Kagame Oni (originally named Ao Oni 5.7) is an English fangame that was released in three episodes. Installments were spread from September to December 2012. The game is set up as a direct sequel to Ao Oni Version 5.2, taking place a month later. The series is largely story-driven and features few oni chases.  Many characters are cameos from other franchises, like Homestuck, Hetalia, or other oni games.


Episode OneEdit

The game begins at the start of summer break. Hiroshi, Mika, and Takeshi are heading home from Kagame Primary School. Takuro was not present on the final day, and the three students- Hiroshi, Mika, and Takeshi- are travelling to his home to investigate.
At home, it is revealed that Takuro was sick. He tells the three about sightings of a blue monster in the nearby forest. Hiroshi's father intends to search the old mansion that they had previously escaped from in the original Ao Oni. Mika realizes that she left her necklace back at school, and the four friends head there quickly in hopes that the place hasn't locked for the summer yet. Mika sneaks the four friends in through a secret door she knows about, and they are promptly chased by three onis.
After searching classrooms for Mika's necklace, Hiroshi hears a sound coming down the hallway. He quickly pulls everyone into an empty room to rest for a few moments. The group decides to split up, with Takuro accomponying Mika as she searches. Takeshi remains in the room alone as Hiroshi continues to explore.

As Hiroshi encounters several monsters and is chased, he hears Mika scream. The two collide in a nearby corridor. Two onis corner them, and Hiroshi and Mika briefly exchange regrets that they had entered the school at all.

Episode TwoEdit

Takuro enters a classroom and finds Mika's necklace. He hears the scream and runs to fetch Takeshi. Takeshi brings a flash bomb from the closet they hid in. After finding Hiroshi and Mika trapped by two onis, Takeshi ignites the flash bomb and the group escapes. Hiroshi collapses after locking the four in an empty classroom and has a nightmare. Takuro gives Mika her necklace and the group resolves to escape as quickly as possible.
After leaving the school, the group decides to head for the old mansion. They travel through a long tunnel labyrinth, splitting up along the way. Hiroshi awakens in a jail cell, having been knocked out and having another nightmare. Russia appears and informs the group that he kidnapped them to save them from going in the mansion. He lets the group out and invites them to a formal dinner. The dinner is cut short by several onis that ravage the place. The group escapes, but not before a dying Russia explains the reasoning behind the chases.
After the group exit Russia`s Castle, they are chased by all the onis and when they escape the cave a landslide occurs leaving the onis trapped.

The group camps overnight outside the cave. Hiroshi awakes from another nightmare to find his friends missing. Hiroshi heads to the nearby Shiawasena Village, where the group meets Vargas, an old man who claims to be able to fight off onis. After explaning the situation to Vargas, he admits that he cannot help the kids. An oni bursts through the front door, and Takeshi and Vargas sacrifice themselves to let the others escape. Takuro get his head eaten off by the tooth oni and Mika trips as they are fleeing and is killed by Sooey Oni. Hiroshi hops onto a boat and starts off down the stream.

Episode 3Edit

Hiroshi wakes up on the boat after a dream, and surprised that Takeshi, Takuro, and Mika are still alive. It is revealed by three of them that they are successfully escaped from the onis. However, Vargas didn't survive. Hiroshi is still confused about what happened because he saw all of them die, but then a flashback is shown about what really happened.

After travelling west for a while, they arrive at an island and rest there. In his sleep, Hiroshi has a nightmare again and feels that he is dragged to the underground. He soon wakes up in what appears to be an underground laboratory. He looks around and finds water and pictures of his friends in strange rooms.

Confused and concerned, he sets out to rescue his friends. He finds himself underground and walks around, searching for his friends, and finds a lake. He jumps into the water, strangely able to breathe normally. He sees a dead woman deeper in the water and opens the door up ahead. He walks over and finds some underwater shoes, which lets him move faster underwater, and finds a key underneath a table. He grabs it, only to set off an alarm and is chased by two onis until he reaches a locked door.

