Intro Edit

You unlock the Tabibito story by doing nothing, it will be unlocked when you open the game. So you are at this hospital(in Ao Oni 3 where Mika probably helped you and where Hiroshi probably explored) you wake up and you want to get out, but the front door is blocked. So you explore the place to see if there is another to escape only to be pursued by the blue demon.

Walkthrough Edit

When you wake up go to the room where the blue footprints end and you will get a utility knife. Go back to the room where you wake up and use the utility knife on the plastic bag and you will get a key. The key goes to the last door. Upon entering the nurse skeleton falls. Before you pick up the key go to the cabinet to get the crowbar(cause you need it later). There’s a bed push it to the side and get the key. The Oni will start chasing you to escape him you need to use the key on the last locked(which is downstairs). Tabibito wants to see some papers about the hospital so he goes back to the room where he first woke up. Got to the cabinet he will pull out some papers and reads them. The go to the window. You’ll see the mansion in Ao Oni 3 just outside of the hospital. Then get out of the room and go inspect the bookshelf twice and move the chair to the crack in the wall. Use the crowbar to break the crack and go inside the room. Then you will see three buttons. I think combination Yellow,Red,and Blue if not press other buttons randomly. It will open the cabinet next to the door and you’ll get a scalpel. Use the scalpel on the the model to get his arm and reattach it to another model to get a PET bottle. Once you head to the left the Oni will start chasing you, so escape him and keep going to the left. The window that can interactable can be broken so use your crowbar to smash it. There is some water there so use the PET bottle to fill it up. The boys bathroom is useless the Oni is just going to chase you. Use the PET bottle on the girls sink and it will reveal a code use the code to open the door and advance. The room that the computer will give you a phillips head screwdriver so use it to move the wheelchair in the right room and you will get a extension cord. Turn on the computer with the extension cord and it will give you a puzzle, but I’ll save you the trouble. The code 2348 or 2438 and it'll open the door and you will be in the final area. Go up and pick up the West Door key. Open the door and the Oni will chase you. Once you escape go back to the room and turn off the lights. Then go back to the bathroom and there will some text on the wall which will be eyes. They represent the toilets. Open and close the toilets in this order: Toilet 1,1,1 Toilet 2,2 Toilet3 and Toilet 2 once you interact with toilet two it will give you the escape key. Once you exit the Oni appears but Tabibito was prepared so he ran really fast to the door to escape. After that he monologues about what happened and then jumps of the cliff. After he jumps off the title Ao Oni 3 Coming soon will appear. If the game doesn‘t crash then you shall get a frozen hunchback Oni mask.

Additional notes and Refrences Edit

.If you haven’t met the Oni no random chases will happen

.Everything will be labeled Small key

.A lot of Ao Oni 3 refrences are mentioned and/or shown

.Tabibito was in Mika and Takeshi’s scenarios in Ao Oni 3

.The game will sometimes crash when completed