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  • TheOniMaster99 Shall I say more? Now we have this little game I call "Kind of Oni Crossing 2: Electric BoogalagooB" Have fun, and make sure to read the Changelog/Readme. You can also check out my other downloads, Have old versions of my games, A gem of Blue Barry's, and a horrible oni game

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  • TheOniMaster99

    Is this wiki even being used anymore? I remember being all braggy about having infinity oni games back in the day, 2012, while the rape jokes were not dead (But really they died in 2011 RIP), And then signing up around December. Anyways, this time I won't be releasing half-working games and making the good ones not alpha'd to the public. I have some real treats for you. If you haven't seen, there are pictures down below of the new and improved...Kind of Oni Crossing 2: Electric BoogalagooB. It will most likely be uploaded by tomorrow.

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  • KassiasGrandiel

    My Status

    December 28, 2014 by KassiasGrandiel

    What I'm working on:

    Calthax's Adventures: Yes, Demo 5 will have CoreCoro's castle raid.

    Abandoned Games

    Rainbowblade: Yes, this was going to be for both Ao Oni wiki and the MLP Fan Labor wiki, but when my computer had to be replaced I lost the project file as well.

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  • Loki5376

    Craman Oni

    December 18, 2014 by Loki5376

    I'm going to need some help with unlocking the Mansion Story demo, so I can help InvisibleMaple continue with his game. so if you can message me on how to do that, it would be great!

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  • Lumper11


    September 13, 2014 by Lumper11


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  • Killer11223345


    August 31, 2014 by Killer11223345

    Hello everyone, it's me yet again.

    Some of you might know me as the creator of Ynam Oni, and I thank you for that.

    As of now, I do not make oni games anymore and I do not plan to start again in the future. I have moved on to making WADs for Doom and being a part of the Walfas Station Wagon. The Station Wagon is my home now, and I do not plan to change that.

    It's safe to say that I am leaving the Ao Oni community once and for all. The wiki is extremely inactive in terms of projects, so this place is pretty much dead. The community has also come to its stopping point... This community is dead. We've found all of the good obscure fan games, we've made all of the good fan games, the movie is out, the novels exist... There is nothing left to do. T…

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  • WeegeeDude44

    Leaving the Wiki

    August 16, 2014 by WeegeeDude44

    I'm leaving the Ao Oni wiki Because I don't use it very much now and no one gives 2 shits and a egg about me so It gets boring after a while of basicly nothing happing! I've been Intrested In more *Cough* better and longer *Cough* Games Such as Pokémon, Half life, Left 4 Dead, Garry's mod, Mario and The Legend Of Zelda

    Anyway Bye

    (예상하지 못한결과에 대비하라... 하프 라이프 2 참조)

    나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사용하지 않는나는 위키를 사…

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  • Rina Aone

    Shattered Ground Act 1 has translated by R.

    This story is different, so that's fine.

    If there's a missing file, Copy "GameOver" image, after copied "GameOver" image, rename it.


    Walkthrough Guide:

    1. Go to Basement

    2. Go to Laboratory, get the Library key.

    3. Go to the Room, you've been encountered by the enemy.

    4. Go to the Room again, get the Green Water key in the dresser.

    5. Go to Green Water, fight Guerperro and he will your party.

    6. Go to Technology Room, pursuit Jigoku Oni.

    7. Go to the Cave, The Squatto chase you at Cave 1 to Cave 10 and get the Hall key.

    8. Go to the Hall

    9. Go to another Room, get the Storage key.

    10. Go to the Storage, get the item.

    11. Go to 1F

    12. …

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  • Rina Aone

    Nya everybody! My name is Rina Aone. 

    I just tell the story of Shattered Ground Act 1. 

    Rina was fainted at haunted house. She didn't know where is. And she can find her friends was separated at the location.Rina found the Library key, to unlock the Library and get an item. Rina encountered the four legs creature named Guerperro Schreider. Guerperro has been cursed by the witch, Heather Iris McZeline, her body was taken over by Jigoku Oni. Once again, Rina met the Bandung girl, Nurul Surbowo, she's afraid the monster or the Oni.Before Rina opens door, she look Guerperro is gone and the key was found in the dresser. Rina and Nurul entered the Green Water. Rina going to stop Guerperro became a cannibalism monster. Guerperro has changed normal …

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  • KassiasGrandiel

    Closed Blog

    July 3, 2014 by KassiasGrandiel


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  • TrainingMike

    Hey TrainingMike Here!