Entering the room, he walks up the stairs into a strange room, which reveals a room with three doors. The ones to the left and right are locked, but the middle one is not, so Hiroshi enters the door and finds an oni eating a dead girl. The oni turns around, making Hiroshi run back. In order to make it the room above, Hiroshi has to make two onis appear and run up and break a wall down to reveal the door, where he finds Mika.

Hiroshi calls out to Mika, but she doesn't respond, so Hiroshi calls out her name again and Mika tells him to shut up. Hiroshi walks up in front of her and sees Mika is completely insane. She then says that since her family was taken away from her, she went on a "killing spree", Hiroshi jumps back and pours the water he found in the laboratory, which helps Mika regain her senses (if you didn't get the water from earlier, Mika will kill Hiroshi). Mika, with her senses back, asks what's going on, to which Hiroshi says that they need to get Takuro and Takeshi, then escape. Mika says that she is not going to run around with a monster loose, like she usually says, but Hiroshi convinces her and Mika rejoins Hiroshi. The two leave the room and the right door is unlocked.

Hiroshi and Mika head into the locked room, finding a weird maze. Hiroshi comments to himself that his ears and head have been hurting more than usual, but Mika says that they should continue on. After going through the maze, Hiroshi finds a dead end, but heads to the right and finds a note saying that even though you can't see something doesn't mean there's nothing there. Hiroshi and Mika are now able to walk past the invisible path. After making it through the entire maze, Hiroshi and Mika walk into an another lab. This time, they find Takuro passed out on the floor.

Hiroshi wakes up Takuro and Takuro gets up. Hiroshi says that they need to find Takeshi, but Takuro doesn't respond, Hiroshi tells him to come with him and Mika, but Takuro justs says no. Thinking this is a trick by Takuro, Hiroshi tries to convince Takuro to join, but Takuro continues to refuse, then asks where his parents are and who Hiroshi and Mika are. Shocked, Mika tells Hiroshi that Takuro must have amnesia, so Hiroshi explains to Takuro who he and Mika are. This convices Takuro, but he tells them that they better not pull any tricks on him. The last door opens and Hiroshi heads toward it, but they are all chased by three Squato onis, nearly catching Takuro. After they escape, Takuro demands to know what was chasing him and says that they need to go get Takeshi, but then begins to regain some of his memory. Hiroshi then says that they need to resuce Takeshi.

The trio head into a strange room and look for Takeshi. Hiroshi begins to find strange notes while looking. The trio walk down a strange-looking path and find Takeshi at the end of the path. Hiroshi walks up to him and tells him that they can escape, but Takeshi just asks, "Why?". Takeshi then asks why they should even bother to escape, saying that they are only middle schoolers and should just give up. Mika then slaps Takeshi, trying to knock some sense into him, but Takeshi is unaffected by it and Hiroshi regrets using up all of the water on Mika, having a flashback about it.

Takeshi, seeming to be more angry, says that while Hiroshi says that they should all survive, he thinks they should all die now. Takuro remembers that Takeshi is his brother and tells him that and then slaps him, telling him he isn't suicidal. Takeshi regains his senses and rejoins the group, but they are chased by a dragon-like oni (who can speak perfect English). The 4 fall into a lab where the door is locked, but Hiroshi finds a phone and plays the audio file, thus unlocking the door. The 4 kids enter an abandoned corridor, but continue on.

They come to a door, next to which a ghost warns them not to go in just yet. You must say no to going through the door seven times. Then the 4 walk into a long corridor, at the end of which they find many corpses. Hiroshi pets something that has the form of a cat, only to be chased by a legless Oni. The 4 escape, and find a new door. Hiroshi feels like he's missing something. When the 4 go back to the long corridor, they find a bottle of curning water. Later, while they're walking down a flight of stairs, Mika is possessed again. Hiroshi forces her to drink the water, bringing her back to her senses. (If you didn't have the water, Mika will kill the others.)

The 4 enter a kitchen, where they find a note left by someone who had lost all his friends to the Onis, and was about to be killed himself. Hiroshi finds a broken plate, and takes a shard. They then find the door back to the stairway is gone, and a mysterious voice, presumably a ghost, says they must find a hidden button within 10 seconds, or they will die.

