Broze Oni's Mansion is the prequel to the original Broze Oni, this game takes place before characters Hiroshi, Mika, Takeshi, Takuro, Matt and Lucy enter the mansion.

Summary of ChangesEdit

Broze Oni's Mansion featured some minor edits from the original game.

  • Lachlan's hoodie colour has been changed to red instead of blue.
  • A secret lab area has been added on the second floor.
  • The characters discover the scientist who created the Oni.
  • The Novel character Naoki has been added to the game

along with his novel appearance.


NOTE: The following may contain spoilers.

The game starts up asking who the player would like to play as, you can either choose Cassey and Ryan, or Lachlan and the others. Whoever you choose, the story will be different all the time.

Cassey's StoryEdit

When you choose Cassey, you will start off with a cutscene showing Cassey and Ryan getting ready to go with Hiroshi and the others. And they walk into the city.

The two girls then end up in front of the mansion wondering if that's where Hiroshi and the others went, they head inside and explore for a while. They eventually end up in the library where the Oni is wandering around. Cassey then finds a book on the table and the girls are then pursued by the Oni, after losing it, Cassey and Ryan find a safe behind a bookshelf in one of the rooms and they enter a code to get a piece of paper that says "GO TO LITTLE ROOM".

The girls head upstairs and find a door, it is jammed. But can be opened by interacting with it a couple of times and they find themselves in a secret lab in the mansion, they follow a black path to a door, but it is locked. Cassey and Ryan eventually find a computer and unlock the secret door.

The girls then encounter the man that created the Oni and then commences another chase scene out of the lab. After Cassey and Ryan lose the Oni, they head to a bedroom on the first floor running into Naoki who has been looking for Hiroshi as well. Naoki joins the girls to look for an escape, they head to a secret jail cell and find the entrance key, but make sure the cell door is closed, if it's not...the Oni will kill you. if it IS shut, the bar shaking cutscene will play and the Oni will leave the room leaving Cassey, Ryan and Naoki alone.

The trio finally escape back home, but Naoki heads back to the mansion to look for Hiroshi and his friends. Cassey heads up to her hotel room to go to sleep, until a knock is heard outside, Cassey goes to answer it. but a bronze version of Roach Oni appears and kills Cassey, but it turns out that Ryan just had a nightmare. After drinking some water, the girls head to McDonalds to get some lunch and discus about going to the mansion again and eventually head back to the mansion to find Naoki. This ends Cassey's story.

Lachlan's StoryEdit

This story starts off with 15 year old Australian tourist Lachlan and his girlfriend Monique (originally named Bindi) finding the mansion Cassey had entered and chatting about having a place of their own, they head inside and look for some bedrooms.

The two lovebirds go up to the upstairs bedroom and Monique asks if she can have the room, Lachlan happily agrees and goes to find a room for himself, but ends up finding the Oni and rushes to Monique to tell him what he just saw, the two eventually get into a small fight but calm down quickly. They explore to find the Oni but no sign of it, after leaving a specific room, the Oni eventually pops out and chases them.

After losing it, Lachlan and Monique find Batu (BatuTH) in the library reading some books, after talking about the Oni's presence, they eventually run into Cassey and Ryan in the TV room. (this story takes place after Cassey's Story.) They introduce themselves and discus abut being trapped in the mansion. Batu goes to see if the front door is really locked and Lachlan tells his story of how he and Monique came to the mansion, Batu confirms the locked door and Cassey tells them she has the front door key.

But then she realizes she left it at home and they eventually split up into two groups, One group consists of Monique, Cassey and Batu while the other group is Lachlan and Ryan. The two kids find the scientist's room and witnesses his demise by his own monster. Ryan and Lachlan eventually find Naoki and head to a secret exit Naoki had found, Lachlan then goes to find the others and eventually make it to Naoki, but sadly. The Oni appears and bites Naoki's head off and chases Lachlan around the mansion.

Cassey then explains the epilogue of Lachlan's story and thus commences the original Broze Oni to be played.

Trivia Edit

In the 5 episode series of Toruko Oni, Lachlan's sprite had an actual hood instead of a turtleneck sweater.

  • Originally, Lachlan WAS going to wear a red turtleneck, but got changed to a red YOLO hoodie for unknown reasons.

In this game, Monique is brown haired, but in the Toruko Oni series, she is blonde.

  • This could be that she had probably dyed her hair blonde after the events of Broze Oni's Mansion.