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Hiroshi in the kitchen.

The kitchen (台所 daidokoro?) is the first area in the game Hiroshi has access to. In the kitchen, the player will find a plate shard (shard in Version 5.2), which is used later in the game to reveal hidden doors. The kitchen is a mix of a living room with a table and two couches, and more of a kitchen on the top.


JMU cheat, showing the player talking to Jon.


The three couches and a TV.


The kitchen in Version 3.0, note the door on the top left.

Trivia Edit

  • In Version 6.23, if the player names Hiroshi as JMU, Jon (the English translator) will be sleeping on a couch in the kitchen.
    • If the player ends an Oni chase in the kitchen, returning to the kitchen will cause Jon to turn into an Oni himself.
  • In Version 3, there is a TV on the rug and three couches on the rug.
  • Despite the mansion apparently being an old building, a widescreen TV is present. It would make sense that there is someone living in the mansion before Jon was even added in Version 6.23.

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