After escaping, Hiroshi uses the plate shard to cut open a suspicious wall to find yet another door. By the entrance, there is a note, saying that if they choose left, middle, or right, they will lose one of their own, and fate will change. Beyond this note there is a corpse, where one of Hiroshi's friends goes missing. As the note says, there are three paths that can be taken to this corpse, and the path you take will decide which friend you lose, and which one of the game's three endings you get.

Bad EndingEdit

Going on the middle path to the corpse results in Takuro's disappearance. Hiroshi, Mika, and Takeshi find a secret passageway in a wall, and come to a strange maze-like place. Suddenly, the place starts to shake, and the kids fall into the area below. Hiroshi wakes up in a dark corridor, alone. He enters a room at the end, and finds his three friends dead. This causes him to go completely insane, as he takes a sharp object from Mika's pocket, and commits suicide. The blue Oni takes the corpses to the other Onis. Mika is still alive, however, and her dismemberment by the Onis is described in very gruesome detail. Mika gets her eyes bitten off by an onis teeth. As she scream in pain the onis tore her in half then the group truly died a grusome death.

Normal EndingEdit

Going on the right path to the corpse results in Takeshi's disappearance. Hiroshi, Mika, and Takuro progress to the maze as in the bad ending, but this time they come to a dead end. Hiroshi decides to jump off and hope for the best. Mika and Takuro have no choice but to follow him. They land in a room and find Takeshi alive, however, Hiroshi is dead. After mourning his death, the three are teleported to a maze where they find 4 crystals, which opens a bridge to an escape lift. They take the lift out, leaving the Onis trapped. Once the new school year starts, no one seems to remember Hiroshi. It then shows Hiroshi's spirit watching his friends leave the classroom.

Happy EndingEdit

Going on the left path to the corpse results in Mika's disappearance. After coming to the dead end in the maze. they are cornered by an Oni. Takuro confesses that he has a crush on Mika, and attacks the Oni, which results an explosion. However, the three come out unscathed and find Mika. After navigating through the same maze as in the normal ending, the four escape. They are all overjoyed at knowing they had finally escaped the Onis. Hiroshi is also delighted to find his father, (who had gone to the mansion in episode 1) alive and safe. The four friends' lives went on as normal, however, they will never forget their experience.

Cameos and Easter EggsEdit

The game features many cameo appearences of characters from other oni games and franchises.

  • Nepeta, a Homestuck troll, can be talked to in the village

    Hiroshi in his new costume.

  • The hooded man from Siro Oni makes a reference to the game he is from
  • Hetalia characters are present in the marketplace
  • Hetalia characters also play a large part in Episode Two, when the party visits Russia's castle
  • Viola from Witch's House shows up in Shiawasena Village
  • The Legless Oni chase scene resembled the chase between Viola and Ellen from The Witch's House
  • Len Kagamine from Vocaloid can follow you using a certain item
  • Vargas in Episode 2 is a boss battle from Final Fantasy 7

Takeshi in his new costume.


Mika in her new costume.

In Shiawasena Village, the player can purchase a new outfit for Takeshi from a merchant with money that was obtained by talking to an optional character in the ice cavern. The costume can be used one time and will change Takeshi's clothes for the remainder of the game, although this does not carry into the third episode. There are also costume changes for Hiroshi and Mika hidden throughout the second episode. Also, when you play as The Shopkeeper briefly, he has a sword, shield, and armor in his equipment status which can be put in his inventory and it will automatically transfer to Hiroshi's inventory, and the equipment can be equipped to any of Hiroshi's party members.


Kagame Oni is a game centered around exploration and puzzle-solving. Many puzzles present new ideas and some are homages to puzzles found in other oni games.
  • A scribbled-out note found in an empty classroom prompts a search
  • Several items are found by searching various areas of the school
  • A note with a math puzzle helps open a combination lock
  • A forest maze must be navigated by the correct path to help a tree grow


  • Episode 3 takes on the style of Corpse Party with the music, very wordy death scenes, and text style.
  • The mugshots from Ao Oni 5.2 were re-used in Kagame Oni.
  • Despite Hiroshi, Mika and Takeshi having costumes, Takuro does not seem to own one.