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Picture from the beginning of the game, feature the main characters (from left); Prussia, Japan, Italy and Germany.

Heta Oni (ヘタ鬼) is a fangame made by Nicovideo user Tomoyoshi based off the Japanese horror game Ao Oni, and the popular Japanese webcomic and anime Hetalia: Axis Powers/World Series/The Beautiful World/The World Twinkle.  


Heta Oni was created by Tomoyoshi, based off the horror RPG by noprops "Ao Oni". The game is mostly modeled off version 3.0 of the Ao Oni series. The game was originally posted in Japanese on Nico Nico Douga in 2010. Shortly later, YouTube user SotetAG started posting and translating the videos of the gameplay into English and Portuguese. Currently there is captioning of these videos in English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish, Danish, German, Estonian, Finnish, Spanish, and Dutch. It was not until 2012 that the game was made to be playable in English by YouTube and DeviantART user Aslyyaa / Pianodream retrospectively. Though it may not look exactly like the original, it follows the game very well. The demo was released in January 2012, and the latest update was v17.1. The game was later taken down of rule-breaking, and was uploaded back up sometime in 2013 with a new set of strict rules, and booby traps set in-game to stop the rule-breaking, including screamers (according to some sources). This has elicited much negative feedback directed towards Pianodream, but others sympathize with her because she has stated that one of the reasons she has stopped with HetaOni was because of an overload of fan messages or complaints.

Note: The fanmade version is currently available for download in English.


Spoilers begin here, so DON`T READ IF YOU ARE NOT FINISHED.

The game begins with a scene featuring a mochi trying to escape from the front door of the mansion. The lights go out every now and then with eerie music playing, and a few cries coming from the mochi are heard throughout the scene. It ends with a close up on the mochi, who is presumably about to die.

Next, the "main characters" appear outside of the mansion; Prussia, Japan, Germany, and Italy. They enter The Foyer and a crash is heard from the other room. Japan volunteers to go investigate and goes to the kitchen where he discovers a broken plate, and takes a shard. He goes back to the foyer and discovers his friends are gone, thinking they left him there. He starts exploring the house and soon finds Germany hiding in a closet, badly shaken. Japan proceeds to go to the bathroom on the first floor to get some water for him, and after giving him some Germany will give Japan a key to the library. Once Japan is there, on a table will be an onigri. Once you pick it up, the monster will appear.


Main CharactersEdit

Italy: The title character of the Hetalia series and the main protagonist in the game. He is known to be a bit clumsy, and is the


personification of the northern half of Italy. His best friends are Germany and Japan, and he has an older brother (the personification of Southern Italy), Romano. In the game, it is discovered that Italy has been in time loops several times. When he first entered the mansion, it was with all of the listed main characters. They encounter the monster, and everyone but Italy dies in the first loop. Italy is broken after witnessing all of his friends' deaths, and wanders around the mansion until he reaches the library and finds a journal signed with the title "Ryuuzu no Ko" that allows him to rewind a grandfather clock in the house to turn back time. He uses this journal to reenter the mansion in his second time loop to try to save his friends once more, but fails again. He repeats this process multiple times, but always ends with at least one of his friends dying. In the second loop, he actually dies while trying to save his friends, but not before telling them about the first loop. After he dies, England uses his magical abilities to take the remaining nations back so they could all escape the mansion together. Italy retains no memories of this loop, however. In the loop the game takes place in, Italy goes as far as locking his friends in a cell in order to save them. His weapon is listed as a Bible, but is later revealed to be the journal that he found in the first time loop.

Germany: A major character in the game and the series. He is normally a very tough, determined character, and is the


personification of Germany. He is a good friend of Japan and Italy, Prussia's younger brother, and a target of Romano's insults. In Heta Oni, Germany is portrayed as being quite more cowardly than his normal character, being so scared of the Oni he hides in a closet and is shaken to the point of not speaking. He also builds a safe house in the area behind the closet doors, which later plays a major role in the game. In the time loop where Italy dies, Germany goes hysterical and doesn't believe he is actually dead at first. Because a few of the nations needed to go back in time to certain time loops to get rid of all of the Onis that were taken from their time loop to past time loops, Italy arrives in this second loop and is accidentally spotted by Germany. This caused the latter to believe the former really was alive and in front of him when he goes up to him. He is convinced, after talking to Italy, that the Italy he saw, who was really from the time loop the game takes place in, is a ghost and calms down. In the time loop the game takes place in, he is the first to be found after the first four who enter the mansion scatter. His whip has to have been found beforehand, as he is need of a weapon (along with food and drink) upon discovering him. Germany's character icon is often poked fun of in the Heta Oni fandom due to it being an edit of that of Takeshi of Ao Oni, which was "derpish" in appearance. His weapon is his whip.



