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The Kid's Bedroom in Version 6.23.

The Kid's Bedroom (子供の寝室 kodomo no shinshitsu?) is a location in Ao Oni. It is accessible after obtaining the kid's bedroom key from the piano puzzle in the Piano Room.

Description Edit

The Kid's Bedroom is a small room, appearing generally the same as the rest of the mansion. It has a few dark brown closets as well as a lone chair near the door. There are also two beds which Mika hides in between. When you talk to Mika, your options are to have her follow you, or to have her stay in her corner. But no matter what you say she stays at her area.

(If you ask her to follow you she is scared of the monster roaming around, which causes her to stay)

Version Differences Edit

The Nursery is present in versions 5 and 6 of Ao Oni. It appears the same in both versions.

Version 5.2 Edit

In Version 5.2, the Nursery room (子供の寝室 kodomo no shinshitsu?, lit. "Kid's Bedroom") is where Mika is found, and where the + shaped screwdriver can be found inside the couch. The player can return here at the end of the game to save her.

Version 6.23 Edit

In Version 6.23, the Kid's Bedroom is where the player finds the lighter fluid. It's similiar to the room on the left in version 5.2, cause there can be found the fluid. Mika's death scene is also witnessed here.