Hakyo Oni is a Korean fangame that follows the adventures of four kids who split up in a ruined mansion. An enigmatic, bloody monster stalks them and plays tricks on them, bringing the protagonist Eun-hyeok to question his sanity. Various diaries are left around the mansion that seem to narrate stories of Eun-hyeok's own experiences. The game features two endings, a happy and a normal ending, that result from a decision the player must make.

Hakyo Oni was made in RPG XP and requires the computer's locale to be set to Korean. A very common audio error that will crash the game before the first chase can be solved by following the steps to fix the Missing Text Glitch.


NOTE: The rest of this page may contain spoilers and solutions to puzzles.

The opening monologue introduces a number of motifs. It questions the reality of experienced events, posing the question of whether to believe in something fantastical that happens or just write it off as a dream.


The mansion.

The story begins with Bak Eun-hyeok waking up in the morning. There's a knock on his front door, and he opens it to find his three friends. He seems surprised at their arrival, having forgotten the group's prior arrangements. The three friends are disappointed at this, and Woo Jae-seok reminds Eun-hyeok that he promised they could all go explore the ruins that morning. Lee Ji-hyun and Kim Inji tease Eun-hyeok and call him a coward. Eun-hyeok quickly assures them that he's not afraid, and that they can leave immediately.

The four are seen standing outside an abandoned house. They enter and explore the foyer. Jae-seok comments on how it was fortunate that the front door was unlocked. Inji and Ji-hyun are a bit frightened by the house's dark and gloomy appearence, and suddenly a large, bloody monster bursts through the front door. It chatters at them, and the terrified group splits up and flees.

Eun-hyeok stops to catch his breath in an unknown room of the house. He calms himself and rests. He takes a peak at a journal on the desk, where a worried author narrates a story of being trapped in that very house and chased by a monster. Eun-hyeok realizes that the diary's author went through the same experience he and his friends are. The second half of the book is torn out.


The oni chasing Eun-hyeok.

He explores the empty house and finds Inji in a room. They have a brief conversation, and right as Inji is about to tell Eun-hyeok where the others ran off to, the lights go out. Eun-hyeok hears Inji scream and be dragged from the room, and then the lights come back. Another diary appears on the table. The author writes about how he found his friend, but the lights went out and she was dragged away screaming. Eun-hyeok is again shocked at the similarities between the diary and reality.

He leaves the room just in time to see Jae-seok hurry down the hall and into a room. Eun-hyeok hurries to the door, only to find it locked. He hears a blood-curdling scream and the oni appears and chases him. Once Eun-hyeok loses the monster and reunited with Jae-seok, the two share a short conversation. Jae-seok is terrified and stresses that they need to quickly find the others and leave. Eun-hyeok agrees and reasons that it would be faster if they split up. Jae-seok agrees and the two go their seperate ways.


Eun-hyeok finding Ji-hyun in the piano room.

Eun-hyeok soon finds Ji-hyun alone in a room. After a short conversation, she admits she has given up, and no longer feels the will to even try to escape. The lights go out again, and she is dragged from the room screaming.

After solving cracking a puzzle and exploring both the basement and the attic, Eun-hyeok eventually drags a table down to the ground floor and spans it across the wide crack in the ground. This allows him to get to the annex of the house.

The AnnexEdit

Eun-hyeok comes across a locked jail cell, and Ji-hyun's unconcious body can be seen through the bars. He calls out to her and begins to panic. Struggling to calm himself down, he assures himself that there surely must be a key somewhere in the annex. During his search, he finds himself locked in a room. He reads a nearby diary, and recognizes the handwriting from the diaries before. Again, the diary narrates Eun-hyeok's own experience, about having a friend trapped in a jail cell, perhaps having been locked in there by an oni. Eun-hyeok protests that the circumstances are terrifying enough and begins to wonder if everything is just a coincedence.


Eun-hyeok in the basement.