Japan: The de-facto main character of the game and a major character in the series. He is a quiet, modest character and personification of Japan. He is good friends with Italy, Germany, America, and England. China is his older brother, and South Korea, North Korea, and the Indies are his younger brothers. For the first part of the game, you play as Japan, thus his de-facto main character status. In the game, Japan is the only character who can actually see predictions of possible futures when clocks are broken, while others would see past time loops. His weapon is his tachi.



Prussia: A major character in the game and a minor in the series. He claims that he is the "awesomest nation in the world", and is the personification of Prussia, which is an ex-nation. His best friends are Spain and France, and he is Germany's older brother. In the time loop the game takes place in, he is the second to be found after the first four who enter the mansion scatter. The player must know to lock the door to the room he is found in, or the Oni would come into the room and kill both Japan and Prussia, instigating a game over. His weapon is his old sword.

Major CharactersEdit

America: Another major character. He is loud and somewhat


annoying, constantly claiming he is a hero, and is the personification of the United States. Because of his attitude America's only real friends are Tony and Japan. The two closest characters in show to him are England and Canada, England being his former caretaker, and Canada his brother. In the game America arrives at the mansion first (though thought to be second) along with England, France, Russia, China, and Canada. He invites everyone to the mansion when told about it by Italy. He constantly tries to be the hero and save everyone, which leads to some problems. America's icon is also made fun of in the fandom due to being similar to Germany's and England's being derpish. His weapon is his pistol England gave him.

England: Another major character. He is grumpy and uses magic. He is the personification of England/Great


Britain. In the game he uses magic as a weapon, but is weak for some reason and cannot do much. At one point he uses all of his magic to try to ultimately defeat the monster, which only stuns the monster and ends up leaving him blind and faints. (causing hysteria from America.) When Italy, Japan, and America are trapped in the second time loop it is learned that England knew during that time about the paradox, and uses his magic to send them back. While doing this, he is presumed to be killed by the monster, causing America to go into hysteria. His icon, like America's, Prussia's and Germany's, is fucc.



France: Another major character. He is very romantic, and may or may not hate England. He is the personification of France. His best friends are Spain and Prussia. He doesn't have much of a major role in the game. His weapon of choice is a sword.



Russia: Another major character. He is pretty scary, and strong. He is the personification of Russia. He is the younger brother to Ukraine and older brother to Belarus. Because he is so scary, he doesn't have many friends. In the game, he is seen making a few suspicious  phone calls (despite the lack of reception) to an unnamed person. His weapon of choice is a pipe.



China: A major character in the series, minor in the game. He is the personification of China, and Japan and Korea's older brother. He doesn't have much of a role in the game, so much to the point many fans take note of this. His weapon of choice is a wok.



Canada: A major character in the game, a mix of major and minor in the series. He is a very soft spoken, unnoticed character and the personification of Canada. He is America's brother (it is unknown who is older, but in the comics it says Canada is older), and his only friend is a polar bear. In the game and webcomic, Canada is hardly ever noticed by the other characters. In one scene, the monster enters the same room as Canada and doesn't even notice him. Despite this is noticed more often and solves a few main puzzles. His weapon of choice is his polar bear (though, he isn't seen carrying his polar bear around.)



Spain: A major character in the game, minor in the series. He is a very joyful character and the personification of Spain. His best friends are Prussia, and France. Romano being his other good friend. In the game Spain and Romano enter the mansion last, by climbing in a hole by a rope in attempt to save the other nations, but ends up falling in and being trapped. His weapon of choice is an axe.



Romano: A major character in the game, minor in the series. He is a very spiteful, rude character and the personification of the southern half of Italy. He is Italy's older brother, and his former caretaker is Spain. In the game he and Spain enter the mansion last, by climbing in a hole in attempt to save the other nations, but ends up falling in and being trapped. He seems to share memories with Italy when Italy can't handle anymore. In order to avoid confusion with names, he is called Romano (after Rome), so he won't be confused with Italy. Though his full name would be Italy Romano. His weapon is a machine gun. (Hinting to the Italian organised crime family Mafia.)

