Ao Oni: The Animation (あおおに〜じ・あにめぇしょん〜) is a TV anime series based on Ao Oni, however, instead of being dark and scary like the game and the film, it takes a more comedic route, involving Hiroshi, Takuro, Mika, and Takeshi trying to escape from the mansion, while encountering comedic situations with the The Oni, which in a way or two penetrates you with his fist.

Characters Edit

  • mharti
  • deji (ComedyShortsGamer)
  • Oatey Oni
  • Natalie
  • The Oni
  • The CIA
  • Blob Mharti
  • Caterpillar Mharti
  • King Clock Oni
  • ThiccAF
  • Fortnite Oni
  • Parker
  • Markiplier
  • deji again
  • Cool James
  • Uncool James
  • Old Mharti
  • Old Parker
  • Old ThiccAf
  • Old Cool James
  • Old Uncool James
  • Old AVGN
  • God
  • Jesus [Sidpost]
  • UR MOM

Episodes Edit

Episode No. Episode Name Synopsis
1 There Are 5 of Us! Hiroshi and his friends enter the mansion, only for him to discover that the front door won't open, and that they are not alone.
2 The Takeshi Power Plant Takeshi decides to hide in the closet after seeing The Oni, which makes him so scared that he could power a grid of lights, and start a electrical fire.
3 Confession Mika decides to confess her love to Takuro, and she won't let anyone stop her, which lead her to throw EVERYTHING out the window, even The Oni.
4 Aooni's Classy Day An special episode showing the day in the life of The Oni, which includes setting up the puzzles and making breakfast, lunch and dinner for all the Onis.
5 Rococo Style While running from The Oni, Hiroshi finds Takeshi in a closet that gives anyone Rococo style clothing. Everyone finds the closet and all end up in fancy dress (except for Mika, who becomes a drawer), and The Oni gives everyone hospitality.
6 Elegy for the Boys Mika decides to have a shower, threating to kill the boys if they peek. Obviously, they plan a way to peek, but not before getting stopped by The Oni, leaving only Hiroshi left.
7 Puzzle Game Everyone tries to solve The Piano Puzzle, but after 3 hours, Hiroshi manages to solve it, which involves playing Russian folk music on the piano, thus unlocks a game similar to Tetris, which nobody can complete.
8 Iron Bars Hiroshi and his friends hide in the Jail Cell in an attempt to escape The Oni. The Oni tries breaking through the Iron Bars, until he gets his head stuck. They try using Soap, Vinegar and Lighter fluid, until Hiroshi decides to do a High-angle energy kick, which in turn gets Hiroshi's body stuck.
9 Local Mascot Blockman sees a mocal lascot competition and gets inspired to make his own "Blockman Stor", which Hiroshi's friends ignore after seeing it once. What his friends don't realise, is that Hiroshi is a BIG fan of local mascots.
10 Supersonic Aooni Hiroshi, Takuro and Takeshi find a button, which was set up by Mika to make them fast for a running race. Everyone realizes that they can't turn, leading The Oni to crash into a wall, who eats the boys in turn. Blockman decided to run after some serious motivation, only for him to run so fast that he ran out of the current time period.
11 Aooni Switch Hiroshi and his friends hide in a closet, only to be found by The Oni. They manage to get out with sheer luck, but it was all set up for a Rube Goldberg Machine, that only continues when someone dies.
12 Inversion World Mika heard the rumor that "monster comes out" and came to the Western-style building in the outskirts. And Mika confined in a hall that should be unattended will start exploring the hall. At last it met a pure blue monster, she muttered gladly. "Mee-dae ..."
13 Trapped for 70 years Living in the hall is comfortable if you look for monsters. Self-sufficiency is stable with the knowledge gained at the library. There is also a TV in the living room. While our four heroes lived such a life, they had started thinking that they do not have to leave. Then the season of 70 years flows ...."