    Yeah, I know it's a waste of a blog post and it's go nothing really to do with Ao Oni or it's fan base.

    But, I just want to tell you that your work on this wiki is very much appreciated even though some people don't show it in the nicest of ways...

    Well. I'm always glad you guys and gals have put so much effort in the series and this wiki to effectively keep the series alive and it's fan base on going!

    Well since I've probably taken up most of you're time I'll keep it short. (I'm not good with long speeches you see)

    Peace TrainingMike!

    P.s The Mansion Probably Has Monsters In It.

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  • Gjlewis

    Enemies from fan-games

    June 18, 2014 by Gjlewis

    Is it okay if we make articles about enemies only makes appearances in fan-made games?

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  • Mbccompany


    June 16, 2014 by Mbccompany

    I forgot to insert my youtube link here but someone still got me...

    with the image of the lucky one i decided to include a spoiler of next oni game.

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  • KatanaHiroshi

    People in the net are recently saying that a good and decent game is a game that has chainsaws and girls' in bikinis or sometimes to the point of being nude; or both combined. However, it actually leads to a downfall of making a good game. For example, let's take a look at Lollipop Chainsaw, it's a mix of chainsaws, zombies and realistic jiggle physics combined.

    It's a game decent enough to tell that it's good, right? WRONG, ONLY MORONS ESPECIALLY FILIPINOS (I'm a Filipino but I'm different to the moronic gaming community, I serve the better one.) WOULD THINK THAT THIS IS AWESOME. Watch a review made by ScrewAttack, a channel in YouTube sometimes full of rantful E3 videos, and see the results.

    After you've watched that, you notice that it was a w…

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  • Mbccompany

    I'm back

    June 4, 2014 by Mbccompany

    Sorry if i was offline for a lot of time,

    About endless oni, it is closed because i unistalled the cracked version and now i got the original one (paid 1 dollar) and i'm gonna make another Oni Game but more long (Endless Oni was supposed to last 3 hours of gameplay, this one maybe the same of Corpse Party)

    If somebody want i can make video of your oni games, just contact me and i will see if i can do it

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  • Rina Aone

    Shattered Ground Act 1

    April 20, 2014 by Rina Aone

    Shattered Ground Act 1 is an Indonesian game and Ao Oni fanmade game.

    WARNING!: Don't ask me to make an English grammar.

    GET THE GAME: Time's up! This game is limited edition!

    Check on YouTube. There's Shattered Ground Unofficial Video:

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  • KatanaHiroshi

    God, this fanfiction must be finished before I'll go to highschool 'cuz PhilSci is gonna be a torture to me, unless I listen to my teacher instead of making my fanfiction in front of the class. About the trivia about Hiroshi, I added something for the reason why Hiroshi has gray (or white) hair. You can play my game called Shattered Memories. It's a cancelled project of mine but you can play it if you want to.

    Here's the link:

    Shattered Memories Download

    You need to have to download the RPGVX RTP and B1 archiver to play it. For now, I have to finish my own awesome fanfic. See ya.

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  • Joeakuaku

    Here's a game I found

    April 17, 2014 by Joeakuaku

    On the versions page, I found an Oni battle game. It's just a simple, tiny game where you fight an Oni in the RPGmaker fight style, I just think it's something to try. I saved you the trouble of going to 4shared and signing up with their crappy 20 seconds or buy our service policy by uploading it to mediafire: Click for the MediaFire download

    All credit goes to "Bladesofwoe"!

