Itsu Oni is an English Ao Oni fangame released in Feburary of 2014. The game centers around 2 students, Wei and Mia, as they explore a house where a monster is supposedly living. The word "Itsu" comes from the Basque word for "Blind", which is fitting since the Oni in the game is blind. The game is somewhat short, and all endings can usually be obtained within 20 minutes.


The game opens with Wei and Mia talking about a house in the woods away from the city. Mia mentions a monster that lives there, who is looking for his eyes. She says that if you find the creature's eyes (which are hidden in the mansion), then you will be able to control the monster. Wei suggests that Mia show him the way to the house, since he had just recently moved to town and didn't know where it was at. They enter the house, but the monster suddenly appears and takes Mia away. Wei goes off to look for her, but encounters the monster upstairs after finding a key. He runs and finds a vase in the kitchen which he throws it at the monster, allowing him to get away.

He later finds a marble statue with a combination lock in the room upstairs where the monster first chased him, and enters a code he had found in a nearby book. Wei hears the sound of something large moving downstairs, which leads him to finding a door hidden behind a wall. The door leads to a prison room where Mia had been taken, and Mia is found in a cell. Wei destroys the lock with a pistol he had found earlier, and the two escape after the monster goes after them one last time. This is the Good Ending.

Other EndingsEdit

NOTE: All ending paths must be started before rescuing Mia.

Bad Ending (Coward)

This is the easiest ending to get. Simply leave the building when Wei wants to go look for Mia, and Wei will escape. It is implied that Mia is killed, as she is never seen again.

Bad Ending (Obsessed With Power)

For this ending, enter the bedroom on the first floor. Inspecting the bed four times will have Wei find a box containing the monster's eyes. After this, go to rescue Mia. After freeing Mia, Wei will shoot her with the pistol, saying he doesn't need her anymore because he has the eyes and can control the monster. He goes to find the monster, but the eyes don't seem to have any effect on controlling the monster and Wei is killed.

True Ending (Girl's Diary)

For this ending, inspect the bottles on the table upstairs until Wei notices a key in one. Then, go to the cell room but don't go far enough in to save Mia. Instead, return to the hallway and inspect the chest. There will be a Diary, which talks about a woman coming to town to collect his Grandmother's testament. She inherits an old house, which she cleans up for some tenants who want to live there. She enjoys the local's company, apart from one who says the house is haunted and bad things will happen if she stays there. The woman attempts to ignore him, but admits that she hears strange sounds upstairs every now and then. A few days later, she finds the dead bodies of her tenants and calls the police, who find nothing.

The woman decides that it is time to leave the house, and has packed his bags to leave on the train. It appears that the monster kills her before she escapes, however, since the diary is heavily damaged and stained, which concludes the entries.

Wei then goes to find Mia, and they escape together just like in the first good ending. Wei asks some locals about the woman he read about, but they say the police gave up on the case and no one knows how she died.


  • This game was made under a deadline, for a contest, but the contest's owner was gone behind the deadline, so the contest was gone.