As he leaves the room, the oni appears. Cursing loudly, Eun-hyeok stumbles back up the stairs. Jae-seok quickly appears and drags Eun-hyeok into a room. The two share a moment of reunion, but quickly remember that sticking together is not a good idea. Jae-seok gives Eun-hyeok a key he found, and tells him to go get Ji-hyun from the jail cell while he continues to search for Inji. The two split up once again

It's not long before Jae-seok stumbles across Eun-hyeok again in a bedroom. The oni appears and Jae-seok fumbles with a key he found, and the two barely escape into a nearby room. After recovering their breath, Eun-hyeok says that they need to keep searching. Jae-seok disagrees, insisting that by now he feels that their own lives are more important. From here, the story can diverge along two different paths.

Happy Ending ("An Unwanted Nightmare")Edit


Eun-hyeok and Jae-seok find Ji-hyun on their way out.

Eun-hyeok agrees that they really need to get out of the mansion. On their way out, they run into Ji-hyun's slumped body in a room. They wake her up and leave with her. Immediately afterwards, the floor under them breaks and they fall into a lower area of the house. The three then happen across Inji unconcious behind a jail cell. Eun-hyeok unlocks the cell and they drag her out, fleeing the house quickly. The monster appears for a final chase and they escape the house.

Jae-seok bursting into the final room right as the three are about to escape.

Normal Ending ("False Memories")Edit

Eun-hyeok insists that they need to try to save the others before leaving. Jae-seok angrily storms off, telling Eun-hyeok to have a nice day. Eun-hyeok explores alone, rescuing both girls from jail cells. They find an exit and pause for a moment. Suddenly, Jae-seok appears and tells them to escape quickly without him. The three are shocked and begin to protest, but Jae-seok explains that the oni is right behind him. It's too late to change his mind, he says, and they need to run if they want to live.

Jae-seok sacrifices himself to let the three escape, and they just barely make it out of the mansion. The next day, the three talk about the horrifying experiences. Ji-hyun and Inji remember exploring the mansion and the monster, but seem to have forgotten about anyone named Woo Jae-seok ever existing.



The final chase.

The frequency of chases in Hakyo Oni is much higher than in the original Ao Oni. Just like the original, the oni can appear randomly to chase the player. The oni can also appear from a variety of odd places, emerging from dressers, popping up through the floor, and making a habit of bursting into rooms at breakneck speeds to startle the player.

During normal chases, the player moves just slightly faster than the oni, but during certain scripted scenes, the oni will move much faster than the player, like during the final chase.

The oni can often be trapped behind holes in the floor, but not behind tables.

There is a glitch where the oni can spawn outside the walls and therefore be unable to chase the player.

There is also a glitch where if the oni is right behind you, you can open a door, and the oni will cease to chase you, but the chase music will continue to play.



A hint that is never used.

There are several puzzles within Hakyo Oni. There are several nonsensical notes strewn throughout the mansion. Some are hints that can be used to solve combination locks, and some are simply included to confuse the player.

There are also several additional short, easily solvable puzzles that are not described below.

The Piano PuzzleEdit


The note.

Early into the game, the player will obtain a few slips of paper that seem to contain nonsensical English letters. In every playthrough of the game, the note will read 'NAIWPIWP?', but the second note lists a different pair of two letters every time. In every playthrough of the game, the piano also lists the same numbers: 31297398.

The notes are used to open a combination lock. The code can be deduced by substituting numbers found on the piano to letters on the notes. In addition, the player must use a nearby piece of paper nailed on a wall that says "? = 0".

The following graphic explains the puzzle:


The Clock PuzzleEdit

In the annex, the player comes across a clock that seems to be out of batteries. By powering it on, the player will get a key needed to proceed.

If this puzzle is done incorrectly, the player will lock the game into an impossible state, and the game will not be finishable. Go to step 28 of the walkthrough below to see the correct way to power on the clock.

Unused Sprite Edit

A sprite exists in the game's graphics data, titled "훼이크" translating to "Hwei Keu" or possibly "Fake." It is never seen throughout gameplay and hints at a possible scrapped ending.

The sprite's head does not resemble any of the game's characters.


A human head sticking out of the Oni's body. Unused.


