The Garden (Sometimes known as the Outdoors) is a location placed outside of the Mansion, usually near the Annex . It usually appears near the end of the game, and sometimes serves as two seperate locations.


The Garden is present in Version 1 , 5 and 6 of Ao Oni. In version 1, the Garden has a different appearance and is first accessible by Kazuya. It is entered after opening the Front Door and heading to the back to try and save Hiroshi. After getting the Rope Ladder, the player can throw it down the well to return to the Mansion. It is later accssessed by Hiroshi, Kazuya and Megumi to escape.

In Version 5, the Garden is also used to escape. The player can climb up the well to get to the garden and then escape alone. It can be also accessed through the Annex after the Roach Oni has broken and entered through a certain window. After this the player can go outside to

The Garden in version 6.23.

the Shed , where the Oni will appear through the floor and start the final chase.

In Version 6, the Garden appears for a brief time and does not serve any other purpose than an entrance to the Old Building. The Takeshi Oni may appear on the path, and will always appear from the Annex rather than the Old Building. It will come out of the Annex if you are attempting to go there with the Blockman in pursuit. It then reappears in the end, when escaping from Takuro Oni for the 2nd time. It serves as the main setting for the final chase.