Akame Oni is a Korean fangame that is heavily influenced by the original game. The game follows the story of Han Tae-young along with two friends and his little sister as they explore a mansion. The event was planned by one of Tae-young's friends as a test of courage on his birthday night. The group runs into a terrifying blue monster and Tae-young must solve puzzles and explore, attempting to save his friends and sister.

The game has two endings, was made in RPG Creator XP, and requires Korean locale to play, even for the unofficial English translation.



The group standing outside the mansion.

The game opens up with Han Tae-young narrating in retrospect. He explains that tonight is his birthday, but horrible events occured.

Tae-young walks up to a mansion with his little sister So-young and his friends Kwon Jae-seok and Lee Su-hyeok. Jae-seok hits Tae-young and forces him into the mansion, locking the door behind him. Despite So-young's protests, he explains to the others that the mansion is empty and that he had been planning to do this for a long time. After a few minutes of Su-hyeok and So-young protesting, Jae-seok agrees to let him out. Just then, it begins to thunder and rain, and the three duck inside the mansion anyway.


Tae-young and Jae-seok encountering the monster.

Inside the mansion, Tae-young sees a room filled with blood and quickly flees. He runs into Jae-seok, who has just come inside to look for him. They find the front door locked and the other two disappeared and begin to worry. Jae-seok insists that he's explored this mansion before and that there is no bloody hallways or people living here, but Tae-young assures him that there is somebody in the mansion. It isn't long before they encounter the monster and are chased.

The two come across So-young's body locked behind a cell. Feeling guilty and realizing that her possible death was his fault, he resolves to go off alone and do whatever it takes to save her. As he leaves the room, he is immediately killed by the oni.


The Tatami room.

In the Library, Tae-young is surprised by Su-hyeok. Su-hyeok is terrified and wants to leave the house immediately. She tries to rationalize with Tae-young, explaining that they need to leave without saving his sister, or they will surely die.

Normal EndingEdit

Tae-young tells Su-hyeok to escape alone, and that he will rescue So-young on his own. He explores the basement and underground corridors, finding an oni room full of many smaller versions of the monster. In another room, two identical blue monsters appear and trap him. Barely escaping, he manages to find So-young unconscious in a locked room. He quickly wakes her and they flee, coming across the grisly scene of the monster biting Su-hyeok's head off. Right as the two are about to escape, So-young transforms into an oni and chases Tae-young away. He flees quickly and escapes the mansion alone.

Happy EndingEdit


Tae-young and So-young, with Su-hyeok's headless body.

Tae-young manages to convince Su-hyeok to come with him as they look for So-young. They quickly find her unconscious in a room, but the oni appears and the three run away. As they look at a broken rope ladder that would have let them escape, Su-hyeok again gets nervous. She asks Tae-young to give her a boost so she can climb the frayed ladder to safety and go fetch help. He lets her up, but the oni is waiting at the top, and her headless body falls down. Tae-young and his sister explore the basement and underground corridors together, breaking into an oni room by cutting wires and finding a rope ladder hidden in another room. The power goes out, and So-young is dragged from the room. Two monsters trap Tae-young and try to kill him, but he barely escapes. Quickly locating So-young and taking her with him, they repair the ladder and escape together.


In both ending monologues, Tae-young explains that he was very disturbed by that night's events. In the happy ending, So-young was admitted to the hospital in shock. In the normal ending, she died with the others. The bodies were all found on the mountains behind the house, but police could not identify them since they were mangled and headless. Tae-young says that he has been having nightmares ever since and may never be the same.

The OniEdit


The cheshire oni chasing Tae-young.

The oni looks like the original oni, but with a large, fanged smile. This oni was first seen in King Oni 3, but has since been used in many fangames. It has been nicknamed the "Cheshire Oni" by fans. The oni has red eyes and a wound on his back.

Like in the original game, the oni appears from a number of locations. The oni can pop from the floorboards, jump from a cliff, and appear as the player lights up a dark room.

The word akame (아카미) is actually Japanese. Akame (赤目) means "red eyes," or refers to the red eyes a person may appear to have when a photograph is taken under flash.


Akame Oni features many puzzles that draw inspiration from the original. For instance, there is a colored disc much like the one found in Version 6 that is used to open a combination door.


The doll puzzle in Akame Oni.

A doll puzzle also exists, but is slightly different and is glitched. A doll can be found glued down to a desk. If the player tries to move while looking at the doll, the game will freeze.

Later, the doll can be removed. In the Korean version, there is a slight error with the picture, and will lead to an incorrect combination code.