  1. After you gain control of Eun-hyeok, investigate the door to the room. It is locked. Read the book in the top-left corner and the door will open. Exit the room.
  2. Head back to the foyer (main room) and confirm that the front door is locked. Head up the stairs. Enter the first room you see and talk to the girl (Inji).
  3. Head to the kitchen. To get there, go back down the stairs. Head to the right, and go down. Go down again. In the kitchen, there is an envelope on the table. Eun-hyeok will read it and find a KEY inside.
  4. Go up from this room, and up once more into the hallway. The key will open the door straight above you. In here, search the bed to find the PAPER.
  5. Return to the room you found Inji in (head back to the foyer, go up the stairs and straight up). There is a book on the table. Pick up the PAPER underneath it.
  6. Exit the room and Jae-seok will run off to the right and into that door. Check the door, and the oni will chase you. The easiest way to end this chase is to head down the hallway and up the stairs. Immediately run back down the stairs and head to the kitchen. The oni will leave by the time you get there.
  7. Head back to the room you couldn't get into (the one Jae-seok ran into). You will find Jae-seok inside and have a quick conversation. He agrees to split up and look for the others. Don't forget to pick up the THICK KEY.
  8. Head back downstairs to the foyer and all the way to the right. The THICK KEY opens the door leading to the right. Inside this room, inspect the safe in the top-right corner, but you can't open it.
  9. Head back upstairs and around the hallway. The oni will burst from a door and chase you. After the chase, head back to the door he came from.
  10. Inside this room, there should be a fireplace. Ignore it and search the hole in the top-right corner. You'll fall in and get a WHITE KEY. Head back to the room with the safe (go to the very right) and open the safe. Inside are MATCHES.
  11. Return upstairs and light the fireplace. If you inspect the desk in here, it will ask you if you want to look underneath. Choose the second option (NO), or the oni will appear.
  12. Leave the room and the oni will chase you. After the chase, return to the room he came out out (up the stairs, around the hallway, first door along the south hallway). Inside is a piano and Ji-hyun. After the cutscene, inspect the piano to read the number 31297398.
  13. Head back down the stairs and to the left, towards the room you first woke up in. The oni will chase you.
  14. Head back to the bathroom and pick up the KEY on the ground. This key goes to the upstairs room around the corner. Once you enter that room, you will see a key across the room. Pick it up and the oni will chase you.
  15. Head downstairs to the safe room (go to the very right). Open the locked door in this room to head into the basement. The room to the left has a locked jail cell, the room to the north has a piece of paper on the wall. Read it to get the first half of a puzzle. It says " ? = 0 is written on the paper."
  16. Head upstairs and up the second set of stairs to the attic. The oni will pop out and chase you, but then the attic will be unlocked. Enter, push the bookcase to the right and get the key underneath.
  17. Head back to the basement and open the jail cell with this key. The door will require a password. For the solution, read the section for Piano Puzzle above.
  18. Enter the room and push the chair on the right to reveal a key. The oni will appear and chase you. After the chase, head to the foyer. Travel to the right and enter the room to the north. There is a new paper on the wall you need to push the stool to read. The paper says that the front door key is in the annex, and Eun-hyeok realizes he will need planks to cross the big crack in the floor.
  19. Return to the room you woke up in (from the foyer, head to the very left) and instead the plaster cast on the table to pick it up.
  20. Head to the fireplay room (next to the stairs that lead up to the attic) and burn the plaster cast. Eun-hyeok says he needs to find a way to put out the fire.
  21. Head to the kitchen and pick up the PAIL from the fridge. Head to the bathroom and fill the pail with water from the tub.
  22. Go put out the fire and pick up the BOOKCASE KEY from the ashes. Head back to the room you woke up in (go to the foyer and head to the very left) and open one of the bookcases to obtain another KEY.
  23. This key opens the left-hand side door in the attic. Head there and evade the scripted oni chase. Open the door and pick up the BOARD inside. It's the table in the top-right corner.
  24. Head back to the large crack in the ground where you woke up. Break the board in the middle and use it to cross.
  25. In the next area, enter the first door on your left (you'll use the key you found in the basement).
  26. Push the stool by the desk and pick up a paper. Examine it in your inventory to read 1X3XX.
  27. Exit into the hall and head north to start another oni chase. When you escape, return here and enter the door. You should hear rain, and you are now in the ANNEX.
  28. SAVE YOUR GAME. It is very easy to do the following steps out of order and lock your game into an impossible state. The correct order to solve the clock puzzle is as follows:
    1. You are in the main room of the annex. Head north, up the stairs and examine the clock. It is out of batteries.
    2. Head into the room to the right and immediately leave.
    3. Examine the clock again.
    4. Head into the room to the right again.
    5. Examine the dresser in the top-right corner. It is partially open but the drawer is jammed in place. (You can skip this step and do it later, but go ahead and do it now.)
    6. Explore the drawers to the left and find a BATTERY.
    7. Return to the main room of the annex. Head to the left.
    8. If the second BATTERY is twinkling in the corner of the room, you have done things correctly. Place both batteries in the clock to power it on and get a KEY.
  29. Head back to the main room of the annex and to the very left. The PLIERS will be on the floor. Use these to open the jammed drawer upstairs and obtain another KEY.
  30. Return to the main room of the annex and use the key on the room to the right. Ji-hyun's body can be seen through the cell door, and Eun-hyeok frantically calls out to her, before deciding to find the cell key.
  31. Pick up the second piece of paper to the right. It says SOMETHING LIKE 217/753. Head back upstairs in the annex and the oni will chase you. Leave him and enter the room he emerged from.
  32. There is a ringing telephone on the desk. Do not answer it.
  33. Instead, head down the stairs. You are in the LOWER ANNEX. Head to the very right and you'll enter the ANNEX LIBRARY. Pick up the paper in the top-right corner. It says REVERSE.
  34. Exit and escape the oni chase that occurs immediately afterwards. Enter the door the oni had emerged from. The far wall is missing a bookcase. Examine the gap between the two bookcases.
  35. Return to the main room of the LOWER ANNEX and open the door heading southward with the key you found in the clock.
  36. You will be locked inside. Read the diary in the top-right corner to unlock the door. As you leave, the oni will appear and a cutscene will occur. Jae-seok will give you a key.
  37. Return to the LOWER ANNEX and use this key on the northward door. Head to the right until the oni appears. Follow him into a room and he will chase you out. Return to the closet he emerged from and pick up a key.
  38. Leave the room, head to the left and use this key on the northward door. During the cutscene, you will have to make a decision. Jae-seok insists that you two need to forget the others and leave immediately.