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  • Joeakuaku

    In my last blog post, I got a comment that said the closest official name for the puzzle in V5[.2] was the Chase Puzzle. It just amazes me that no one has done something on it. If I have permission, may I start to make an article on it/the puzzles that are on the puzzle list that have no article? For the sake of this post I'm going to start a sentence with and. And another thing, there's a walkthrough and in-depth walkthrough for version 6.23 and 6.03 (it has same storyline). I, again with perms, would like to try to create walkthroughs for versions 1, 3, and 5. I found absouletly NO text walkthroughs on those across the internet, and want to help those people like me in need of guidance when playing the older versions. I can watch StriHir…

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  • Joeakuaku

    Hi! I'm Joeakuaku. I f***ing love Oni games, but as I said in the last blog post, I get scared. At the time of typing this, I'm doing a (GODMODE) playthrough of Version 6. I HAVE A HUGE question for the whole wiki. Well, 2. You know in Version 5, that puzzle where there are 2 smilies and you have to keep away from the purple one or you'll start a chase (usually) unintentionally? What's that called? The peg puzzle? If so, can someone do an article on it? I don't have enough info on it to do so, and you guys have so much more on this stuff. Second, on the list of versions, it says that there are 2 other versions: 4.2 and 6.03. What are they? Is there a download? I would love to try them! Or are they possible fakes? Anyways, guys, I'm new to t…

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  • SleepingGamer

    Unmei Oni DEMO!!!

    April 6, 2014 by SleepingGamer

    Mediafire took to long XP

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  • Killer11223345

    Its a conspiracy!

    Hello everyone, and after a couple months in the making, Ynam Oni 5 is now released. Take note that this is the last Ynam Oni game, but there is another game I'm making that takes place after the events in this game. This game also features quite an amount of battles, and, of course, the ever-so-somewhat-infamous long chase. This new long chase... will most likely be harder than Ynam Oni 4's long chase, so have fun!

    Also, same rules apply: You may not take music from this game and put it in your own. I will release a music pack later for you to use.

    Nothing much else to say here, except that you will probably like this better than most other recent games on the wiki.


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  • TailorShopInTheOniHouse

    I cant balance the oni game contest with life, so sadly the oni game contest is gone.

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  • Joeakuaku


    March 31, 2014 by Joeakuaku

    I love Oni games.

    There's just one problem: I'm too friggin afraid to play much of them. If anyone has any words of advice or a walkthrough of Versions 1, 3, or 5, please share them with me.

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  • ItsScreamingTime666

    Saiko Oni

    March 30, 2014 by ItsScreamingTime666

    My best oni game by far

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  • ItsScreamingTime666

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  • ItsScreamingTime666

    Its not too scary but still very sad at end :D

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  • ItsScreamingTime666

    Negro Oni

    March 24, 2014 by ItsScreamingTime666

    I am working on an English Oni game called Negro Oni. There are 3 characters: Zach, Tiffany, and Greg. 

    The game will be out in a few days!!!

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  • Bladesofwoe

    Yakuwari Oni 1.2

    March 21, 2014 by Bladesofwoe

    It's released, with a few noticeable bugs.It's in major demo form right now. 1. The title screen still says version 1.0 2. The program is named Unmei Oni I hope to fix these later. A japanese version may come out as well.

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  • Rina Aone

    Nya everybody! I got a question for you! I'm making an Indonesian game, not an English game. I am an Indonesian girl, so don't ask me to make an English grammar. Because looks pretty BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADD that's what are you saying. So, thank you from your question.

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  • D.C. Oni

    Itsu Oni in progress

    February 5, 2014 by D.C. Oni


    As the title says I'm making another fan-made game for Tailor's Contest. I finished everything with scripts, so now is 10% complete. Why Itsu? Itsu = blind. Kind of monster who's lose it's eyes and other rumors. Here are some screens.

    Thank you for reading this. Tell me what do you think in the comments

    That's all..


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  • Killer11223345

    Incase you guys want to know, here's my list of games I made progress on.

