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Jon is a character that makes a cameo in Ao Oni version 6.23. He will appear only if the player changes Hiroshi's name to JMU (a reference to the alias of the English translator for the game as seen in the game credits).


Jon appears to be a samurai. He can be found apparently sleeping on one of the couches in the kitchen in the beginning of the game, though his reason for being here is unknown. If the player chooses to interact with him, he will comment on various things such as travelling to Osaka and "wondering if there's anything good on YouTube."

Jon resting on the couch

Oni Influence

When the player is chased by the oni, if they decide to flee to the kitchen, the oni will pay no apparent attention to Jon. After the chase is over, if the player returns to the kitchen, he will transform into an oni himself and chase the player. He makes no apparent appearance for the rest of the game after this point. It is unknown how he transformed into a monster despite not being killed, so the reasoning that the oni has to kill a person for them to become an oni is debatable (another instance of this is when Takeshi hangs himself after feeling overwhelming guilt for bringing the group to the mansion); it has been spectulated that he is the manifestation of a previous resident of the mansion. He could also be an easter egg that the player can discover by completing the game under a certain time.

Jon becoming an oni


  • Jon is the only character who, upon becoming an oni, doesn't have a unique trait to him, unlike the children who retain their hair in oni form.

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