Hiroshi hiding in a closet.


Closet Sprites.

In the Ao Oni games, closets are usually a method of escaping The Oni. They can be used to end a chase early, though this sometimes backfires depending on the situation. If the player can make it to a closet and hide before The Oni enters the room, they can hear heavy breathing of The oni as it enters the room, checks it for the player, then leaves. This acts as a signal that the player is safe to exit the closet. However, the oni can find a player in the closet if they hide when it is present in the room, or under rarer circumstances even if they've hidden in the closet before The Oni enters. It is also stated the oni can find the player in a closet previously used to escape it, though this is also rare.

In Version 1.0, when you hide in a certain closet at one point in the game, the "camera" will not go black, and the Oni can be seen searching frantically in the room that the player is hiding in.

Version 3.0Edit

The closets work the same as in other versions of the game. However, if you hide in a closet while the oni is chasing you, at some point it sounds like the oni left the room, but once you exit the closet it is possible the oni will be standing in the middle of the room to set chase again. In translated versions, a glitch is possible where the Oni will "teleport" back to the doorway of the room and emerge from there. Sometimes you will find some items inside the closets.

Version 5.2Edit

Closets are the same as in Version 3, however The Oni standing in the middle of the room sometimes no longer happens. Takeshi is also found in a random closet thorughout the mansion should the player choose to rescue their friends.

Version 6.23Edit

Just as in Version 3.0 and 5.2, you can hide in closets to escape a chasing Oni. Takuro can be found in a closet in the Annex basement after he injures himself. Sometimes Mika Oni will hide in a closet to surprise the player. Items are no longer found in the closets.