Minor CharactersEdit



Austria: A minor character. He is very classy and snobby, and the personification of Austria. He was somehow able to talk to the nations through cellphone, and gives encouragement to Italy. He travels with Switzerland and Korea.



Switzerland: A minor character. He is easily angered, the personification of Switzerland, and Liechtenstein's older brother. He seems to be trigger-happy. He travels with Austria and Korea. His weapon is a rifle. He is good friends with India.



South Korea: A minor character. He is a happy go lucky person and the personification of southern half of Korea. He gets annoyed at one point in the game with Austria's terrible sense of direction and scolds him. He is also shown to be quite strong, as he defeated an Oni with only one hit.He is China's and Japan's younger brother. He travels with Austria and Switzerland.



Hungary: A minor character. She is somewhat tomboy-ish and the personification of Hungary. She travels with Liechtenstein, Ukraine, and Belarus. Her weapon is a frying pan.

Liechtenstein: A minor character. She is very proper and polite. She is also the



personification of Liechtenstein, and Switzerland's younger sister. She disobeyed her brother and ran off to help, causing Hungary, Ukraine, and Belarus to go after her. She travels with Hungary, Ukraine, and Belarus. Her weapon is a gun she borrowed off Switzerland.



Ukraine: A minor character. She's a cry-baby and the personification of Ukraine. She is Russia and Belarus's older sister. She travels with Hungary, Liechtenstein, and Belarus.



Belarus: A minor character. She is the personification of Belarus. She is Ukraine and Russia's younger sister. She is very scary, and only seems to like her older brother, which is somewhat surprising when we discover she becomes friends with Hungary and Liechtenstein. She travels with them and Ukraine.

Lithuania: A minor character. He is timid, kind and the personification of Lithuania. He is great friends with Poland and India and he travels with Poland.

Poland: A minor character. He's very girly, talks like a valley girl and is the personification of Poland. He is great friends with Lithuania and India and travels with Lithuania.

Hiroshi, Takeshi, Takuro and Mika: The protagonists of the original Ao Oni games. They discuss the rumors of the mansion which Italy overhears when he snuck of Germany's training, kickstarting the plot. Other than this, their role in Heta Oni is quite small. It is unknown whether Heta Oni takes place after Ao Oni due to contradicting evidence.

Mentioned but never seen characters in Heta oni:

Denmark: His weapon is a Battle Axe.

Sweden: His weapon is a Sword. He claims Finland to be his wife.

Finland: He is a smart nation and is friends with China. His weapon is a Sniper.

Norway: Is a nation who is friends with England and Romania (Romania is not seen) and is Iceland's big brother. His weapon is Magic.

Iceland: His older brother is Norway. His friend is Austria.

Estonia: He is very powerful. His weapon is a plate.

Latvia: He is very weak and uses a knife to kill.

Sealand: Sealand is a micro-nation who is England younger brother, Latvia and Wy's friend, and Sweden's step-son.

WY: Wy is a young micro-nation who is loved by Seaborga. She is Australia's younger sister.

India: His best friends are Prussia, Germany, Italy, Romano, Poland, France, England, America, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Switzerland.

Hong Kong: He is a very bossy character and is China's younger brother and Japan's older. His friends are France, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Prussia and Taiwan. His weapon is a gun.

Tony: Tony is America's alien friend. He is small, grey, and is somewhat similar looking to Steve. This is why many characters believed Tony was Steve, and being trapped was America's fault, even though he didn't have anything to do with it.


The original videos can be found at and the English at

The fan-made version is currently back up for download.

An accurate remake can downloaded here: Just click on the word "here" on the "Hetaoni English by AdminProductions" Section of the page.

An enhanced English version of the game was made by an artist named Cookie. It has a fan-made ending, as there isn't any form of canonical ending.

Different IconsEdit

Some characters have different versions for the portraits. Here are some:


Steve is the main antagonist in Heta Oni. He is a big, grey alien like creature. He is portrayed as being very strong. At first many characters thought he was America's alien friend Tony, who is also a grey alien. It was confirmed that it was not Tony, but since then some fans still do call him Tony. Most fans though call it by its fan given name, Steve. Steve is based off the fact that Tony is a very simple, American name for an alien, and has been a major part of the Heta Oni fandom. It is seen in a later part that there are actually many monsters that are similar to Steve in the mansion, and that he gets stronger every time Japan looks into the past.