The first option says : "LET'S CONTINUE SEARCHING"

The second option says : "YEAH, LET'S GET OUT OF HERE"

Happy EndingEdit

  1. Pick the second option.
  2. Follow the hallways until you find Ji-hyun's body. Wake her up and she will join the party. Immediately afterwards, you will fall and watch a cutscene. When Eun-hyeok awakens, leave the room.
  3. Travel down and out the bottom-right door. The oni will pop out from a dresser and chase you. After the chase, head up to find Inji's body behind a cell. Head back down and search the bottom-right corner of this room to find the key.
  4. Return and open Inji's cell. Approach her from the right and talk to her to get her in the party. Return to the hallway and pick up the key in the middle. The oni will chase you.
  5. Go through the door he emerged from and immediately head downwards. You will appear outside. Run as fast as you can straight downward to escape.

Normal EndingEdit

  1. Pick the first option.
  2. After Jae-seok leaves, head straight up into the room with all the beds and pick up the key that is on the top-left one. Head back down into the hallway.
  3. Head to the very right of the hallway and use this key on the northward door. Head upwards and inspect the jar in the corner to get a KEY. The jar has a 7 engraved on it.
  4. Leave this room and head to the left to find Inji's body behind the cell. Open the cell and inspect her body and she will join the party. The envelope has the number 3 on it and another KEY inside.
  5. Return to the right and head to the very right. The key will open this door.
  6. The combination 37 will open the safe in this room. As you head to the right, the oni will chase you. Escape him and enter that room, which turns out to be a jail cell where Ji-hyun is locked up. Open the cell and talk to her, and she will join the party. As you leave the room, another oni chase occurs.
  7. After this chase, return to the room the oni came out of (the room with the jar in it) and head down the stairs on the right. After the cutscene, you can escape.