Crom Oni is a Korean spin-off game which presents itself as a sequel to the original Ao Oni. The story follows Syo who enters a mansion to rescue a missing Hiroshi, but is instead hunted by a red-colored Oni. The game features comedy themes and multiple endings, which have made it popular among Oni games.

The game's puzzles are based on Asian and mathematical based puzzles, such as Magic Squares and Sudoku. the games ending are mostly decided on how fast the game is beaten and how quickly puzzles are solved, with the exclusion of one.


WARNING: This section may contain spoilers.

The game starts with Syo speaking about Hiroshi, saying he hadn't been appearing at school for days and had


The Tatami Room.

apparently gone missing. He goes to investigate within a mansion, and hears a sound coming from the Kitchen. He finds nothing and begins to explore the house, finding strange things like many locked doors, one of which is inscribed with a heart. He finds a key upstairs leading to the Tatami Room, where he encounters the Crom Oni for the first time, after discovering an item laying on the floor..

After escaping the Oni, Syo discovers a key, leading to room which contains a piano that has apparently been locked shut. He also obtains a door handle atop a shelf, along with the key to the library in one of the cupboards. The Library does not contain much except for the bedroom key. He comes across the bedroom where he is promptly discovered by the Oni after an item drops onto the floor.

After escaping the Oni once again, Syo comes across the Basement. The Basement is very dark  which makes use of the lighter he found earlier and includes many of the original puzzles in the game. He finds clues such as numbers and papers to help him solve the puzzles but he is impeded several times by the Crom Oni which now appears to be very angry, baring it's teeth and dilating it's eyes. He finds many keys which eventually lead him to discover Hiroshi locked behind bars in a grey room. The Crom Oni appears, doing the iconic Jail-Bar shaking scene from the original game. After this, Hiroshi instructs Syo to escape while he distracts the Crom Oni. Syo eventually finds a long staircase from which he is able to exit, but he is chased by the Oni up the staircase and out of the house. He runs away from the mansion, but realizes he had left Hiroshi. Looking back however, he discovers the Mansion in ruins and Hiroshi and the Oni nowhere in sight. After returned, he discovers Hiroshi had escaped and had been found in his room, leaving him to question if the Mansion and the Oni ever existed at all. This concludes Normal Ending 2.


Crom Oni features a variety of puzzles, some of which are common Asian/mathematical puzzles. Most of the game's more complex puzzles appear later on in the basement section of the game and almost all of the puzzles are used to obtain codes for doors.

Piano Puzzle

The Piano Puzzle appears in the playroom, one of the earliest rooms available in the game. It involves opening the cover of the keys to the piano by figuring out numbers on 2 sheets of paper. The code can be obtained by lining the numbers up into a 4-number combination, then reversing the numbers front to back.

Button Puzzle

A very simple puzzle where buttons must be located around the house in order to obtain an item. It is one of the easiest puzzles but might take the longest to complete, due to the buttons having no visual indicators and the slow text speed of the game.

Sudoku Puzzle

The Sudoku puzzle is a puzzle seen in the basement of the game, where a Sudoku must be solved to open a door in the basement. A Sudoku puzzle is a logic numbers puzzle created in France but popularized in Japan, and it involves placing numbers in 9 3x3 grids and lining numbers up so they do not appear twice in one vertical or horizontal row. The puzzle is similar to puzzles seen in many worldwide newspapers.

Magic Squares Puzzle

The Magic Squares puzzle is another puzzle seen in the basement. A Magic Squares puzzle is a puzzle where integers are used in a 3x3 square grid so that the sum of numbers in the horizantal, vertical, and forward and bacwards diagonals all add up to the same number. The puzzle is used to obtain a door key.


  • The Oni is sometimes referred to (in the fanbase) as a "stupid" oni, seeing as it has a pathfinder that sometimes leads it away from Syo or in completely random directions altogether.
    • This is due to the fact that the Oni runs on the basic "Move Toward Player" command in RPG maker XP, which is underdeveloped and causes similar bugs as seen in the game.
  • There is speculation of several other "secret endings", since all of the obtainable endings in the game are numbered and some are labeled as "secret ending".
  • This game's Oni is currently the only Oni to have docile members. There is a room where an Oni hosts a minigame where the player used the Kitchen gun to hit the other Onis. Click this link to see it in action.