    Ynam Oni: (My first game, along with being my most successful)

    Oni Quest: (Was going to be after Ynam Oni 3, but was discontinued due to difficulty in the making)

    Gisei Oni: (2013 Halloween game, probably one of my strangest games)

    Cruentus Oni: (Based off of a creepypasta, this game is stupid and short)

    Jitterskull Test: (RPG Maker XP remake of the infamous Jitterskull from…

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  • Jaxxzer6


    January 31, 2014 by Jaxxzer6

    2 oni sprites i made with my brother's face on it xD

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  • D.C. Oni

    Future of Isis Oni

    January 29, 2014 by D.C. Oni


    Well, I finally decided to work on Isis Oni Act 3. I'm on 20% of progress and it looks good (at least for me). But, why I'm making blog post about unfinished/WIP game?

    The reason is, story. I'm not going to spoiler the story, no, but some of people messaged me about it. The story is little bit chaotic and stuff like that. It needs to be like that. Final act will have 2 or 3 endings, and the story of the third act, what will Peter's just gonna be....I dunno. I don't know if you will accept it or you will be disapointed like in Act 2. Anyway I'm working on it don't worry ;)

    Oh, and now I'm updating Act 2. Just adding some stuff y'know. Also I updated the first one. I added room with some clues to the main story. That's all a…

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  • Firelad1997

    When i requested for a logo, it actually happened! He is currently making it now. If you'll like to see it, I also will give you a peek of my game! It's not progressing now, but in a week or so, I'll give a preview! Also added features are Inn House, Stamina, and new HUD! Oni chase speed is increased so you have to run faster while stamina decreases! Find a good spot, you will be able to hide from an Oni! You can regain stamina but it is very slow. You need to go to Inn House and rest. It restores stamina fully, but depends on type of bed. Hard bed, cheap, will restore 20% stamina. Fine bed, a lotta  of money, restore stamina completely. How to rent a bed? Find coins in the mansion and they are called Old Yen. Old Yen refers to what yen lo…

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  • D.C. Oni

    Old Oni Games giveaway...

    January 25, 2014 by D.C. Oni


    I decided to make this blog post from one really simple reason. Spamming on mail & youtube for links of my old Oni games. Because somebody can't use Google, so I decided to put everything here...

    WARNING: This games was my first released Oni games, so I know they are bad. (but not so as bad as Josewong's)

    Niko Oni - This game was made for my friend Niko, so not Niko from GTA 4!

    Lachtan Oni  This game was made for one of the Czech YouTubers, but he didn't play it.

    Lonely Oni - This game was made just for fun when I was ill.

    Muhehe Oni - This game is just...I was bored, so I created this supposed-to-be-funny sh*t. And yea that's me on title. And sorry if it's little bit racist.

    That's all...I had more Oni games like Ryu Oni, Ushi Oni & Hypnotikka, bu…

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  • Cybertron65

    Hi Guys I Need Help I Want To Change What The Characters Say For My Game Squatto Oni But I Dont Know How Can You Help Plz???

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  • SleepingGamer

    Unmei Oni - Still working on the rooms..

    Yaoi Oni - Just started.

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  • InvisibleMaple

    I had started on this months ago, but never got around to finishing it. And after all of that, it's done! I finally finished the extra chapter of Mansion Story! Although I have one small warning: you can't play it, what I mean by this is that you're only going to READ, it's not too awfully long though. It also compounds to the plot; so I recommend playing it if you're curious: Download have fun playing, or...reading! But don't worry, it's made in RPG Maker XP and there ARE sprites/facesets. So give it a shot!

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  • Firelad1997

    Ao Oni: Remastered

    January 17, 2014 by Firelad1997

    Hello Oni fans! This is my first blog post, so I'm trying to be detailed about my new project. My new game I'm going to make will be Ao Oni: Remastered! This game will be remastered with just same storyline. I will have to try 5 & 6 and decide which I should use. I heard version 5 allows you to save friends from an Oni before they turn into an Oni. I also heard that in 6, most of rooms and hallways are smaller. Also shed are replaced with Old Building. So I have to combine them, or use one to remaster. Also in 3, a bouns character (the one in an Oni costume) appears in dream. And I was thinking I might need people to vote about how they wanted it going to be. It's going to be lot of work anyways.

