will enter the room and grab an attic key.

Endings Edit

Good Ending Edit

Once you get the attic key you must go to the 3rd floor and unlock the door. Once you do you will pick up the Entrance Key and once you pick up the key EXE Sonic will appear with his laugh and say I am God(for some reason). You will encounter with an oni chase and get out the mansion. Akayu will say they ran and ran until luckily the monster stopped chasing them. Akayu kept having nightmares after that and that’s where the game ends. You escaped :).

Bad Endings Edit

Falling End Edit

Once the hole appears from the bedroom door. You will have an option to jump in or not. If you jump in you will fall to your death. There are three other characters in the hole and nothing is known about them except that they died in the hole.

Blind Walk End Edit

When you go to the middle hallway you will have a choice to walk in or not walk in. The only reason you have this option is because the hallway is extremely dark. Walking in will make the crew scream and eventually become quiet. They have died. It is unknown how they died or how the oni killed them with his poor eyesight.

The only reasons these endings are available is because Takisa said from the beginning “We HAVE to Die”. So dying inside the mansion is an option for a satisfying ending, except for dying by the hands of the oni.

My Thoughts Edit

Now this game would’ve been bigger if it wasn’t because of the dark hallway. We will have a basement, Annex or something but the hallway was to dark for them to walk in and they didn’t have a lighter or a source of light. Bye thank you for reading the article I appreciate the help.



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