Review Edit

This game Is the sequel to Broze Oni's mansion This after Cassie, Ryan and Lachlan, and Monique entered the mansion. This game has a lot of bugs from me seeing Strihiryu.

Plot Edit

Matt and his little sister get cursed with the monsters. They were following mercilessly trying to kill him. In the intro of the game, when you first get to play as Matt, you enter a underground like dungeon. He then finds himself inside a mansion. They then find a room to rest a little while before exploring the mansion.

Gameplay Edit

Matt then later searches around the mansion and enters the library. Upon entering he greeted with an oni walking around the library. But it’s not Broze oni or Regular Ao Oni,This time it’s Siro Oni 2. Upon grabbing the key from the books Siro Oni will start chasing you you have out run him you can’t hide. Thanks to the little playable area You’ve been given. After that chase you have to go back to Matt’s little sister and explain to her that the monsters are still there. They then go to the bathroom to then find a woman named Katie. She then explains that she has been chased by a monster. They tell her it is dangerous to go alone so she joins them. Upon her joining your they heard a monster slowly approaching to the bathroom. To escape the oni they hide under the table in the bathroom. The oni couldnt find them so he left the room. When they got out of the bathroom Hakkyo oni comes behind you chasing you. He was presumably the oni in the bathroom. After Katie joining your and outrunning Hakkyo oni you must go to the kitchen. Matt finds a hole and jumps in it leaving Lucy and Katie behind.