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Hiroshi (movie)
Japanese Name ひろし
Rōmaji Hiroshi
Sex Male
Class Middle School Student/High School Student
Voice Actor Akira Ishida(2nd novel trailer only, now only seen on Niconico)
Movie Actor Seiya
Appearances Ao Oni series

Ao Oni (School Ghost Story)
Crom Oni
King Oni series
Vampire Mika series

More info
Description Protagonist of the game/2nd to rest of the novel series. Shun's "only" friend.
Face Sprite Hir avatar. 6png (Current)

Hir avatar (Previous versions)

Hiroshi (ひろし Hiroshi?) is the protagonist of Ao Oni. He is the character that the player controls during the entirety of the game. Though in the first novel and movie, he is not. He is a secondary character in the 1st novel and a side character in the movie. Though he is the protagonist through out the rest of the novel series(Shun's protagonist titled was removed for an unknown reason).


Old graphic and new graphic.

Hiroshi 1.1

Hiroshi's appearance in Ao oni 1.0 and Ao Oni Plus

Appearance Edit

Hiroshi is usually displayed with silver hair, glasses, wearing a white scarf, and in a school uniform throughout the game and novel. Though in version 1.1, he has dark hair, a different uniform on, different eye color, and no glasses and scarf. In the movie, he looks extremely different from how he originally looks.


Hiroshi's current sprite.

Personality Edit

Hiroshi is a very smart boy, and takes things serious in nature. He usually shows no sign of emotion in both the games and novel series(and possibly the movie.). Hiroshi does not believe in any monsters cause he says that its, "scientifically impossible", until encountering the oni that is. He usually is known to survive in the games and somewhat in the novel to.Though the movie, he may not be so lucky.

Ao Oni (Games) Edit


Hiroshi doubting the monster in the opening cutscene.

In the beginning of the game, Hiroshi dismisses the existence of the monster in the mansion by saying it is "scientifically impossible" for monsters to exist. However, he runs into the Oni shortly after you gain control of him. Hiroshi appears to be the "brainiac" of the group and shows this by completing the daunting puzzles present within the mansion, while still avoiding the monster. After finding out that he and his friends are trapped in the mansion, Hiroshi begins to try and find a way so everyone can escape alive.

In the most recent version, along with Ao Oni 3.0, Hiroshi is the only survivor of the mansion.

Ao Oni (Novel) Edit


Hiroshi as he appears in the book.

The first year classroom's prodigy, Hiroshi wears his school uniform at all times. Extremely serious in nature, he almost always speaks with a formal tone. He does not believe in anything that cannot be scientifically proven. He is mostly seen with Shun in most of the images. Later on in the series, he takes his protagonist title back and is teaming up with Shun and Anna to save his "friends" from the monster's curse. Ao Oni Movie

Hiroshi will be portrayed by Seiya.

Tori gaku 02b - Copy (2)

Hiroshi movie sprite.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though Hiroshi's portrait has glasses (and a scalf in his version 5.2 potrait), his sprite does not seem to wear them. This might be because the default sprites in the RPG maker do not have glasses either.
    • However in the novel version of Hiroshi's sprite, he wears a scalf, but still does not wear glasses.
  • In the trailer for the Ao Oni Revenge novel, he is voiced by Akira Ishida. The video for this can only be seen on NicoNico.
  • The fan portrayal of Hiroshi has made "scientifically impossible" his catch phrase.
  • Despite the design Hiroshi usually is portrayed in both the game series and novel series, his movie appearance is going to be very different, for he will not be wearing his school uniform. He will be wearing a beanie and mouthguard around his mouth.
  • Hiroshi does not die throughout the series, unless the oni catches you. But he would "die" in the novel series.
  • At the end of the film, Anna and Hiroshi are seen running from the oni. Hiroshi then trips like a clumsy guy and Anna calls for him. Hiroshi doesn't want to weigh Anna down so he yells at her and tells her to leave. Anna is hesitant, but once the oni runs over Hiroshi, Anna starts to sprint away. It is unknown if Hiroshi (or Anna for that matter) survived.
  • Hiroshi dies in the end of the 2nd novel, he usually never dies(unless the player is caught), but he dies with a smile on his face. Hiroshi smiled for the first time in the 2nd novel and of the entire series.

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