The Dice Puzzle is a puzzle in Version 6 of Ao Oni. It appears in the Old Building section of the game, beginning in a room containing a strange scribble on the wall and ending in the Chapel.

The PuzzleEdit

After entering the scribble room, use the Plate Shard to tear open the wallpaper where the Scribble abruptly ends.

The Dice puzzle in it's solved state.

When the next room is entered, the Die is visible on the table in the top corner of the room. Approaching the table however, starts a chase with the Oni. It does not immediately enter the room, and instead begins to play the chase music alerting the player of the Oni's presence. Hiding in the closet will prevent the Oni from killing you. After exiting the closet, the Die will now be available on the table. Take it to a room where a line of dice are seen inside a frame. Putting it inside the frame will cause certain dots on the dice to light up.

Remembering the pattern of the dots, enter the Chapel. The benches there are lined up in a pattern similar to a dice, as in a bench to correspond to each dot on the dice. The benches all have a button on them. Press the benches' buttons in the order seen on the dice, from left to right in the frame. Doing so will move the angelic statue out of place revealing a passage to the basement of the Old Building.

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