    Thanks to my friend, InvisibleMaple, he conv…

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  • D.C. Oni


    Maybe you heard about Isis Oni series, and about false msg about released final act of this series. True is, Isis Oni Act 3 isn't released. I didn't started work on the game. Why? No time, and with my grades in school is bad....I think I'll cancel this project for some time...Let's say, that I'm picking "hiatus" (=break) from game-dev, Onis and stuff. But I'll be here for some time, just checking stuff on this wiki.

    Well, that's all I have to say...


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  • Killer11223345

    Another game.

    January 13, 2014 by Killer11223345

    So I made a short game.

    Not much else to say about it except this: Download here:

    (oh by the way, read the author's note text file in the game folder before you play, because I don't want mobs of people raging at me for making such a game)

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  • Josewong


    January 12, 2014 by Josewong

    Infomation is to be written.

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  • XxFaDexX

    How To Space?

    January 5, 2014 by XxFaDexX

    How can i enter Meow Mix in Ao Oni`?I dont know how to use Space Bar D:

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  • Killer11223345

    Ynam Oni 4!

    January 4, 2014 by Killer11223345

    "YAY"   -TheToqueWearer

    Anyways, the time has come for our awesomely awesome heroes to stop onis. Again. And my sprite-editing skills have improved a bit.

    Don't expect many chases... but expect an extremely long one that you will rage at. For sure.

    And this is the first Ynam Oni game to feature battles. Even though there are only 2... you can deal with it.

    In a certain part, you may not understand why some random character appears near the end. If you want to understand who/what this character is, download this: Gisei Oni. It's my Halloween game, but you can still play it anyways.

    I will release a sound pack later for you guys who want some of the soundtrack in this game.

    I will allow you to take sprites, though.

    Magical download link of magicaln…

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  • InvisibleMaple

    New Years Oni 2

    January 1, 2014 by InvisibleMaple

    Have fun and have a happy new year!

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  • Josewong

    Error List

    December 31, 2013 by Josewong

    Here is a list of common errors in the Oni games.

    1: I get a error that a sound is missing or text is missing!

    A: Ahh, that is a common problem. Setting your locale will fix the problem. Korean Escape the Oni and Puzzle Oni was a stolen game from Noprops, so get the good version from her blog!

    2: I get a "RGSS Player" has stopped working error!

    A: Sorry, but there's no solution.

    3: Infomation is to be written.

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  • TheUbermench2244

    Well, if you haven't guessed by the title, this is a WIP Oni game that I will be making in my spare time. This game will be made on the Source Engine, Half-Life 2's engine; that explains the name "Half-Oni".

    As of now, I have no further information to provide besides that it will be relatively different than most Oni games.

    Post any thoughts/suggestions below~

    EDIT: Just realized I forgot to log out of my alt. account. Whoops.

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  • D.C. Oni


    December 23, 2013 by D.C. Oni

    Well...Many of you maybe read InvisibleMaple's User Blog about this or you saw "Bad Oni Gamers" video by Alex, so I just decided to wirte here my opinion.

    Everything started at one beautiful day, where we were enjoying those cool Oni games like Nira Oni, Kagome Oni etc. Then came something like "big bang" and everything just went to worse. It was just like with Minecraft. First it was awesome, now it's sucks because of community and stuff in-game. What I want to tell is, PLEASE, STOP IT somehow. I know that everybody made shitty/first games, and wanted to be famous by this. I remember that I wanted it too for my first games. But now it's different. Now on Wikia every kid wants his game famous because of great community here, but that game, …

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  • Levels

    Fangame Pages

    December 22, 2013 by Levels

    I'm making this post for what feels like the 50th time, but we really don't need pages about fangames.

    This is not a "submit your random fangame" website, nor is it a

    • personal game hosting site
    • sandbox
    • way to get people to play your game
    • way to get feedback on your game
    • place to dump every RPGXP wip you've ever made

    This is a wiki about a game made by noprops. There are some fangame pages because at the time they were made, they were relevant. It was part of the culture and the Youtube icons that were popularizing and Americanizing the Ao Oni franchise were playing them. Three years ago, most Korean fangames were a complete mystery, hard to find, and everyone wanted information on them.

    About a year or two ago it became incredibly easy to download a…

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