Jutiu Oni is where 4 people enter a abandoned hotel in the wilderness. The four people were named Ulta, Veria, Mike, and Ri. They all enter at the same time, they start talking for a bit, but then a Oni scares them. And then puts them in different locations. Ulta on the fourth floor, in room 406. Veria in the annex. Mike on the second floor, in room 242. Ri on the first floor, in room 102. 

Jutiu Oni



Main Character:



1: ???

2: ???

3: ???

4: ???

5: ???

6: ???

Enemy Set:

Enemy KiulOni

Kiul Oni

Enemy blueoni

Blue oni

Enemy Forestoni

Forest Oni

Enemy hunchback

Hunchback Oni

Enemy hakyo

Hayyko Oni

Enemy siro1

Siro Oni

Enemy crawloni

Crawling Oni

Enemy akame

Akame Oni

Enemy squatto


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