Enemy blueoni






Extra boss1(Zombie Oni)

Extra boss2(Puppet Oni)

Extra boss3(Clown Onis)

Extra boss4(King Oni)



To get the HIKAKIN scenario you must type Hikkakin in japanese.

The extra boss fights cost each 100 blue coins.

There’s 3 Clown Oni but they’re awfully slow so the boss fight will be easy.

One of the Clown Oni can zoom like Domo-kun or Blockman.

Every boss fight will give you the bosses masks.

Hiroshi (Cave) Edit

So you and your friends are on a cruise/ship talking. Wait for them to get out the dock and talk to the little girl on the roof. She tells to get her handkerchief so go to the cafeteria and pick it up and go give it to her. Then talk to your friends. As the screen goes black they crash into a distant island. Hiroshi wakes up and tries to get out. He goes to a room and the Oni is walking around. Go to the only room open and hold the wall in order to get the Phillips Head screwdriver. Go to the locked cabinet and open it with the screwdriver and get a key and the Oni will start chasing you. Hide in the well because if you try to open the door with the key then you have to hold it and the Oni will get you. So hide in the well so the Oni won’t get you. Open the door with the key and solve the puzzle. (6300). Then continue to the very end of the cave where you will hear a child crying but it is the old lady on the cruise. You will chat with her and then go outside. Then Hiroshi talks some more then the title is presented with the Oni. The old lady will give you a map then you shall go to the hospital.

Hiroshi(Hostpital) Edit

When you enter the hospital the door will be locked so you go explore the place. Move the middle bed to get a hammer from the wall. Use it on the other room to get a half of a key. Then push the board to the other room in front of the projector to get a clue of the puzzle. Your supposed to touch the buttons in an order. Down,Right,Up,Up,Right, The door should open. Then go to the room on the right and inspect the drawer to get the other half of a key,combine then, and go to the loced room. When you go inside the door the Zombie Oni will be seen walking to the hospital and entering it(even though he won’t chase you). To go the other door look at the computer and zoom in on the yellow tails it will give you numbers which are 7012. Then type 7102 on the door then you shall advance. You reunite with Takeshi then you two talk for a moment. Hiroshi then locks the door and you will take control over Takeshi. Open the safe in the upper room to get a blue briefcase. Then go into the other room and go downstairs the Oni will pop out of a casket and chase you. Go inspect one of the casket to get a red case. Put the red case on the open casket and put the blue case in the third casket and the door will open. You have to push the buttons in a specific order to get somewhere. First hit the one on the right then go to the down to the room to push the 2nd button go push the 3rd one on the upper room then press the fourth one in the left room then go back to the right then go more right to press the 5th and last button. Then the wall will collapse making another passageway. But the door will be locked you need to go the room where you pressed the 3rd button and go find the passcode to the door(8431). Then you shall get the key for the locked door and meet up with Hiroshi the you two can explore the together. Once you go down to the door the rocks will collapse. Go the shiny to get a box. Press the button on the box to get the 205 key. Next go upstairs to push the shelve then fall through the hole the Oni(in a body bag) will chase you but this time you can run away from him. Then go back upstairs to get something that says call. Also there is a wire in that room. Place the call thing in the bottom room there will be a letter in that room as well. It well tell you how to advance. Press the call thing 4 times, connect the wire to the phone, call room 205, then unlock room 205 and get a small key. Use the small key on the locked cabinet upstairs to get a power generator. Use that on the elevator then go inside. The Oni will try to stop you but he fails. Once you get out of the elevator go down. Takeshi will get chased by the Oni. Once you touch the red valve the zombie Oni will appear out of a furnace. Then both of them will chase you slowly. To escape make sure to the hold red valve until the bar is blue. Once that’s done go down to the door and escape. You will get a new place called the mansion.

Hiroshi (Mansion) Edit

Once you go inside go inside to the room to the left,down then move the boxes and statues to get a piano key. The Oni will chase you if go to the stairs. Go back up then go to the right room to enter the piano key on the piano. Go to the left room to adjust the big keys. Press the white on the right,then press the black on the left to get a key. Go to the upper room to use the key. Go up and you’ll see three Oni portraits. The Oni portraits mean to fill the bath up with water, the empty portraits means to drain the bath. Use this knowledge in the room to the left to get a key back in the other room. Touch the plaster statue to get a paper.